Respite, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:18am

Everybody breathe.

Many of us have a three-day weekend here in the USA. Everyone who celebrates Christmas has finally, finally, dug out of the holiday task-accomplishment hole. A new Lunar New Year has begun, and the Dragon is upon us. Breathe. Without flames.

I, personally, will be wearing the heck out of some flannel pyjamas, consuming far too much tea, and reacquainting myself with the kitchen. Did you know that I have a stove? I do!

One cannot let those critical cooking, gardening, and pyjama-ing skills decay altogether. Leeks and doughty rosebushes to the rescue. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, long or regular, with glimpses of blue sky. I am a lucky person to have readers like you.

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  • Sending regards from the living room couch in Scotland! Husband and I have been doing the same exact thing all day! I substitute soy lattes for the tea, but other than that……lovely weekend everyone!

  • Sounds wonderful, Lisa. Here in Houston we’ve just had a series of torrential downpours, needed very badly, but which brings our entire city to a standstill. I’m in all day too. Love you….

  • And a lovely weekend to you! We have similar plans, with plenty of Peet’s coffee.

  • Lots of cooking today (maybe the pj’s tomorrow?) as we are meeting our new niece today for the first time! Since I’ll be on my feet all day (but still want to look good) this may be the time to try out my new (gorgeous) shoes!! Thanks again!

  • Yup – in my kitchen, in my pajamas, having a slow cup of coffee – life is good!

  • Hm, if I had leeks, it would be potato soup or liver.

  • I have a stove too…………you just reminded me. Happy PJ weekend Lisa. XO

  • Sounds lovely! I will be digging myself out of my housework backlog, but there will be tea, and time to cook, and watch my daughter play with blocks. Thanks for writing, as ever.

  • We’ve begun our spring Reading Break, so my schedule feels much more relaxed. A weekend full of puttering here. . .

  • i think the phrase “wearing the heck out of some flannel pyjamas” is one of the best I’ve ever read. joining you in puttery weekend solidarity!

    8:22 am
    Lisa said...

    Why thank you! I have done exactly as predicted:).

  • Well as soon as I read that I threw in the towel.

    I have allowed myself to hang about the house doing the things that make me happy, reading, cleaning, rearranging and dog walking.

    Tomorrow is another day isn’t it?

    xo jane

    8:22 am
    Lisa said...

    Every day is itself, if you can pardon a little Zen.

  • Enjoy your well-deserved break! Your plans sound just perfect.

  • How lovely. Enjoy all of those wonderful things, especially the flannel pjs. Where would we be without them?

    8:23 am
    Lisa said...

    Where indeed.

  • I’m off Monday not because of the holiday just a slow day at work.I plane to relax & do creative things.

  • Enjoy your pj time, kitchen, tea time! Love to know what your doing with those leeks!
    xo J~

  • Lisa I am sure that you will savour that rest! You’ve been immersed in work and deserve a holiday. Please let us know what you have cooked on that stove…

    I was up at the crack of dawn…off to a conference on apps, I-pads and autistic students……
    It was amazing!
    Steve Jobs is my HERO!

    He and his team have changed so many lives in such a profound way.

  • Your life has changed since you went back to work! Now tea and cooking are islands of calm.

    8:23 am
    Lisa said...

    You spotted that…

  • I was in my PJs most of yesterday too! We must all be on the same “biorhythms”! Lots of strong coffee for me and a lovely walk with my dear middle-aged Smoothie, Buffy.

    I also “courageously” waited out my sons and husband to see who would break down and empty the sink and dishwasher. It took until this morning but, alas, it’s done. Stove? What on earth is that? :-)

    BTW, I think this is one of my favorite lines of yours I’ve ever read and is what prompted me to sign in and post today:

    “A new Lunar New Year has begun, and the Dragon is upon us. Breathe. Without flames.”

    Warm greeting from the City of Brotherly Love.

    8:23 am
    Lisa said...

    Why thank you! You do me a great service, by quoting.

  • There’s nothing like a long weekend and even though Eric’s still out of town, the girls and I are taking full advantage of it. Enjoy your tea! (I’m still in my pjs as I write this and it’s fabulous!)

  • Putting on a pair of flannel PJs has always instantly relaxed me. Truthfully, I wish my “capsule wardrobe” consisted of various pairs, that I could wear out in the world.

  • Loved this description of a ‘down time’ weekend. It’s only the normal 2 day variety here in the UK, but I managed a massage, much overdue haircut, family meal out before niece’s wonderful danceshow and helping out at the village jumble sale. Sadly, couldn’t wear flannel PJ’s to all.

  • It’s off to the movies and lunch with hubby for me. Something we used to do that we never get to do anymore! A day date!!

  • I don’t think “too much tea” exists. Enjoy your pajamas and your long weekend!

  • Hope you really enjoyed your pj weekend and becoming reacquainted with your stove! With lashings of tea too thrown in for good measure! X

  • My gardener has just popped back after two cancer operations, I am going to be his best boy this year.