And The Winner Is…

Danielle, congratulations! Random.Org chose you as the winner of Tommy Hilfiger’s very generous giveaway.

To everyone who entered, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love to read what perfumes people wear, and why. Your comments have inspired me to read some books on the history of ornamental scent, and to report back, if interesting facts and theories are to be found.

To Tommy Hilfiger, the brand, thank you very much. It’s such a privilege to give presents. May your name always be spelled correctly. Hilfiger, one G.

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  • Congratulations to Danielle.
    Hope that you had a great Valentine’s Day Lisa!

  • Congratulations to Danielle!

    I thought it was interesting to hear that a few of your readers share my taste (Chanel Chance), and I loved reading about everyone’s scent memories.

  • Congratulations to Danielle. These things are always so much fun.

  • Congratulations, Danielle! :). Thanks Lisa, for a fun topic and your generosity.

  • Yippee, I won! Thanks, everyone! Especially you, Lisa :)