Chocolate Peanut Butter For Breakfast, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:46am

Sometimes small changes are a big deal.

Today I’d like to introduce you, unprompted, to Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter.

We’re talking breakfast. In China they eat rou bao, and congee. Japan, miso soup. Sweden, a fishy paste squeezed from tubes, cracker bread, cheese, yogurt, fruit. Perhaps the world divides neatly into pastry and non-pastry breakfasters?

These days, although I may come from a savory tradition – herring, oatmeal, sausages – I eat breakfast like an average Anglo-American. Sweet, and Wheat.

When we were little, in the 60s, mom served us Froot Loops, toast from bread in bags, bacon, and orange juice. Because Mom was enormously competent and under the spell of 1960s motherhood mythologies, we ate like this every single day. On placemats, with table settings and napkins.

I don’t remember boarding school mornings. Probably because of boarding school nights. Come college, I turned to Dannon yogurt, coffee flavor. Every single day.

One year I started eating toast instead. And tea. And there I stuck, for veritable decades. Decades of Trader Joe’s Honey Whole wheat toast and English Breakfast.

The thing is, I embrace change elsewhere. Never reread a book, or want to see a movie twice. Hanker over future imaginary trips to Turkey and Iceland and Africa. Breakfast is possibly my comfort object, my Velveteen Rabbit, my thumb. It’s a reasonable strategy, finding a mundane anchor that allows for adventures of greater scope.

When I divorced I switched to La Brea Whole Grain bread. Too many memories in the taste of honey. And then, shazam, a few months ago, Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter. More sugar, more salt, more protein. I can’t say I feel like a new person. Not quite. But tastes that linger in your mouth may make up more of your self than do intermittent voyages. I have to admit, I find being human rather complex. The little things like peanut butter help make sense of those larger and more complicated bits.

Do you eat sweet? Savory? Do we agree that the more sanctioned chocolate the better? Have a wonderful weekend.

*By the way, no one came even close to paying me for this. Justin has never contacted me and almost certainly does not know I exist.

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  • This sounds like a Reese’s cup in a jar – for breakfast!

    I’m not a big breakfast eater to start with (coffee, writing), but when I’m ready for breakfast, I don’t want sweet…

    A piece of wheat toast (or similar), or half a bran muffin, possibly a piece of fruit.

    I know we’re told we should eat a substantial breakfast, but I’ve never liked it. Better a bite of something in the a.m., a more significant meal at midday (as in France), and something light in the evening.

    (Peanut butter and chocolate for decadence!)

    7:17 am
    Lisa said...

    I agree – small breakfast, big ol’ lunch, small dinner. Works for me.

  • Nutella on a croissant. Orrrrr a Green Monster smoothie. Love breakfast. Eggs, toast, all of it.

  • Eggs or a protein smoothie with fruit are my go to breakfasts these days…
    your new chocolate peanut butter sounds interesting.
    Tea is never ever far from my lips!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Lisa.

  • I’m a fan of the traditional English breakfast (minus herring and blood sausage) anytime, but especially in the mornings. I try to limit that to once every couple of weeks except when traveling.

    Allergic to peanuts, but will enjoy chocolate anytime.

  • My routine breakfast is strong coffee, one slice of rye bread with cheese on it, a glass of orange juice a small portion of unflavored yoghurt and natural, unsweetened muesli over it, served to bedroom by my husband. Every morning.
    These days, I am obsessed with ice cream and tea, in the evening.
    Not very exciting.

    7:18 am
    Lisa said...

    Excitement is occasionally overrated

  • I’m not a breakfast person, but I do try to eat in the morning before going to work, which tends to work out as lots of coffee and a small portion of fruit, or real oatmeal if I was industrious over the weekend.

    I envy your ability to be happy with the same breakfast for long stretches of time, though. After a week or two of one thing, whether it’s oatmeal or a grapefruit, I find I’m completely sick of it.

  • Eggs or oatmeal with toast from homemade bread for this bunch of froot loops. Some Saturdays we get crazy and top the prior evening’s pizza endeavor with scrambled eggs and fresh mozz!

    7:19 am
    Lisa said...

    Living dangerously.

  • My standard breakfast is eggs, sliced avocado, and half a roasted sweet potato, alongside a cup of coffee with coconut milk. I went over to the paleo dark side this year (no sweet, no wheat among other things) and I have to say, it’s been great. Totally nontraditional though, and hard to go among the pastry eaters. So many events in the American working world provide nothing but bread and sugar to keep you going.

    5:09 am
    Tabitha said...

    Cynthia – minus the egg which I loathe, that sounds like a delicious breakfast, I might give that a try.

    7:25 am
    Lisa said...

    I know. I hate that bit. Like, couldn’t they at least put out some almonds?

  • Savory for me. Usually scrambled eggs and tea. Today, eggs, smoked salmon, and tea. Coincidentally, a friend brought me groceries recently that included Justin’s Almond Butter. I fell in love. But, Justin’s needs to work on distinctive labeling. When I restocked, I unwittingly purchased *Honey* Almond Butter. It was alarming to expect a savory bite of whole wheat toast and almond butter and receive instead a jolt of sweetness. I’ll restock today with Justin’s Almond Butter sans honey. Happy Saturday.

  • I have a standard savory breakfast (scrambled egg sandwich on whole wheat with light mayo) and a standard sweet breakfast (oatmeal with sliced bananas, walnuts, and maple syrup). I’d been thinking recently that I was in a rut, but perhaps it’s just a matter of comfort and stability that I don’t branch out more.

    7:19 am
    Lisa said...

    We have to pick our battles:).

  • I’ve been looking for a nutella substitute, maybe Justin’s chocolate peanut butter is in my future.

  • Not really a breakfast eater, but try to eat some scrambled egg whites, or a rice cracker with almond butter every morning. I’d forgotten all about Dannon coffee yogurt, which I used to love, but not at breakfast.
    Although I embrace change pretty much everywhere, I do re-read novels, and watch movies more than once sometimes. To me, it’s like revisiting a piece of art, or listening to a piece of music again. I have a different experience and notice other things when re-reading certain novels, at different times in my life.
    I think I’d like this chocolate peanut butter blend – will look out for it.

  • I eat very few sweet and as far as real food goes, I crave savory. My breakfasts are usually fruit. I have jellies and jams for guests as most seem to want it.

    7:20 am
    Lisa said...

    What a nice hostess.

  • There is scientific evidence chocolate enhances life. Or there should be. I am not a Nutella fan but very much want to try this, it sounds delish. The bread looks pretty good too!

    Thank you for making me hungry (not),

  • Have eaten my share of Fruit Loops without placemats. Today, it is either cheerioes with yogurt or a piece of fruit.

  • I recently tried this maple peanut butter and it was a-ma-zing: Haven’t had it for breakfast yet, but may be a good choice with toast.

    12:38 pm
    Jan's Sushi Bar said...

    Danielle, I keep a jar of their chocolate peanut butter in my pantry for my son and grandson; their white chocolate peanut butter is to DIE for, but I won’t allow that in the house. Because I WILL eat it.

    2:07 pm
    Danielle said...

    Jan, I’m going to stop by their shop later today (I live in NY) and am excited to try a sandwich with chocolate peanut butter! Or something similarly scrumptious. Yes, I would probably eat the whole thing too. Yum…

  • I’ve got a few staple breakfasts in rotation: muesli with banana slices & milk; sprouted-wheat toast covered with tomato slices & grated Parmesan or Cheddar, melted under broiler; sprouted-wheat toast with honey. Then on weekends after my long run: bacon and eggs with Paul’s baking power biscuits & my homemade blackberry jam. Or a bacon & tomato sandwich. . . . You can see why I do a long run . . .

    And all of these MUST be accompanied by my own blend of black smoky tea.
    So change and constancy, for breakfast . .

  • And may I add that re-reading a novel IS to experience change, really . . . it’s a different novel each time you read it, and you’re a different reader. . .

    5:07 am
    Tabitha said...

    That is so true materfamilias.

    6:05 am
    kathy said...

    Exactly my feeling too, as I wrote.

    11:27 am
    ida said...

    Totally agree with you.Ida

    7:20 am
    Lisa said...

    Many people feel as you do. It’s one of my quirks.

  • Muesli is always divine, but when in a hurry, it’s best not to have to make decisions so early in the morning. Busy days call for routine at breakfast which for me is a bowl of blueberries, cottage cheese topped with a sprinkling of macadamia nuts. Your chocolate peanut butter looks amazing, maybe smeared on an apple!

  • Since I moved to Taiwan, I have developed a morning habit of dry toast and coffee. The ‘rou bao’ you mention are steamed meat buns, but you can get them with a sweet sesame filling too, or unfilled, which are called ‘man tou’.

    The LaBrea bread looks great, but that chocolate peanut-butter spread doesn’t tempt me. It must be a guy thing–I like chocolate, but can live without it, especially in the morning.

    7:22 am
    Lisa said...

    Do you like congee/jook? I never developed the taste for it.

    10:13 am
    Parnassus said...

    Congee is available in Taiwan, but not ubiquitous. I like it sometimes, but in restaurants it is usually prepared with pork broth, which I dislike.

    I like putting fresh rice in it, which makes the locals shudder, but it is really good that way, with a combination of textures.

    5:06 pm
    m said...

    congee is more of a cantonese dish, so more easily found in southern china & hong kong. since my parents are from the latter, it’s something i grew up eating & one of my favorite comfort foods.

    what’s nice is that it’s so adaptable & can be made to suit many tastes since the base is so bland.

    my mother makes it with a mix of white & brown rice, which creates that combination of textures, but yes – adding fresh rice to congee is basically sacrilegious, probably since you generally have to cook the rice for at least an hour or so to get the right consistency.

    so having congee for breakfast, especially the home-cooked variety is always a special treat!

  • I’m squarely in the savory camp, unless my husband is cooking (French toast made with love is the best breakfast, always.) Weekends are usually an egg, a piece of toast, some fruit… Maybe bacon. Weekdays are either plain Greek yogurt with fruit, or toast and fruit. (I like fruit, what can I say.) Oh, and coffee. Coffee is mandatory. These days I drink it with a trace of milk and sugar, sitting in bed and cuddling my daughter while she has a bottle of warm milk. It’s a great way to start the day.

  • Dear LPC

    I LOVE sweet. But I luff salt too.

    I re-read my favourite books all the time- Gatsby (9 Chapters of Perfection and btw so we beat on boats against the current born back ceaselessly into the past), Rebecca, Anything by Nancy Mitford. Anything by Julian Whatsy who wrote Downton Abbey. And I rewatch movies. esp the Old School wonders like All About Eve and The Women. Bliss.

    I do luff your musings xxxx

  • Toast or home made Nordic influenced cardamom muffin for me, I just can’t do protein for breakfast, although I do slather vast amounts of almond butter onto my toast so I would love this.

    7:26 am
    Lisa said...

    I find the concept of a Nordic-influenced cardamom muffin intriguing.

  • Oh dear, I regret reading this post, as I am now obsessed with finding a jar of this concoction to try. And I suspect I will more than like it! I’m an eggs in the morning guy, with an English muffin or similar. I was quite happy when I learned that the “only eat one egg a week” mantra was poppycock and that eggs are, in fact, just fine to eat, if not good for you. Such relief. Reggie

    11:30 am
    ida said...

    You are in good company Prince Charles is an egg a morning man.Ida

    7:27 am
    Lisa said...

    Try your local Whole Foods. Peanut butter in moderation is good for you too:).

  • Note to Justin:

    Reshape that peanut on your label into its rightful hourglass figure, ASAP. Meanwhile, Reggie and I are going to strip the shelves of this substance once we locate it…

  • I do not eat breakfast very often. Yes, I do know that skipping it is horrible. But, I like savory at brunch. By that time I’m hungry enough to eat.

  • My dream breakfast is Nutella on toast.
    Alas, it’s not on my Paleo diet…

  • Yum. i eat my own granola, a new recipe now using no fat. Still delicious mixed with TJ’s lowfat vanilla yogurt and seasonal fruit.

    Sunday usually means a softboiled egg and many grain toast with peanut butter with flaxseed and raspberry jam.

    Chocolate or flaxseed…. not too tough a choice there!

    I shall seek it out.

    xo Jane

  • Would be too sweet for my morning breakfast….start with 1/2 a fresh grapefruit,2 slices of wholemeal brown/grains with home made marmalade,3 mugs of weak Yorkshire tea.Ida

  • We can indeed agree. Wonderfully put, as always.

    I take comfort in the ritual of the same daily breakfast (sweet, Oatmeal Squares w/ chocolate chips added just in case), though I enjoy the occasional dalliance & for months have been making eyes across the bread aisle at this very same Justin’s product. Think you’ve sold me on a fling.

  • I’m quite fond of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, myself.

    You know me – I do, indeed, have a sweet tooth. However, not so much in the morning; it’s usually two eggs and coffee. Mostly scrambled, sometimes hard boiled, over easy once in a great while. If I’m particularly hungry, I’ll throw in some bacon or ham or sausage into the mix, but not often.

  • Porridge for me (oatmeal) every weekday morning. It’s nice and filling and has fibre and I like it. Weekends I might splash out on marmalade on toast or maybe my husband might make me french toast with blueberries and maple syrup or we might go out and brunch… Ah weekends, how I love thee!

  • Possibly, you’re on the right track. There was a thing in Oprah magazine this month (yeah, I read Oprah. so what?) that said those who eat dessert at breakfast are actually more disciplined eaters the rest of the day. It was based on a Scandinavian study, I think. Something sweet early on, combined with lots of protein and lots of carbohydrates, keeps cravings from coming on later, they say.

    I may have to try this chocolate peanut butter. It sounds ambrosial.

  • Sounds so good – I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich almost everyday at work so I probably should not try it out… but I am a big fan of nutella and a croissant for breakfast if my work isn’t too busy in the AM. Always a big smoothie when I first get up and a glass of grapefruit juice.

  • I love Justin’s peanut butter and almond butter; haven’t tried the chocolate varieties. Nutella gets a bad rap… is this any healthier?

    My breakfast is usually one soft boiled egg on an unbuttered whole wheat english muffin. I also like fresh fruit with plain yogurt topped with raw oats. (I’m ashamed to admit these healthy breakfasts are always accompanied by a small diet C@ke.)