Happy 4th Of July!

I love the 4th of July. My patriotism unfurls, no politics in sight. So let’s hear it for the red.

The white.

and the blue.

If you like fireworks, I hope you find great blooms of them close to hand.

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  • That shirt! What is it? I can’t quite make it out…..Love it!

    12:09 pm
    Lisa said...

    Naracamie:). And they are Italian, so must be findable over there in the Highlands. Or London, at least.

  • Happy 4th to you, Lisa! Love the color scheme…

  • HA! You and were thinking along the same lines today!! Fireworks at the beach are indeed in the plan if the weather holds. Fingers crossed! Wishing you a very happy fourth Lisa!!

  • Oh dear – forgot the “I” – you and I is of course what I meant to write!! Sorry about that!

  • Happy Independence day,whatever you are doing have fun. Ida

  • Speaking of 4th of July ‘blooms’…I *almost* bought blue carnations yesteday, to go with the red & white ones of course…there’s still time!
    Have a wonderful day!!!! xo J~

  • Happy 4th July!

  • Happy Fourth of July…
    you’ll look stunning in that shirt with your hair colour!

  • the buttons on the white shirt…be still my heart.