Mon Avis, Mon Amis

Today I bring you excellent news from the blogosphere. ELS is writing again at Mon Avis, Mon Amis. She’s one of the best writers out there. And if you love England as much as you love words, she’s your gal. Oh, oops, I mean gel.


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  • 09/20/12
    7:12 am


    Ida said...

    Tee hee,bang on gels it is! off(orf) to check out.Ida

  • 09/20/12
    7:50 am


    A Gift Wrapped Life said...

    Off to take a look……… new blogs. Happy weekend Lisa. xx

  • 09/20/12
    8:34 am


    Jennifer said...

    Just popped over and fell for her immediately. She had me with the header photo then just got better as I read on. Thanks.

  • 09/20/12
    12:38 pm


    moi said...

    “Rarely, if ever, stumped for an opinion – believe this to be a Good Thing.”
    Lovely old gel!! thanks ever so, Lisa.

    12:39 pm
    moi said...

    No offense intended with the “old” part of old gel. I certainly include myself proudly in this category.

  • 09/20/12
    11:08 pm


    Jessica said...

    Thanks for the introduction Lisa…and also for the good wishes, it’s nice to be back!
    xo J~

  • 09/21/12
    9:17 am


    Marsha @ Splenderosa said...

    Lisa, she will be joining us in October for “By Invitation Only.” Isn’t this fabulous? A new member, already well-known to 2 of my besties. Sending love, darling. Marsha

  • 09/21/12
    10:23 am


    Sarah S (Neutral Territory) said...

    Off to ‘see’ her – thank you.. Have a great weekend. x

  • 09/24/12
    5:31 am


    ELS said...

    Dear Lisa, thank you so very much for this – to be called a decent writer by one so talented and insightful as you is an enormous compliment. Thank you, and what absolutely mad and delightful people you have sent my way – I am very grateful!

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