Are Neon Soles A Trend?

An observation. You know “bucks.” right? Usually beige suede oxford style men’s shoes with a pinkish-tan sole? Like this?

Known as a white buck, when they are, um white. In that case favored by dandies with good language skills.

Well, a while back I noticed these, from Steve Madden, and rather liked the blue/purple sole.

Recently, in parallel, I’ve seen several pairs of of bright yellow-soled running shoes worn about San Francisco, by men and women. Different genre, I know, but has a similar effect from afar.

Then I ran across Walk-Over, who offer ALL SORTS of sole colors, albeit for men.

And these from Wet Seal, which, while not a retailer I frequent, acts often as viral trend indicator.Do you think we’re in for a run on bright soles, e.g. Louboutin takes it to the neon streets? And do you think you might wear them, with, for example, a pair of Levi 501s, and a white Ann Mashburn button-front? And if you did, would you feel like Katherine Hepburn or Bozo the Clown?

These are the weighty matters I’m currently considering. Your thoughts welcome, as always.

Men’s bucks via Walk-Over Shoes
Black Steve Madden oxfords via Zappos
Pink–soled oxfords via Wet Seal

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  • I think that this is a trend ( not liking the word at all ) now.
    But, the last pair pictured ( with jeans ) is too cute: ).

  • I think this is definitely a trend, but I would vote yes on any but the highlighter yellow. Those strike me as very tryhard. Like Mette, the last pair are my favorites.

  • I’d say they are a trend…
    great if one has lots of shoes but for me I would avoid this colour statement.

  • I like the black Steve Maddens with the cobalt sole the best of this selection and I have seen others I like. Yes, I would wear them, absolutely. Not all that trendy, as I wore navy and white saddle shoes with a brick red sole from the time I was born! The last ones are nice, but too cute with the matching shoelaces, would probably change them for ones that match the shoes, and let the soles do the talking.

  • You just know that next year, you’d pull out your blue bottomed bucks, and someone would go,”Oh-2012″

  • Hmmm…I’m a classic “dirty bucks” (as we called them in high school) fan, so not sure about the neon versions. Maybe the last one paired with an Ann Mashburn shirt, like you said. That could make for a modern preppy look. :)

  • There are certain styles we giant-footed gals would be prudent to avoid (see clown reference in post), but I would definitely admire them on someone else.

  • Cole Haan also offers this style in various colors with bright soles. Fun, but not my thing.

  • I’m guessing it’s a trend… but then I thought the super skinny jeans would be gone in a couple of seasons, and look where that got me. Defiantly holding on to my bootcuts way past their time.

    With my short legs, I won’t do anything that brings attention to my feet. But I think it’ll be fun to see this on others.

  • Definitely a trend, but probably not one I’ll follow. I prefer my oxfords to be a bit more sedate.

    The closest I might get would be these gray with purple oxfords by Cole Haan:

  • I love these shoes. With your permission, I share it on my blog.

  • I love them all of them. I have a tendency to wear neutrals because I travel quite a bit but all of these shoes looked so comfy and wearable with all my neutral wardrobe. Who cares if they are 2012? Everything needs a little update. Sturdy gal grab can get pretty boring. This summer I bought a pair of DC shoes which don’t look like teen shoes but have the “groovy neon soles” and lining. They look more like a classy rough out suede keds. DC Asset LE.
    Gray with neon green soles. Awesome.

  • Target’s Mossimo has also done a version – which I plan to get for my 13 year old daughter – no offense intended! She tends to have a different dress aesthetic than her peers. I would totally get myself a pair if I looked cuter in jeans and a white shirt! I love traditional clothing with just a wink of whimsey.

  • Don’t forget one of Reggie Darling’s best posts, ostensibly about the original white bucks, but more importantly about family relationships.

    I guess that both types are fine, but just have different uses.
    –Road to Parnassus

  • Yuck.

  • Cute. I’d wear them.

  • I’d wear them in a Kathryn Hepburn-stylee.

  • I will be hoping for Katherine Hepburn in my mind when I wear them but will avoid baggy striped trousers to minimise the risk of being called Bozo!

    I love the selection of neon soles you’re pulled together for this post.

    SSG xxx

  • I like the first pair would look great with turned up chinos.Ida

  • Yes, in a heartbeat if I found the right pair. I would change the laces to match the actual shoe as the colored laces seem to channel Bozo more than Kate. I’d wear them with chinos and a button-front or the aforementioned 501’s and same.

  • I adore bucks, white, beige, dirty, whatever. On men and boys. I would never wear them, though – looks too cutesy on a woman.

  • Trend. And have you seen the Cole Haan ones? But on a cute boy or waggish man, with the 501s and not those stupid Thom Browne ankle-baring stovepipes, quite cheeky, The young bucks here wear topknots and Dad-style topsiders, I love that mashed up thing.

  • I think that when a trend arrives at Target, it’s jumped the shark.

  • The “Wells Fargo Wagon” is a comin’ to my house with these from Target:

    Fingers crossed that they fit!

  • I am loving this trend. Yup…trend. If they did the Bass saddle shoe suede oxfords with a colorful sole I would be all over that like a swarm of bees.

  • I’m intrigued by Sanita’s color-sole line, not to say I’d wear them. My size 10 dogs don’t need recognition.

  • If you do purchase a pair, I’m sure they will look great, especially if you are in a sporty/playful mood. Be sure to test if you can walk 3 km or what ever your walk test is before buying. If you like bright but comfortable shoes I’ve notices that nearly all the running shoe brands have used bright colours in the fall design of their running shoes. So you can always buy one of them and use them for jogging/walking for exercise. Stand up straight, smile, put one foot in front of the other and move…

  • I would wear bright soles. One must cheer oneself up during the day, I think. Mr Lane is stuck in those beige bucks too frequently I think.

  • Not too much of a fan. Neon on the soles is just too much attention to the area, and I don’t find the shoes exciting enough to generate that. Plus I’m not really a neon person.

  • Is trendiness always necessarily a problem? I like to think of it more as incorporating an awareness of what’s happening at the street level, and this seems a witty way to do that without looking foolish. Especially since the bucks, a variation on the brogues you’ve been looking for, are already in your lexicon, no?

    4:16 pm
    Flo said...

    Indeed so! Am I the only Artsy Cousin/Artsy Grande here on campus who keeps 1 black and 1 brown permanent parker in the drawer for times when desire trumps trend. Perhaps so. Take up that marker, run it over the offending neon, and there you have it.

  • My only shoes that have laces are my ballroom practice shoes. They are black with touches of the neon blue.

  • I don’t think these would be for me. I think they would bring a little too much attention to my feet!

  • Love the idea of the jeans and the lace ups and the shirt… (going to go that way myself I think) and the coloured sole is fun. A micro trend as they say, non? X

  • They have very much been a topic of conversation on many fashion blogs I follow. I think they’re fun as can be and while I wouldn’t wear them I think certain color combos would be darling on you. But I’m also with those pointing out how trendy they are, they will be dated by next year. (My fave is the black with blue sole, fabulous.)

    Sending you a smile Miss Privilege,

  • Whese are pretty fun…wonder if I could sneak a pair into Mr. 24’s closet?!
    xo J~

  • Right, neon soles are a trend. Cute, but trendy.

  • I am so happy you got a pair – they are so fun!

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