In Which We Research The Impact Of Pretty Pictures On The Common Cold, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:15am

Good morning everyone!

I have yet another cold. Turns out that working for a company of 100+ employees, in an open plan environment, is rather like sending a child to kindergarten seventh grade at the same time. By that I mean that you invite diverse families of germs into your system and serve virtual tea. Then the cousins show up. With friends and dogs.

So for today, I will be over at Pinterest, pinning pictures that catch my fancy and have nothing to do with Kleenex, fuzzy socks, or large glasses of water. This link will take you to my “pins,” most recent at the top. I’m poking around on blogs, and looking for bedding for my son. Probably there will be shoes. There almost always are, don’t you agree?

Have a great weekend. May the germs of the world decline your invitation.

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  • Get well soon! Hopefully you’ll develop a bit of an immunity over time…

  • Have you taken two aspirins, chicken soup, and resting in bed? Could it be allergies? Are you reading or watching old movies on TV? Hm, secretly watching Reality Shows? Maybe Sturdy Girls don’t watch Reality TV.

    OK, how about watching Sleepless in Seattle, Remains of the Day or Room with a View? That should take you quite nicely through the weekend,

    Feel better friend.

  • Feel better soon!

  • I would like to offer my tried and true cures:
    1. Simmer chicken claws (I purchase these at the Asian supermarket), ginger root, onion, garlic together for one hour, then separate stock from other remains using seive. Add salt/boullion cubes. Drink as much as humanly possible.
    2. Large bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and a half gallon of cranberry cocktail.

  • Absolutely…………..that working thing is bad for your health (wink, wink).
    Have fun recuperating, nothing like a day off by necessity with a laptop and fluffy pillows. xx

  • Feel better!

  • I hate colds. Feel better soon, and stay cozy.

  • A cup of Chamomile tea, fuzzy blanket, and “Gigi” (Leslie Caron, Louis Jordan, Maurice Chevalier, 7pm Pacific tonight on TCM) will make you feel much better! My favorite song – “The Night They Invented Champagne”, favorite gown – Gigi and Gaston’s final party scene. Oooo La La!
    When you are back to health, use a Qtip to spread a light layer of antibacterial ointment (like neosporin) withn each nostril inside the tip. Without any scientific data to back me up, I think it has trapped many undesirable germs from getting inside. I do this when I fly or go shopping when the “season” begins, and it does seem to keep me from catching whatever is floating around.
    Also, use your night cream on the outer tip of your nose to keep it looking purty!
    Feel better soon! xo

  • My cold — now waning — and I send our commiseration from 9 time zones away. Hope you’re feeling well soon!

  • Get well soon. Of course it had to be over the weekend …

    I recently read that the only effective strategy for curing a cold is rest – so enjoy resting!

  • Hope you’re feeling better soon. Meanwhile, have fun pinning!

  • Do rest up and get well soon.
    It’s time for that bowl of chicken soup.

  • Hope pinning makes you feel better! I have the sniffles myself…

  • Shoes always help colds! Chocolate too!!!

  • Hoping your cold will be a short one this time.
    Wow, just checked the link; your pinning board. Now this much surely be an American thing ; ).
    Btw, Aalto bench is a Finnish design, not Swedish!

  • Hope you are better soon Lisa. I hate colds and refuse to acknowledge them until they break me down. Enjoy your time on Pinterest. It seems to amuse me for hours.

  • Thanks for stopping by, it is good to hear from you. Speaking of Pinning, I created a Grande Dame board the other day and think of you when I pin something on it ;)

  • Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I just recovered from a cold myself. Good riddance!

  • Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy pinning!

  • Get well soon, Lisa!


  • Thank you every one. A weekend of rest seems to have helped enormously. And, although I didn’t pick up any chicken feet, I had pho (Vietnamese chicken soup) right next door to a Ranch 99 (great Asian supermarket) so I’m guessing some essence of pieds de poulet was consumed:). Thank you again for the support.

  • One of the BEST things about being retired is that we don’t get sick nearly as often as we used to. Stay out of drug stores and the work place, and health will improve. Hope you’re better soon so you can type. Looking forward to those boots being styled.

  • Pleased to hear you are feeling better this morning.Ida

  • When I worked at an international school in Wales, with kids from 70 countries, i caught every germ in the castle!