A Nod To Miss Whistle: 10 Wishes For 2013

Today I’d like to send you over to a friend.

Miss Whistle gives us 10 Wishes for 2013

I’ll be back to regular posting soon. I’d give an exact day, but I do believe in Under-Promising And Over-Delivering, where we can.

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  • 01/03/13
    6:57 am


    kathy said...

    Her blog is new to me, but I love it. Just bookmarked. Yes, to under promising and over delivering (if one wants.) My year has been a lot of over promising and then over the top delivering. Ending it.

  • 01/03/13
    7:33 am


    Karena said...

    Thank you for sending me to Miss Whistle; I love the list and will keep visiting!

    All the Best in the Year Ahead!
    Art by Karena

  • 01/03/13
    8:17 am


    Candace said...

    Beautiful. Thank you – I love all of it! Singing in the car with sound turned up, windows closed works just as well as karaoke!

  • 01/03/13
    9:51 am


    The Preppy Princess said...

    Thank you for the tip to visit Miss Whistle, I enjoyed her list (especially the more kindness and more forgiving) of wishes. And I love the Apple method of dealing with the financial community, under-promising and over-delivering works is a stellar formula. I hope you enjoy some time away and relax…. forget the blog! :)

  • 01/03/13
    8:43 pm


    misswhistle said...

    Thank you lisa! I was wondering where all the traffic came from. I am so grateful! xx

  • 01/05/13
    7:18 am


    Whitney Worthington said...

    Underpromising and overdelivering is always good!!

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