If You Wear Spring Clothes, Will The Warm Weather Come?


I have returned from Spring Break. Which, unfortunately involved tax preparation and weed assessment rather than sun, shore, or seaside.  But I’m ready for sun. Ready for trips South, or inland, or to the water, to dry winter out of my consciousness.

One of the things I always enjoy about warm travel is giving up sartorial constraints. If I’m ever going to leave my wardrobe comfort zone, absent a coronation invitation of course, it’s going to be en vacances. What does one wear to a coronation? But I digress.

For example, consider our friend Marsha and her Splenderosa line of jewelry. Ordinarily, I’m give me precious metals or give me death. But come packing time, a nice leather wrap bracelet, as above, might sneak its way into my bag. Cream, of course, so as to support fancies of monochromatic elegance. It’s a Sturdy version of those covetable white ceramic Chanel watches.. The model without diamonds, needless to say.


On vacation, I might even go so far as to wear Jeffrey Campbell perforated platform sandals with the standard Karen Millen cropped khakis. Or add white lace – it’s everywhere at the moment. Marsha’s bracelet hardware closes with a click, a nice counterpoint to girliness. Add 14K hoop earrings. It’s no crime to mix precious and non.


Trying on vacation clothes turns out to be more fun than expected. You remember that somewhere the sun shines. Your breath sighs. Water beads on glasses of lemonade.

Also useful. A winter of two 30 minute walks, 5 days/week, means you need a smaller pant size come spring. Cutting back from 2 glasses of wine to 1 may have contributed. You may even find that your 8-year old Laundry lace tunic, while wholly on-trend, has gotten a tad shabby round the edges, and you are quite justified in searching for a replacement. Perhaps this time with sleeves.


I’d also like the bracelet in turquoise. To wear with coral cropped pants, I think. And perhaps, since we’re talking imaginary vacations, I’d spring for a day of colored fingernails. Go completely crazy.

I promise, the snow will finally take its leave from Northern Europe, the American Midwest and East Coast. Here in California we will discard our outer layers, and turn well-sunscreened faces to the sun, joining our compatriots in Texas and the South. They wear white year-round and wonder what all the fuss is about.

Note: The bracelet was a present from Marsha. The folderol is my own. Linking up to Visible Monday, where women over 40 are, well visible.

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  • I love how you look in the first picture. So elegant yet casual. There, you have my two cents worth.

  • Well,I live in Texas-born and raised-and wouldn’t dream of wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day. At least not white shoes. (Horrors!) or white accessories. Maybe some winter white slacks in wool. And of course, the perfect white shirt is always appropriate.
    However-if the temperature is above 70, sandals or flip flops are ALWAYS acceptable in Texas. Any time of year. And especially in anticipation of Spring which came back in January and now seems to have left again. We are in “winter” for a few days and will probably head straight to summer.

    7:40 am
    Lisa said...

    You are so right! I forgot, briefly, about the Memorial Day thing. So interesting that it holds sway most in the places with the longest summers…

  • O! And great outfit and makes me want to head to the beach.
    But then again, I always want to head to the beach….

    7:43 am
    Lisa said...


  • Wonderful monochromatic look, Lisa. I am seeking a lace blouse *just* like this, to wear all summer. And yes, it’s coming, your outfit will make it so! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  • Love your outfit! I am also a precious metals or death kind of gal.

  • You look wonderful – I love the monochrome outfit. Those sandals are terrific, have a modern vintage feel – are they comfortable? I too find walking takes off more weight than heavier duty cardio exercise. And I love it too.
    I think the white lace with the khaki is gorgeous.

  • Very nice outfit indeed!The shoes are just perfect for a dress in Paris and the countryside in the USA. They BLEND. In fact everything is “composé” in your outfit. That is why I personally would not wear gold hoop earrings.When you are tanned, gold doesn´t fit with your ( or anyone´s)skin as well as silver or , as you said, turquoise does. Colour next to your face lifts up the monochrome thing. I noticed that blond or silver haired ladies just disappear in a beige mnonochrome. The face looks a bit washed out and tired. Otherwise everything is so nice! Janick

    7:45 am
    Lisa said...

    You may be right. I do find that my eyes are getting bluer as I age, so sometimes they compensate.

  • I read the title to this post and thought, “Beloved tried that last weekend. He’s been sick since Wednesday…” Of course, there’s half a foot of snow on the ground, with the promise of 2 to 4 additional inches this afternoon.

    That being said, being the Texpatriate I am, I never got out of the habit of wearing white all year, but we all know I’m kind of strange.

  • Can you believe we are totally going to miss the coronation, because we will be headed to Northern California? When we booked, early in January, the decision had not yet been announced, and we did not really care about missing Queen’s day. But this, might be quite a particular, unique event. While looking for Delftse Blauw designs (to paint) I stumbled upon this dress and thought it would be perfect for the occasion (in my dreams of course).
    Now I am wondering how the weather will be in SF in May, as I hear it’s windy and coats are needed year long?
    And I totally believe that by dressing lighter we will force Spring into arriving.

  • You won’t have any trouble replacing that lace top as I have seen gorgeous examples everywhere. Love the monochromatic look on you with your silver hair. It is refined and elegant. Yes you do look slimmer. I think you look very healthy indeed.
    Quite inspiring to those of us who still need to she’d a few more pounds :-)

  • Good for you on the twice-daily walks, and the resulting pant size shrinkage! You look lovely in these photos, the top is beautiful and the trousers the ultimate in understated elegance.

    Sending you a smile,

  • FYI, Northern Europe is still covered with snow. Not timely for trying on spring/summer clothes ; ).

    3:17 am
    Paula said...

    Same in Southern Europe and CEE: SNOW! -3°C all day long …

  • That bracelet! Love!

  • I tried dressing for warm weather last week. It did not work.

    It’s hard these days. I’m ready for a switch in wardrobe — pulling out my warm weather wardrobe and rediscovering the things that have been packed away. But it seems like the Midwest hasn’t even started the transition to spring yet. Frustrating.

  • Well, aren’t you a delightful breath of spring this morning? A lovely antidote to our late March snowfall.

    Love the bracelet — definitely an affordable alternative for fans of the Kelly Double Tour.

  • That lace top is amazing on you…look at those guns!! And the fact that you are able to pose for photographs out of doors in that outfit and not die of exposure means that you are doing a fair bit better there in CA than we are here in Scotland at the moment. Although the sun is shining as I write this. Here’s hoping.

  • Today’s office talk was mainly about the new snow and the ice cold wind… not a hint of spring yet here in Germany.
    And here comes your beautiful white lace top!
    I keep on dreaming I can wear something similar some time this year…

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leading me to yours.

    Lady of Style

  • Love that tunic on you – it really shows off your fantastic arms!

  • As Mette said we in the UK are still snowed under,some places 16ft snow drifts,have not even thought about Spring clothes.Ida/Judith

  • Oh, a perfect casually-chic look. Love that top- now I have to have one. Are those 2 walks each day all you do? Your arms and overall shape are wonderful. Maybe it’s the hills in San Fransisco?

    7:46 am
    Lisa said...

    It’s all I do. That, and watch very carefully what I eat, so that I only indulge where I get maximum benefit.

  • Wow … wear your hair pulled back more often …
    that looks great!!!

  • I just want to take off my gloves and hat she sobbed.

    7:46 am
    Lisa said...

    Ha! Well your sorrows make for funny comments:).

  • You and Michelle Obama are rocking the bare arms. My bat-wing triceps (well, genetic loose skin) and I salute you. The first photo is…just lovely. Surely you took ballet lessons when you were a child?

    I can assure you that in my case, spring clothing did not convince the foot of snow and single-digit temperatures to stay away. But I sallied forth with my new Kate Spade floral bag this morning anyhow, because I just couldn’t stand to see it languishing sadly on the counter like a forgotten bouquet.

    7:47 am
    Lisa said...

    No ballet. Just watched my daughter…So pleased you took the bag for a spin.

  • You look fabulous Lisa! The lace with khaki combo is beautiful. Your hair style goes nicely with the outfit, and I love the jewelry and shoes as accents.

  • You look perfectly armed for Spring and Summer~
    Great look, toned arms and love the monochromatic look too.

  • This is my first time visiting your blog and I really got a kick out of your style…and wit! Love the whole imaginary vacation idea!

  • You look toned, tan, relaxed, casual and elegant. Love your hair especially in the second photo. I’ll take your white tunic, with a sleeve just above the elbow, to cover my “teacher’s arms” please.

  • Lovely.

  • This is such an elegant outfit – I love the mix of white and off-white and tan. Very pretty cuff piece.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog – I really appreciate it!

  • A great outfit Lisa…. you look wonderful… and I love Marsha’s leather bracelets… I can’t imagine spring is ever coming… we are still struggling along in our overcoats… ! xv

  • You look great. I love the bracelet.
    Many greetings Sabine

  • What a good-looking outfit, Lisa!

    And can I please get that promise in writing? Here in my corner of Southern Europe, winter doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to go anywhere, either. Bleh.

  • Please keep the tunic! You read my mind: I looked at you in the photos and wondered: where did that clothing-size shrink to? Et voila, you come up with the answer right below the photos. :)

    apropos spring: Carinthia, the most southern province in Austria:
    Will those snow-ploughs in the middle of the night and the snow-shovels in the (way too) early morning never cease? I want my sleep back!

  • The greenery behind you is just as encouraging as your lovely outfit.

    Eventually the snow has to melt, right? Right?

    7:49 am
    Lisa said...


  • You look great! I love the pale palette and mix of textures – the bracelet is gorgeous – yes to the turquoise version too!

  • You look so good Twitter Mom! I like the varied tones of white/ivory/khaki in your outfit. It really suits your coloring. The bracelet is super fun for a neat accessory on a budget.


  • Oh your outfit is so pretty! I am really ready for Spring to be here!

  • Of course! That’s how magical thinking works. I’ve been operating on the some principle, freezing my flat old fanny off, and generally experiencing an epic fail. However, I persevere. Hope you succeed.

  • You make me want to run right out and buy a white lace top. Very elegant!

  • You look gorgeous!!!!

  • Some women fret about showing their “too white” arms or legs come spring. Thanks for showing it looks perfectly pretty!

    7:48 am
    Lisa said...

    I am an advocate for both white skin and gray hair.

    Not sure how I feel about that, but it’s true. Thank you.

  • Love those sandals – very chic!

    Here in England it’s been around freezing level or just above all week. It spent today lightly snowing, so no dressing for spring here! We’re now officially fed up so husband and I are going to Spain for three days over Easter. Can’t wait for a bit of warm!

  • What a fabulous outfit, simple, elegant, pretty. You look great. The bracelet provides a nice touch and turquoise would be lovely.

    Sad about the tunic, it is so pretty. But my walking efforts mean that I will be looking for new pants this spring as well.

  • Thank you all so much for the kind words! You are so encouraging, it’s really wonderful.

  • Mother of pearl, that is the best outfit EVER.

    *runs off to recreate*

  • I think shopping for spring clothes is a great way to get ready for the warmer weather. I just got some great outfits from Berlington Coat Factory. Their deals are great– I actually saved $100 on my last shopping trip.