And, after the most commented upon giveaway in Privilege history, we have a winner.

Carla Yocum, come on down! She has a Facebook page too, and she’s a photographer. Carla, we’ll be in touch with the details.

Thank you all so much for the enthusiasm, and for all the advice on the wedding wear too. Blue it is. Final details to be ironed out in situ. And Dressed USA, thank you again so much for your generosity. We wish you all the best.

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  • An occasion like this one can reveal a gap in your wardrobe. I’ll bet that you have several fall/winter wraps or jackets for occasions like parties, weddings, etc. – but maybe not the equivalent for cool summer evenings? The hunt may be on for something versatile enough to wear over a variety of Spring/ Summer choices. I rely on a cream colored eyelet jacket or a pale grey sweater knit jacket with a subtle metallic thread. So far, so good. And good luck to you on the hunt

  • Yay for blue! After all this sage counsel, do enjoy yourself!

  • YAY! I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am!!! I was plotting a way to afford one of those dresses now that I have lost some weight!

    9:22 am
    Flo said...

    Happy for you!