A Gift Guide From Someone Who Knows How

And today, I’m going to send you to Verhext’s blog, who has put together a gift guide for her Fancy Friend(s). Let’s pretend that’s us, shall we? When you arrive, this is what you will find, links and all. She’s one of those people you discover on the Internet and think, well, she’s got an eye, that’s for dang sure. (You may have more sense than to use terms like dang sure, of course.)

fancygiftguide by Verhext

Enjoy. Scottish Breakfast is calling.

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  • 11/26/13
    5:28 am


    Gaia said...

    I checked out her blog – yep, I would say ‘dang sure’ she’s got an eye :-)

  • 11/26/13
    6:55 am


    Jan's Sushi Bar said...

    The mood I’m in this morning, “dang sure” would be polite.

    I love her list (Sea Salt Caramel Truffles!! *cue Homer Simpson drool*), but I’m still trying to figure out what purpose the red leather tassel serves.

    5:54 am
    Philippa said...

    @Jan’s Sushi Bar,

    You attach the tassel to your handbag. Or you could use it as a keyring, or (most usefully, I think) to add grip to a fiddly zip on a small purse or makeup bag.


  • 11/26/13
    6:56 am


    Jennifer said...

    I’ve long been a lurker on her site! Tamera’s inspirations are fresh and unique. Not the same old, everyone’s doing it, stuff. Bravo for sending people her way Lisa!!

  • 11/26/13
    7:10 am


    Dalit Fresco said...

    Jan, you bit me to that red leather tassel… but it sure is pretty, and probably a bargain…:)

  • 11/26/13
    7:23 am


    Carla said...

    I think I NEED that tea!

  • 11/26/13
    7:39 am


    Dalit Fresco said...

    Lisa – Refinery29 just posted Designer Aprons list – I can’t stop seeing aprons everywhere now….

  • 11/26/13
    8:15 am


    Barbara said...

    Just finished a cup of Taylor’s Scottish Breakfast tea myself. Absolute favorite.

  • 11/26/13
    9:25 am


    Rosie said...

    um… we have a problem with “dang” ?! The Texas version of “indeed” ?
    (charming, thanks ;)

  • 11/26/13
    3:41 pm


    joannawnyc said...

    I am that Fancy Friend, and I approve of this list ;-)

  • 11/27/13
    5:59 am


    Philippa said...

    Taylor’s of Harrogate make the best tea. And I would love those gloves, or the bakelite champagne stopper. Otherwise, though, this seems a bit gifty to me. Give me a good novel or theatre tickets any day!

  • 11/27/13
    1:49 pm


    Lily Lemontree (AS) said...

    On my way to check it out!
    Hope you have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • 11/27/13
    5:50 pm


    GSL said...

    Can’t go wrong with Smythson. Pricey, but within reach and those are the things one should pay good money for.

    10:36 am
    PBChic said...

    @GSL, What do you spend your “bad money” on? Just curious. ;)

  • 11/28/13
    9:13 am


    Marsha @ Splenderosa said...

    Wonderful list, Lisa. Did you know Tish’s book has completely sold out and is in it’s 2nd printing !!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, darling.

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