The Sacred Floor Of Babies, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:31am

Baby nephew, not to mention his parents and doting grandfather, are coming over for a casual lunch today. So casual that we’re just going to pick up Chinese food, (albeit of the authentic sort) and put it on the table with plate, forks, napkins. I suppose I will put out the chopsticks too, and maybe give everyone a glass of water.

My sister-in-law thought up the idea of a monthly family get-together. We could have just said, um, Thanksgiving? and let it go for November, but I like commitments, and very informal gatherings.

And I like babies.

When a baby comes over all focus shifts to the floor. This one in specific is 9 months old, and crawling everywhere. So in a few minutes I’m going to get up off the peanut-colored sofa, and start the old familiar maternal sweep. You know, like the automatic pool gizmo? See object, pick up object, deposit it where small hands can’t reach. The shifting of stuff from one place to another, the clearing of surfaces, the removal of lint. Dangerous stuff, lint.

I’ll probably even have to get the vacuum cleaner out of the closet. And maybe some of my children’s old toys. Which, yes, I’ve kept. Not all, not everything, just a few key items in that colored plastic that used to cover my floors and injure my metatarsal. Floor Duplos are even more dangerous than lint.

Other than cleaning the front bathroom, and finishing up a ceremonial Unloading Of The Dishwasher, that’s it. No fresh-baked anything, no fire in the fireplace, no greenery, no fuss. But the living room rug becomes a secular sacred space, when babies visit. Hospitality focused on the most dear of guests. None of the other guests will mind in the slightest.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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  • Lovely.

  • Nine months is a great age – a little mobile, responsive, easy to delight, still napping regularly .

  • So much fun. i recently went to Nobu and they had small black clean rocks to rest our chop sticks on. Could you use a rock size that said baby could not eat?

    Just a little something to add some probaby unnecessary style.

    I love the idea of the monthly get together.

  • Have a wonderful day with your family.

  • Just delightful. I’d say “enjoy!” But you hardly need that exhortation. . . Do watch out for the killer Duplo though.

  • My granddaughter is now 4 months old, so our house does not need special arrangements – yet.
    Babies are different. When my firstborn was small, we had to clear up the household, as she wished to touch and examine everything.
    The younger one was calmer, everything could be left on it´s own place.
    She never broke a thing!
    Have a good weekend.

  • Not a parent myself, over the last 3+ years I’ve spent a lot of time with one little boy. I’ve had so much fun….enjoy.

  • Hmmmm. I wonder how one says “Bon appetit” in Chinese?

  • I adore babies under a year especially,eyes needed in the back of your head for all their enquiring little fingers,enjoy your family weekend of bliss.

  • Great idea. There are times to cook and times to give it all a rest so you can be fully present in the fun. Enjoy playtime!

  • Love this and that nothing else matters but that bit of floor, clean and ready. I also ADORE babies. Have a great weekend Lisa.

  • Mr. B. is adorable. High praise coming from me – I don’t even much like babies. Beagles, now that’s a different story. Let’s borrow the Tardis from the good Doctor (have you seen today’s google-doodle? ;) and whiz back 19 winters to god-daughter and our beagle, both six months old, asleep in front of the fireplace, tangled together on an old pink quilt. Took me months to wash the thing… didn’t want to lose the sweet mingled scents.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

  • Sounds like a wonderful afternoon, and I like the idea of a monthly family get-together. My mother is suggesting weekly at this moment, since she’s quite bonkers over her great-granddaughter. But, I am going to relax about food, etc. and take a cue from you – and often get take-out. No one really cares anymore – it’s all about the baby.

  • I love the idea of takeout for entertaining, especially since I seem unable to talk to guests and cook at the same time. Thanks for reminding me that it’s not about the food, it’s about the people.

  • Sounds like a delightful afternoon! In a couple of years you’ll be watching out for Lego pieces…

  • Sounds like the fortune cookie was already opened. A great way to gather.

  • A perfect day.

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