Weekend Tidbit – Moomins Are At UNIQLO

I have previously mentioned my thing about the “Moomin” characters, right?

Well, as of October UNIQLO has done a licensing deal with Tove Jansson’s people – if she has people that is, and not tiny squeaky hippo creatures – and is now offering character-printed t-shirt and hoodies. Here’s an example, from UNIQLO Japan.


I suspect they are selling out, as they’ve all but disappeared from UNIQLO sites. However, the San Francisco store was well-stocked, in real life. Which excited me even more than Isabel Marant at H&M, I confess.

And fine, if you don’t share my obsession with Finnish children’s stories, Celia Birtwell’s new collection is also pretty cute. Not as cute as Moomins, however, nor as joyfully eerie.


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  • This is very cool. I had not heard of Tove Jansson and the Moomin characters, they’re wonderful!

    Happy weekend to you Miss Privilege,

  • Up until now, I was only sad about not having access to Uniqlo because I couldn’t pick up the down puffer. Now I have to yearn for, and grieve over, the Moomintroll t-shirts and the wonderful Celia Birtwell silk dress? It’s too much. . . . perhaps you’ll help cheer me up by modelling your latest purchase. I’m very keen to see how Sturdy Gal wears her MoominTee (probably with some help from her inner Artsy Cousin, no? and both of them trying to ignore the Grande Dame’s raised eyebrow?)

  • Uniqlo has really fast shipping.

  • I love clothes that are assured of themselves, they exude confidence and wit.

  • Celia’s collection has a very Liberty of London vibe going on…I’m reading The Thoughtful Dresser and it mentions many iconic designers from the 50’s and 60’s and Ossie Clark was a household name back then.
    I’d like to know how you are going to wear/style the Tee…assuming that you bought it.

  • I don’t believe I felt the lack of a nearby Uniqlo until this moment, faced with the obvious lack of a MoominTee in my life. Who would have guessed. I loved the Moomins growing up. I first discovered when we lived in Spain. My parents sought out English copies and we treasured them.

  • I love the Moomins! I’ve loved them since I found the books as a child and now they’re quite fashionable. You can buy super-cute but super expensive Moomin decorated things like mugs, carry bags etc from gift shops.

    I’m really excited about a Moomin show being put on for Christmas in my city with puppets. It’s aimed at kids, but I’ll be there!