4 Additional And Final Thanksgiving-Ish Sale Recommendations

Four sales to recommend. A trend, a friend, and, how about you guys come up with some more -end words? Darling, you s -end me? Your turn.

#1 You might investigate the hyper-luxury, runway shopping site, Moda Operandi, where you might decide you want a pink jacket. To wear with your jeans, of course. Thereby jumping on the pink coat trend without actually buying a coat. (You can find the same jacket on sale at net-a-porter if you prefer a familiar vendor.)

m-467-205110-2-ck1c2ENjledX#2 On the other hand, you could visit the audacious Wendy Brandes, where you will find 85% off select fine jewelry. Her Wendy B. line is not included, but still, eighty-five! Percent! Outrageous and moderate pieces! For example, this “Venus” necklace in rose quartz is reduced from $6,000 to $850. No, that’s not a typo.And Wendy is one of the most fun people in the blogosphere.


 #3 Or, you could reconsider this bathing suit, which I purchased, brought with me to Kauai last week, and like very much. The purple is in fact silvered, and works, um, swimmingly with gray hair. The Orchid Boutique has a 31% sale off today, with code ORCHIDCYBERAWESOME for everything except the Vitamin A line of goods. By the way, this suit does not run small, in my humble opinion.


And yes, we did go to Kauai last week for our honeymoon, and yes it was lovely, and yes, photos will follow in a couple of weeks, and yes, it rained, but not every day.

#4 Finally,you might take a look at La Garçonne. 15% off everything today, at the single best site in the world for Elegant Tomboys.


Disclosure: Some, but by no means all, of these links will generate commissions to be donated to Dress for Success.

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  • We can w-end our way through these recommendations.

    1:33 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Mary anne, Nice.

  • Kauai is one of the rainiest spots in the world! You probably know that only one small area (Poipu Beach) is drier. I have never seen so many people in rain gear in one small place in my life. And that is what makes it so lush.

  • I haven’t surr-end-ered yet to the pink coat craze, although I have been tempted. I so often have mud splatters up the back of my coat from biking our dirt roads (and don’t even bother telling me about fenders — for our roads and our rain, they don’t quite do the trick!), that I’m best sticking to dark.
    But still tempted. . . .

    1:33 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Frances/Materfamilias, Creative!

  • My partner and I are custom jewelers; we work in silver and karat gold only. There is NO WAY that rose quartz pendant should ever sell for $6000! I get it that most jewelers charge a lot more than we do (our Buddhism has a lot to do with that and etc – I won’t bore you with the particulars) but still….at highest prices…$6000 for a small piece of rose quartz and 4 tiny diamonds – even if it is 18kt gold.

    Or am I missing something?

    2:53 am
    PBChic said...

    @pamela gene daley, I think all you’re missing are the concept of luxury retail marketing. Living as we do next to tony Palm Beach, both of us have worked serving this particular species & I can vouch from attending seminars by luxury retail consultants: the wealthy are different and have peculiar expectations especially if they come from new money as many buying and building new homes on the Island do; the old money is pretty much all gone now; spent on addiction treatment centers, divorces, lawyers and sky-high property taxes. 1) Affluent people do not trust inexpensive items. They believe they are worth less or are of inferior quality. 2) They pay more for the total experience. They expect you to finish on time no matter if your wife is out-of-town for 7 wks. receiving radiation 5 hrs. away and you’re the last tradesman on the job, Even if there have been 42 changes, a hurricane, an incorrect cabinet installation, or the client’s wife didn’t like the first 2 colors you painted that she approved because they have ordered the moving vans for Dec. 19th & by golly, they’re arriving that day with the kids and the maids come hell or high water! Everyone has the right to charge as they see fit $ many here do charge “what they believe the market will bear”; they leave no money on the table. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that. It’s what you choose to do with your profits that makes you who you are.

  • I admire you’ve chosen to donate commissions earned by affiliate link sales to a wonderful organization, “Dress for Success”. Many blogs merely add a sentence in 8 pt. italics (quite small) at the bottom stating “commissions may be earned by the author by the use of embedded links.” When I find a blog perpetually pushes certain brands, boutiques and websites, I get a bit annoyed. Is there a medium left in which we can avoid being marketed to anymore? That’s when I choose to unsubscribe. How appropriate it is for “Amid Privilege” to set a great example by encouraging and demonstrating philanthropy especially to less fortunate women who wish to enter the corporate workplace where dressing for climbing the ladder to success is trickier and much more expensive than it is for men. Brava, Mrs. C!

    1:38 pm
    Lisa said...

    @AJFlamingo, Thank you very much.

  • No shopping for me in a long while, but congrats on your honeymoon which I assume is following a wedding, so congrats on that too.

  • Reply to PBChic:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course and a fine answer that is and the only one…which made me remember why we do what we do: the rich have enough beautiful hand=made things; time for ordinary folk to have the same PLUS I just see red when someone gives me money and then thinks they own me. I so can’t tolerate that superior-than-thou approach that I’m becoming rather well-known for my friendly and instant full refunds! I actually had a complaint filed against me for ‘unwanted refund’!

    I completely agree that anybody can charge whatever they want for anything though. But thanx for reminding me why I don’t court the rich.