Tidbit: UNIQLO Sale, My Favorite Low Cost Retailer Of All

Hey guys, UNIQLO is having a sale.

You can find the UK site here,

Uniqlo Winter Sale

and the US, here.  UNIQLO US didn’t give me a pretty red square, more’s the pity.

For my money, UNIQLO is the highest quality low cost retailer around. I’ve bought their tees, this jacket which was perhaps my all-time favorite of 2013 purchases, and most recently a silver down vest. I also bought my daughter all sorts of UNIQLO for her most recent birthday.

You know how you get an email from a colleague who is on vacation, and she says, “Guys, I know I’m supposed to be out of the office but I just HAD to send you this?” Yeah. That.

I’ll be back tomorrow. To tell stories around the water cooler. Except, have you noticed how the water hotter-upper has replaced the cooler of yesteryear? Huh.

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  • I just can’t get down with Uniqlo… maybe I’m not sturdy enough. Nevermind, I need to be saving my pennies this month, anyway.

  • Thanks for the tip. I checked their site and from what I could decipher from their size information – I assume that one measurement for “body width” means that the shape is straight up and down – their fit isn’t going to work for me…too bad.

    I also wonder – how can they possibly be offering their clothes at these prices?

    7:22 pm
    Lisa said...

    @LauraH, I’d love to see their P&L:).

  • My college age daughter loves Uniqlo. They had great shorts this summer and with a shout out to mom, she had a package of almost every color winging its way to her summer job.

  • Hi Lisa, Happy New Year! I’ve been hanging on the sofa this week like an air traffic controller waiting for my visiting college senior daughter to land in between her social engagements. So I’ve had lots of reading time. I found myself rereading one of my favorite writers, MFK Fisher (Two Towns in Provence) and thought of you. What a truly beautiful, haunting voice she had! Your voice reminds me of hers. And that is a high compliment. Hope 2014 is wonderful year for you and yours.

    7:21 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Alicia Saribalis, Ah, thank you! Just going back through comments from my break and found this. I had for some reason always said to myself that I wanted to be the MFK Fisher of style blogging, although I’ve never read a word of hers. Time to do something about that.

    Hope 2014 is going well for you and yours too.

  • I love uniqlo but they don’t ship to australia so I thought I would get them to shop to my sister and have her send it on but no, you can only use a credit card with a UK billing address so I gave up and will shop with them when I am in a country that has a physical store. Too bad, as their heat tech stuff is fantastic. Fortunately, I am going to Tokyo next week so hope the prices are good.

  • I clicked on the site you provided & attempted to register, oops! It was the UK form that only serves UK & some former territories. Anyone wishing to shop UNIQLO from the US ought download their App which provides feed from the NY stores. The App is free. I didn’t look carefully for an iPad App so it showed up very tiny on my screen, obviously meant for mobile phones. There are, as promised, some extraordinary buys, but today is also Neiman Marcus’ last day for an additional 25% off online clearance & I picked up a navy linen knee-length sleeveless dress w/ a matching chiffon scarf orig, (yes, I’m well aware of their “Needless Mark-Up” moniker) $225, now $52.56, and a Michael Simon sequin zip-up jacket w/ black trim in 12P for > $53. orig, > $298. If you have a NM CC, shipping & returns are free. I also found a Natori Bright Viola (read: Fuchsia) lace trimmed push-up bra for > $35 w/ matching briefs for > $18. Not bad all in all.

  • I will definitely check out the sale. Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  • I’m a big Uniqlo fan – wrapped up in Heat Tech right now. Happy New Year!

  • My favorite uniqlo product is their heat-tech line as it is are ultra-warm, ultra-thin, easy care and durable, allowing layering that makes winter bearable. The pieces come in a variety of colors and styles, with some that don’t have to be hidden.

    Thanks for sharing and happy New Year!

  • Thanks for the heads up, my son loves their basic t shirts and I agree their materials are good quality considering their prices. Will check it out. Happy New Year!

  • I love Uniqlo, ever since we discovered their Heat Tech items. Been dropping in often ever since and each time will come out with a purchase or two.

  • I will definitely check them out. Thanks for the suggestion. Happy New Year.