Ines de le Fressange Collaboration at UNIQLO

Ines Fressange for UNIQLO

Today marks the US debut of the collaboration between Ines de la Fressange and UNIQLO.  The former model. and soon to be fashion maven has put her name to a collection of something like 30 pieces. Chinos, cotton lawn button fronts, tees. Hello. And that little number she’s thrown on so fetchingly above might be the “workman” jacket I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, by 6:32am PDT today, it had sold out. I’ll be making a pilgrimage to the San Francisco store this week. Coming soon to a multi-story box with rainbow staircase near you.

I had never been one for style icons, until I retired and was free to dress however I pleased. Absent constraints, it’s helpful to have a guidepost. And Ines, I propose, is the Sturdy Gal par excellence, albeit taller, thinner, and more Française than most of us.

For other thoughts on the collection, try That’s Not My Age, and Silk Path Diary. If you’ve bought anything yourself, I’d love to hear your assessment.

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  • Thinner, for sure! I was just at the Uniqlo flagship store in NYC with my daughter yesterday, and we had a blast searching all over that gigantic shopping Mecca! It was our first time at Uniqlo, so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, given the low prices. It seems like a great place for basics. I found a cute piece that was leftover from their collaboration with Velvet by Graham and Spencer, a taupe tunic that I plan to wear with black leggings and sleek black booties, while my daughter snagged a black cotton-cashmere v-neck sweater. I’ll go back again!

  • I have long admired IdlF and adore the new collection.

  • I just received two items – one summer tea dress and one wrap dress – I wanted other staples but it was sold out in the morning of release – but there is a part two in April as well. I just got my parcel so will try on after my builders leave. If it fits then I might have to be at the ready for the next batch that come in bc they were also great prices!!

  • I had never heard of this woman until Tabitha’s introduction a couple weeks back. She is quite fab and the website has a vid showing her also to be very charming. Word on the street over at B & P was it only really works for the slender of figure so it should be right in your wheelhouse Lisa.

  • Thanks for heads up on this. Love Uniqlo!

  • She has been on my radar for quite a long time and I love her diaries on the Roger Vivier website. Once I got a little obsessed about her and spent time viewing all her You Tube videos….looking at her great style those clothes will be enormously popular. Good luck tracking down that jacket and have fun in SF today.

  • She always does look chic. Good luck hunting that jacket down. It looks like a great one. I’ll have to have a peek online or haul myself into SF one of these days.

  • Ah, Ines, the supermodel, that got kicked out of the wedding dress, the muse, that got ditched by Karl … when Claudia appeared.

    Ines and Karl:,,17075465_303,00.jpg

    Ines and Chanel:

    Comes time, comes peace … nice to see Ines and Karl side by side, laughing, again.

    9:47 am
    Paula said...

    the first link, a second try:

    so cute!

    9:50 am
    Lisa said...

    Got caught in moderation.

  • Very attractive pieces and nicely priced. Not in my size, naturally, nor really my style. But for anyone who is plus-sized and wanted to look around, the essential look isn’t unique, and would be pretty easy to duplicate, except maybe for the jackets. Of course, with the temperature already in the nineties in SoCal, anything with long sleeves looks stifling. Spring! Where did you go?

    It’s so nice to see stylish pants that aren’t skinny! Her idea of what a wide-legged pant looks like isn’t mine, but at least it’s a start!

  • Most of the pieces had sold out online by lunchtime here in the UK. I might try some sharp elbowing this Thursday when the stock hits the stores. It depends if I have the energy.

  • Ines is my hair icon – I love that slightly messy, choppy but effortlessly stylish look. Her hair always seems to be perfect, no matter what she does with it.

  • The same happened here in the UK. IdlF needs to get to work on her next collection!

  • So excited about the collaboration but a bit sad to be missing out this time in Sydney.

    SSG xxx

  • great pieces, great prices, great inspiration!
    Thanks, Lisa

  • Overall the collection seems a little normcore to me- rescued, of course by attitude, as fashion so often is. Beautiful girls make ripped jeans and scuffed sneakers “a fashion” by extension. For the rest of us…simply scruffy. Likewise I see little to distinguish this collection except the woman who wears it. Kudos to you Lisa if you are pulling that off. Enjoy it!

  • I admire Ines, but the collection seems basic as can be, which is of course her secret. We could all learn a little something from her unpretentious flare. There is no hope of visiting a Uniqlo for me so I will have to settle for inspiration and alternate sources of similar items.

  • Really? a sturdy gal?? I thought she was too French, too chic for you! I absolutely love her.

    7:04 am
    Lisa said...

    @KLEIO KECHAGIA, The French version of sturdy!

  • I love Ines! Now that you mention it, she does have a sturdy vibe with a Parisian flair. Something I can aspire to!

  • Lisa, that is a bummer! Hopefully they will have a second production. Quality clothes at a reasonable price for anyone over 40 is so difficult to find today. Thanks for doing the shopping.
    That jacket is smashing. Hope you get yours.

  • Reporting back: The jacket I posted is too much like a big shirt. The chinos were too tight in the legs. But the linen blend blazer, here, is great. Note that I bought it big, and boxy, which works on me.

  • Thank you so much for the link Lisa! I returned everything – did you manage to find the jacket I wonder?