What Would You Wear To The Oscars, If Nominated?

What would you wear, if you were nominated for an Oscar?

Important to remember that if you were nominated, it’d mean you were a talented actor. I would hope that recognized talent brings confidence. It certainly would, if I were the boss of the world. So you’d want to look good, but also reflect yourself, more than the style of the day.

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I’d have to go with blue. Maybe navy, the Sturdy shade, with texture. Add big pearls. Maybe powder blue, with Artsy curling flowers. Dangling diamond earrings. All jewels from Beladora, because loyalty to old friends trumps simple carats. Except the headband because Nancy is all out of them right now. Not worn as a tiara mind you. I’d use my celebrity power to get the shoe people to make me custom 2 inch heels. And I’d wear a nude lip, or a red one, depending how I felt that night.

I still think that the best part would be the confidence. Particularly from, as Sue noted today today, “our favorite “certain age” contingent: Dame Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, June Squibb. I always appreciate the elegance they bring.”  But I’m good with the confidence of the young, too. Sparkle on, you talents, sparkle on.

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  • I’d dress like Carolina Herrera. I’d wear a gorgeous white blouse tucked into a belted divine sweeping skirt. Then huge diamond shards for earrings and maybe six or seven bracelets. A few simple diamond bracelets mixed with simple pearl bracelets.

  • Aspirational Me (the one whose clothes don’t look rumpled and hair all cattywampus after 10 minutes) would choose something like Grace Kelly’s iconic Oscar look. Real Me (Tomboy Sisterhood with a she-cleans-up-good-when-she-tries Hot Damn twist) would lean toward Sharon Stone’s 1996 white GAP shirt plus long satin skirt (using lots of double-stick tape on the waistband to keep it from migrating), adding a healthy slug of interesting ethnic jewelry from India or Africa. Oh, and the high-heeled sandals I’m no longer supposed to wear. Emphatically NO SPANX–I want to breathe AND enjoy my rubber-chicken entree. And when I grow up a little more, anything Helen Mirren might select.

    9:36 am
    Lisa said...

    @Artsy in Boulder, We ask ourselves, What Would Helen Mirren Do:).

  • I would wear vintage Dior (probably the Galliano years because I love his designs but not his actions). I love red, but the carpet so maybe a nice pink or orange palate, maybe grey or purple. And lots and lots of sparkly jewelry. I may even borrow a tiara because I would like to live in one :) Shoes would be a nice low heel for comfort or perhaps saddle shoes because I love saddle shoes and they would be hidden by the dress.

  • I would probably wear a black dress with a V neck but not too low…show a little cleavage but nothing requiring tape! Borrow some amazing diamond chandelier earrings and wide cuff perhaps in an Art Deco style….that would be the confident me.
    In reality I will be glued to the love seat wearing my Gap boyfriend jeans, white tee, navy cashmere cardigan and my bedroom slippers….I have already made dinner so that I don’t need to miss any of the excitement.
    You would shine in that blue number…with your silver hair and lithe figure….would you wear it in an updo or leave it down?

    9:37 am
    Lisa said...

    @Bungalow Hostess, Thank you Leslie! And I think with the navy I’d wear it up, in the floral, something hippie princessish, like a partial updo with braids in it.

  • I love your choices! I’d need sleeves though, would get too cold otherwise. Thanks for the mention!

  • First I was going to say that I would wear a gorgeous woman’s tux. I actually did that once and felt so glamorous, sexy, and comfortable!But then I remembered a photo I saw recently of Rihanna wearing a vintage Moschino coat that I loved:
    http://tomandlorenzo.com/2014/02/rihanna-in-vintage-moschino-couture-in-santa-monica/ I’d wear it over a black tank dress and maybe my red cowboy boots.
    In reality, I will be wearing baggy boyfriend-type jeans, a coral fleece L.L. Bean fleece top and thick socks. (But at least we’ll be eating cold shrimp and French bread, followed by tiramisu!

    9:40 am
    Lisa said...

    @Anne, That is the most glorious Artsy thing I think I’ve ever seen. You could wear the fleece underneath;).

  • We are ready and waiting with pizzas, snacks and drinkie drinkies!!
    I would wear this seaon’s Lela Rose’s strapless magenta gown, jewels by Harry Winston, either a teardrop diamond necklace or small tiara. Sparkly silver sandals, 2 inch heel please, and carry a sparkly silver clutch. Sigh. I would also be well practised in posing for the cameras. Thank you for the fun of dreaming for a few moments, Lisa!

  • I’d wear beige silk charmeuse. Very old Hollywood. Something Veronica Lake or Meryl Oberon would have worn. And pearls, lots of pearls.

  • Great idea! I think I’ll put together a Polyvore set and see what I come up with.

  • Thanks to your generosity w/ your pinboards, I am absolutely going to be wearing this tonight. I only have a few minutes left to figure out how to get into it, still no shoes selected but wish me luck!



  • Basic — as in the Ralph Lauren black lace and bodice (Nordstrom) (sorry, wanted to attach the picture but couldn’t here) — less is more, baby!

    9:39 am
    Lisa said...

    @Marlaine, I love the conjunction of you and Violet here.

  • I would dress in a gown something like Marlene Dietrich as Concha Perez in “The Devil is a Woman”. Mantilla! Roses! Lace!

    9:38 am
    Lisa said...

    @Violet, Go big or go home…

  • I wouldn’t hire Rachel Zoe because she would make me a nervous wreck first of all so I would get one of my gay friends to come with me and be the fashion police so I won’t get crucified by Joan and her team on fashion police. I would say Elie Saab, de la Renta, Dior or Dolce Gabban and it would depend how much they kiss my butt quite frankly. ( Remember I am a Oscar nominee now and I will have changed even though they say fame doesnt affect oneself! hehe)

  • I’m cheating because I already looked through what was worn. Reviewing the dresses I’d go with the blue because all the black dresses looked dull. Blush with beads seems to have been the favorite, that can look matronly too, but the black dresses looked even worse. All together I liked Meryl Streep. The big silky collar in a flattering color looked dressed-up and wearable. I doubt it’s what she’d wear if she was expecting to win, but for an attendee it was classy.

  • In my Oscar fantasy I am receiving a writing award (for Best Adapted Screenplay from my own bestselling novel – which, in reality, I have yet to actually write) and thanking Jodie Foster for bringing my words to life with her spot-on direction. I am dressed like Carolina Herrera in the sweeping satin skirt, crisp white blouse combo, except the blouse has a portrait collar – the better to show off my miraculously non-sagging neck which is dripping with diamonds.

    9:38 am
    Lisa said...

    @Pain au Chocolat, Jodie Foster. Now there’s a serious class act.

    8:45 am
    Virginia said...

    @Pain au Chocolat, Oh gosh, how embarrassing. We’re nominated for the same award AND wearing the same outfit. Perhaps I’ll put the diamonds in my elegant chignon.

  • A YSL tuxedo – like Ellen.