The Beladora Mother’s Day Sale Is On!

May 11th is Mother’s Day in America this year. That’s a Sunday. A week and a half away, just in case anyone out there has a mother. Or is a mother, or would like to be a mother, or believes in mothers in a general way.

But enough hinting.

Beladora has lowered its already What A Steal pricing on a few items, to enable us to give our mothers presents with panache. Here are my picks.

1. I love Victorian seed pearl detailing. Here on a gold ring with rubellites and spinels. Down from $495 to $295. Beladora tells me these prices are near wholesale and I’m thinking that sounds right.

2. More seed pearls, but this time in a pendant with antique coral. What a gorgeous color, and not something to buy new, given the damages our reefs sustain daily. Down from $1,250 to $995. Pricey, but what a statement for a woman with the right coloring and collar bones.


3. Even more seed pearls. On the dark side.

4. Enough with the seed pearls. How about seed turquoise! Ha! Set in silver. Down from $495 to $395.

5. Or non-seed pearls, for that matter. This bracelet would be wearable, but so elegant. Jeans, white shirt, heels, gold earrings, 5-strand pearl bracelet with Edwardian brooch clasp, done. Was $795, now $595.

6. Or gray pearl and diamond earrings. At an inch long, these make a big statement for a not too big price. Were $595, now $395.

7. Or something for those whose style can support a more substantive piece. A heavy mid-century gold bracelet, 3/4 inch wide. Reduced from $,1450 to $1,250.

8. And finally, not technically on sale but so reasonably priced and beautiful that I’m including them anyway, these earrings. For moms who embrace the 2000’s and our modern fascination with diamonds in the rough.

You can see the full sale here. I guess if you made me pick something more, it might be these amethyst drop earrings. And you?

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  • Oh, my goodness – the black pearl brooch and the gold bracelet made me wish I wore jewelry.

  • If I were to choose one it would be that gold bracelet ….
    we usually go out for brunch and there is a card exchange possibly some flowers but we do not go in for big gifts. If we did….I would send a link!

  • Just a little test. Having a few technical issues:).

  • I’m intrigued by the coral necklace. It is similar in design (same bows/ribbon and pearls) to a necklace my Darling Gran gave to my sister and me when we were wee. When we were older we asked about it, where did it come from etc, and she had no recollection of it. This was a good 20 years before the Alzheimer’s set in. I wonder if it is from the same time period.

  • Crumbs, all my most-visited Beladora earrings are on sale! Be still my beating credit card.

    Mothering Sunday in the UK was 30th March (fourth Sunday in Lent). I wonder why we have different days? My mum doesn’t go in for Mother’s Day anyway. She always says, ‘Mother’s Day was for girls in service to go home and visit their families, and you two aren’t in service, so stop being silly’. Sturdy has nothing on my mama ;-)

    5:40 am
    Emmaleigh504 said...

    My mother doesn’t believe in Mother’s Day or Father’s Day because we should love and respect them every day of the year. I agree!

    4:13 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Philippa, Your mama may be the queen of sturdies:).

  • That ring is breathtaking – so I quickly went to the Beladora site to see about buying it for myself. It’s not there! Some lucky woman already snapped it up. And it would have gone so beautifully with one of my summer dresses.

    4:13 pm
    Lisa said...

    @MJ, Next time.

  • Beautiful choices, and you’re so right about the coral being so scarce for good reason now. Great bracelet – a lot of gold for the $

  • Ooh lust! I just love old jewellery, especially the dainty, ornate bits like that ring and the pendant necklace.

    I’m not even looking ‘cos I’m not a mum and certainly not in the market for pricey presents at the mo. We’ll see how I go by Novemember (my birthday).

    4:14 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Eleanorjane, There’s nothing quite like the old stuff.

  • Thank you Lisa for your wonderful post.
    I just wanted to let you know that we’ve added some additional items of different styles to our Mother’s Day sale.
    My best, Nancy

  • I just can not get on board with that jewelry ….

  • I love the turquoise scabbard, but the best mothers day present is a homemade card, to be tucked in a book and half-forgotten. Guaranteed to bring a shine to the eye years on.

    It is a lovely shade of turquoise though…

  • hi Lisa, just saw a reference to a blog that you did “5 minimalist luxury credos” but couldn’t access the link. I would love to read it, can you tell me how to access it. (I loved the jewelry, but in my husband’s words “You could sell THEM jewelry.” It is among the best of my bad habits. Thanks.

    4:12 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Kathy, It’s here:

    And BTW, Beladora’s primary business is actually the purchase of jewelry from people who are ready to part with it.

  • Thank you Lisa, – are you still loving that LBD? As for selling jewelry, oh dear, I think never, although I have given some to friends, daughters and granddaughters. The blessing is that jewelry always fits, rarely wears out, and 3 carat stones take no storage space at all- a hoarder’s delight!