Happy Thanksgiving, American Style, To You And Yours!


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  • Happy Thanksgiving. More on that Chinese pumpkin at a later date… please.

    xo j

  • Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll second the request for any “home cooking friendly” asian dish recipes – especially those with a seasonal nod. The one time I tried to use a wok, I started a small fire.

  • YUM! I want to eat at your house! As we don’t have Thanksgiving in England (and didn’t in New Zealand either), we’re just trying not to indulge in Christmas treats like mince pies too early so we don’t get too fat!

  • Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful menu.

  • Yum!

  • I third the pumpkin recipe request! And do you notice a flavor difference in your heritage turkey over conventional?

  • I cooked the same turkey and I thought it was the best ever. Your menu sounds delicious and love how you incorporated Asian dishes in.

  • Thanks everyone! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! The pumpkin as OK, but we can improve the concept for next year. We’re thinking butternut squash tempura, and never mind the bread stuffing any more. Fried rice substitutes perfectly. As far as Asian cooking at home, I’ve often thought that would be a great whole second blog! But maybe I will dig through some of my favorite recipes and post them now and again? If you guys would like that?

  • Oh, yes, I, for one, would love it if you posted some of your favorite recipes. Now that I am retired, I’ve aimed to try a new recipe each week. As for fried rice with lap cheong, I love it but had never thought of it as substitute for bread stuffing – brilliant!

  • You had me at fried pumpkin!

  • Yes, yes yes to recipes – particularly the fried pumpkin / tempura!

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