The Best Hair Tool For Quick Polish Amidst Messy Hair Days

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, in which they reduce prices on merchandise before full fall pricing begins, draws to a close on Monday.

I know this sale is the real deal because, before it began, I paid full price elsewhere for this hair straightener. The ghd Classic Styler.

ghd hair straightener

I find that using a straightener works really well for a retired lifestyle,  for my middling wavy hair in particular. I can wash my hair less frequently (which is good for its health), wander around in a ponytail or braid in the garden, put it up with a hair fork if I want to pull things together a little more for errands, then use the straightener any time I want actual polish.

Maybe the curlier of hair can weigh in on whether this works for them?

I am not yet enough of an expert to produce the look here, but I did use it here. Very easy. I run it through 4-inch strips of hair, holding the hair-in-waiting away with a big banana clip. If I’ve just showered, I’ll use some of this product (no parabens, sulfates, or silicones) too.

Full priced at $185, Nordstrom has reduced it to $145.

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  • Oh, great choice. I only recently figured out that basically straight- (or slightly wavy-) haired women could benefit from a straightener. I asked my hair guy, fearing the ironed look, and he said the key thing is to make sure the plates have a rounded edge rather than being cut off straight — as this one does.

    9:48 am
    Lisa said...

    @Maryn, Glad you approve! I had never owned a straightener before – as you say, had no idea that women with straight/wavy hair could benefit. And I simply took the recommendation of the sales clerk in buying, didn’t even know about rounded edges;).

  • I’m very cuRly of hair, as you know, and I did enjoy a flatiron until I started to run too much to get away without washing more frequently. Before that, once I’d put in the (not inconsiderable) time to straighten my curls, I could get 3 or 4 days from the styling, just passing the iron over it each morning for polish. All bets off in any humidity, though, and, well, Vancouver? Rain? I don’t know where the soignée of hair find the patience…

    9:50 am
    Lisa said...

    @Frances/Materfamilias, I like this tool precisely because I only care about soignée when I’m out socially. I have no idea how everyone else finds the patience! Also, your curls are wonderful.

  • Have you heard of Punjammies at for lounge pants? I just saw these and thought of your search for pj bottoms that don’t scream pajamas. I think it’s a nonprofit started to help women in third world countries.

  • Correction. Punjammies was started to provide jobs for women in India trying to evade sex slavery. The fabric patterns are beautiful and the pants look very comfortable. They can be worn out of the house.

    9:30 am
    Lisa said...

    I haven’t heard of them and will go check right now. Thank you!

  • I can tell by the wave in the back of my hair which way the wind is blowing. I need a straightener badly.

    9:14 pm
    Lisa said...

    Or else a great job on the Weather Channel:).

  • I love my flat iron for these reasons exactly. I can let my hair be, as I don’t really care when I am in the house or the garden, but I can easily become more presentable when the occasion merits the attention. I do want more polish in public, but deep down I am still the girl that fought with my mother about running a brush through my hair. The flat iron lets me have the best of both worlds.

    3:40 pm
    Lisa said...

    Exactly. And I am the girl whose mother insisted on braiding her hair every morning. Ouch!

  • I’m a BIG fan. Did anyone else’s hair change texture after the Big M? Yes, I now have a curly mop thanks to menopause! What to do with it?!?

    3:41 pm
    Lisa said...

    No, I didn’t even know this was possible!?!

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