Blue Nile’s Annual Diamond Ring Event — 15% Off — For Weddings Or Just Your Regular Fingers

This post presented in collaboration with Blue Nile

Quick note. Blue Nile is holding their annual diamond ring sale, 15% off quite a few. Use code RING2016 at the checkout. You can think of these as wedding rings, of course, but they also work for regular fingers. I noted this, pretty in white gold milgrain and diamonds, back in a previous post for the Nile (I made that term up. I’m sure they don’t call themselves that, I imagine no one does.)

Or you might prefer to stack ’em high. Really high. So high.

Blue Nile Emerald Cut Eternity Ring

I can understand. I remember when someone I knew married the grandson of a jeweler. Man-oh-man her ring was amazing, channel-set emerald-cut, just like this. I admit I gawked, if surreptitiously.

Blue Nile sells simple bands and men’s rings too, along with the diamond-embellished, round or otherwise. And I did peek at Costco pricing when I was there the other day, and it appears, although not remotely by scientific study, that the price for a ring like this in carat, color and clarity (which is quite like my wedding ring BTW) costs more in Big Box Land than on Blue Nile.

The sale runs through January 27th.

Even if you’re not in the market, I do love a little wander through sparkle. Online, I can gawk as broadly as I like.,


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  • Both are beautiful. I had the diamonds from and old cocktail ring reset into a channel band. One of the best decisions I ever made.

    6:53 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Charlene, I bet it’s gorgeous.

  • Too funny!

    Time to write your book.

    6:53 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Diane, And we will call it, “Surreptitiously Gawking At Big Diamonds?” You’re on.

    4:08 pm
    Diane said...

    @Diane, Actually I was thinking more along the lines of “Confessions of a Wannabe HSN Hostess”.

    But seriously, you have an original voice, you have something to say, and you write beautifully.

    So, it’s time to write your book. (Are you?)

  • Ohh I’m actually on the market for an anniversary band! Kind of surprised they only have platinum included in this. I’m debating between sticking with yellow gold or adding rose :-)

    6:52 pm
    Lisa said...

    @Emilia Jane, They do have a few yellow/rose gold rings, try this link. I guess I picked platinum, because, that’s my ring’s metal;).

  • Beautiful rings!
    Your wedding ring is gorgeous, I like it very much

    7:08 am
    Lisa said...

    Thank you!

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