Estate Sale In Santa Barbara This Weekend, And Then A Large House With A Beautiful View To Rent

Santa Barbara Panorama

If you like estate sales, and live close to or in Santa Barbara, the estate sale for the furnishings of my mom’s house is being held this weekend, July 9-10. I use the passive voice, against my writerly preferences, because it’s accurate. We are not holding the sale ourselves, we the children. We’ve hired a firm to do it.


As such, the firm will sell the house goods along with some other pieces they’ve collected from other sales. That’s how the living room looked, the last time everything was still in place.


That’s an upstairs guest room. The prints are illustrations from Alice in Wonderland.

My stepfather took a fair amount back to Sweden for himself and his family, we brought a few of my mother’s family pieces up here for Mom’s room in memory care, but if you’re in real need of a George III mahogany table that can seat 12 (with its extra leaves), or, maybe an antique chandelier, or a perhaps Tiffany table clock, this is your moment.

Tiffany's Clock

How about a mid-century Scandinavian “mushroom” lamp? Some vintage designer duds and a baleful of cashmere? Vintage iron pool furniture? I understand that stuff will most likely sell for a fraction of its appraised value.


A detail from the guest house.

If you’re interested, you can contact The Clearing House for information. Alternatively, send me an email at skyepeale dot yahoo dot com, and I’ll be happy to send you the address.

Oh, and should you be looking for a summer residence in Santa Barbara, one with a pool, a guest house, and a stunning view of the Pacific and a couple of islands, Vista del Mar – for so the builders named it back when – will be available for rental soon.

Mom was cheerful yesterday. We read nursery rhymes in the sun. And so life goes on.







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  • You don’t want some of these things for yourself?

    9:30 am
    Lisa said...

    @Anon, Our first priority is to make sure Mom is provided for. We did keep some pieces that had been in the family for generations, but they are for Mom. The estate remains intact, we kids aren’t taking anything except some very small mementos for the grandchildren. Besides, Mom gave us stuff from my grandmother’s house over 20 years ago, we have enough.

  • Oh my. I would love to wander through the home and garden as I am convinced by your words that it is an exquisite estate.
    Happy to hear that your mom is in good spirits….that helps a lot while these changes are taking place

    9:31 am
    Lisa said...

    @Bungalow Hostess, I only wish you lived nearby and could take something home! I’d love to know some of this stuff made someone happy.

  • Oh, how difficult this must be, Lisa. So many lovely things. Getting a third party to handle everything was a good idea, I think.

    9:32 am
    Lisa said...

    @Sue Burpee, Thank you. xoxo.

  • Oh,dear Lisa… goes on…..memories would stay…..priorities change!
    What a wonderful house,home….a life….
    All the words in dots!

    9:32 am
    Lisa said...

    @dottoressa, All the dots:). I say, we had a good run.

  • Such lovely things. Such a beautiful place. Must be so difficult.
    Virtual hugs.

    9:32 am
    Lisa said...

    @Mary anne, Thank you. It’s difficult, and in ways and at times when I least expect.

  • I guess I didn’t realize that your stepfather went back to Sweden – so sad for you all that this part of the journey is ending.

    We’ll be doing the same at the end of the summer, when my parent’s house goes to a new family for them to love.

  • I’m thinking of you, Lisa…it’s so hard, and as you have discovered, brings up issues you didn’t know you had…I’m so glad you and your siblings hired a company to do this; I’ve done it both ways and this is far less difficult.


  • What a beautiful home – and how chicly your mother dressed it! I think it’s so smart that you have brought in a third party to manage this process. Not only will it go smoothly (because professionals be professionals) but it gives you a chance to detach at a few points, rather than just the point of sale. I have a feeling that you may feel a sort of liberty after this is done – not that you won’t have all the feelings! – because it’s a very big step which must be undertaken but once it is complete, it will not be hanging over you. Then, you and your mum can reap the benefits. Giving you all the strong daughter vibes! xo

  • When my own mother went into hospice care (at age 100), one of my jobs was to clear out what had been the family home in Austin for over fifty years. I took great solace in giving many of her things to her friends – ranging from a grandfather clock to good neighbors, to a Venetian glass bird to the granddaughter of my closest friend there.

    I like thinking of these little bits of my mother taking on new life in other people’s lives. I’m sure many of the beautiful things in your mother’s home will go on to be special in other homes, and enhance the lives of other families – to be claimed by other children in years to come. Part of the circle of life …

    The juxtaposition of this event with your happy patio party just a couple of weeks ago is poignant beyond words …

    And here I will quote Dottoressa: “all the words in the dots…”

  • It’s good her things will go to homes that need or want them and that the proceeds will pay for her new place. Did she like to frequent auctions and estate sales herself?

    I recently bought some iron patio chairs from an estate liquidator place. They’d been priced at $40 but I had to go find husband to see what he thought and by the time we got back they were marked down to $20.

    Do you have a storage unit full of family photos and such that you’ve still got to deal with? Going through a lifetime of things is way too big a project to have finished off in the short couple of months she’s been moved out of her house.

  • A friend once told me how unexpectedly difficult and emotional it was to clean out the family home after her father passed away. Of course, it was also the home that she and her siblings grew up so there was that additional emotional tie. How hope it all goes well. <3

    1:13 pm
    Jane said...

    @Jane, I meant “Hope it all goes well.”

  • I admire your tone here, but I can only imagine how hard it is to maintain that. hugs to you and sunshine and nursery rhymes in abundance. xoxo

  • Circumstances were different for me (nobody was still living, for one thing, and we kept plenty of momentos), but I will be thinking of you this weekend.

    We made a point of staying away until the sale was over, but my growing-up neighbor went in the backyard and cried.

  • I read here regularly and frequently compose responses that do not make it out of my head… I am inspired by your grace and glad that you are not going through this alone. I will be thinking of you this weekend.

  • Lisa,
    I am not as eloquent as other posters. All I can say is that my heart aches for you.

  • ((hugs))

    This must be so hard.

  • Hugs and so wise of you to let someone else manage the sale…on to the next chapter for a fabulous home and for you & your siblings.

  • Such a lovely place. As one of my brothers would say, “That was a time.”

  • We had to do this, too, when my dad had to go into assisted living at the age of 90. He had been living alone since my mother’s death and was managing surprisingly well until he tripped over a garden hose and broke his hip.

    His home was not as large as your mothers, but it was full of family treasures and he and Mama had also collected antique furniture for many years. As much as we could bear to part with, and the house, had to be sold to keep him provided for. So I, too, know how hard this process is.

    Barb, in Texas

  • We think of our parents and the house as institutions – that without each, the sky would fall. I hope you can drink in this cherished home to hold inside you always.

  • <3

  • DID MAJOR furniture removal TODAY…………STARTED LAST NIGHT AT 8pm…….YES< YOU READ THAT RIGHT.BACK this AM AT 8:30 AM………Left at 5:15………..TWO MORE LOADS and I think I AM DONE!

  • Hope this went as well as could be expected. Your mother’s house is gracious but human – such peaceful vistas.

  • Just catching up, what a beautiful house, how does this feel for you? My brother died a few months ago,he barely existed then and less so now, he wanted his ashes ‘thrown away’ and we don’t even have a photograph of him past the age of 10.
    I would love to buy something, because of the connection to you.