The Winner Of The Blue Nile Mini-Birthstone Pendant, And, Thank You For Your Stories

Cat won the draw for the birthstone pendant. She wrote, “Although my birthstone is peridot, green has never been my color. I would opt for aquamarine to bring a touch of the sea to my decidedly earthbound day-to-day.”

Congrats, Cat! Please ping me at my skyepeale email, with your mailing address, and Blue Nile will send you the necklace. I’ll probably say hi too:).

A few of the other comments on our seasons and times, real and in dreams.

Anita Jenkins wrote: “In Edmonton Alberta Canada where I live, my birth month of May is one of the best times of the year. The leaves are coming out after a long winter, the mosquitoes haven’t arrived yet, we are so thrilled to take off those big coats and boots.”

Kristina wrote: “In January, the holiday season is over, and everything seems to be still and quiet. For tree farmers, this is a dormant season, when we can catch our breath. I do miss the dense fog which used to descend on the valley like a cloud blanket…”

Sally wrote: “I was born in February, on George Washington’s birthday, and love the childhood memories I have of that date. My mom always put cherries and tiny plastic axes on my birthday cupcakes!”

Dede wrote: “The necklace which becomes my talisman that I wear it all the time…My extended vacation in Tuscany at a villa on a hill near Prato has just begun…The sun is warmly shining and I exit the terrace bound for a day by the pool…I am wearing the slimmest of black bikinis and my necklace…The sun beats down and the day already has the earth and fragrance that is Tuscany…However, the slight sparkle from my necklace is the only light I see…Just a simple little necklace designed to make me happy…”

Mary Q. wrote: “I was worn on the Autumn Equinox in September and as a child was enchanted by the idea of the earth reaching equal day and equal night just for me!”

To those who sent me birthday wishes, thank you.

To those told stories of love and loss, I hear you.

It is such a privilege to host you and give you presents.


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  • What a smile!…Congrats Cat…Have you ever won anything or are you a lucky lady who wins all the time?……
    Let’s do this again soon……

    6:32 am
    Lisa said...

    @Deede, OK. We will do it again as soon as I can!

    6:51 am
    Cat said...

    @Deede, I do win occasionally, but not often something this lovely! Thanks again to Lisa for the beautiful giveaway.

    8:58 am
    Lisa said...

    You are very welcome.

  • I love your ‘voice’, and I so look forward to new blog posts. This was a particularly lovely one, which made me happy on a bleak day!

    Congratulations, Cat. :)

    6:33 am
    Lisa said...

    @Jess, I am sorry you had a bleak day. I hope it was the weather not life. xoxo.