That Same Dress, Yes, Again, New Boots

#TBT, as they say, Throwback Thursday, to Valentine’s Day night.

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As we see I succumbed to the brown boots, and having done so, realized I longed for a little blue to liven the look. Luckily, I’m blue-endowed. And so it went.

Blue MaxMara three-quarters coat, same Prada dress I plan to keep wearing as long as I can, brown Dickers, and the earrings I had customized on Etsy for my brother’s wedding.

The brown boots and fishnet stockings are infinitely more playful and less classic than black boots and black tights, but that felt right for the night.

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  • I love each of the three pieces individually (still regret not pulling the trigger on that coat!) but not so much all together. I like the one your outfit with the Prada dress in the post below better.
    But you look great always.

    9:14 am
    Lisa said...

    @Kathy, The previous outfit is more aesthetically pleasing to me. But this one was fun for Valentine’s Day.

  • You’re adorable, but I still can’t wrap my mind around short boots with a dress.

    9:15 am
    Lisa said...

    @Mary anne, I’m definitely borrowing from the 25-year olds. Enh, they borrow from us;).

    12:35 pm
    Ming Canning said...

    @Mary anne,
    I can only do short boots with a dress with opaque tights!

  • You’re tall, and I think that’s an important factor when wearing short boots and a dress. It works for me! (I’m tall too and also combine short boots with dresses.) What I’ve learned from your photo is to consider pairing the boots with a “dressier” dress, as I’ve usually gone more casual. I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for the demo!

  • I too find the previous outfit more aesthetically pleasing, but I also recognize that this, is in me to some extent a generational and cultural thing. In this you look modern and casual in a way that seems in touch with the world.