Summer Break

In honor of summer, that blue-eyed 40-year old dancing under a pergola who throws back her head to feel her hair on her shoulders, I’m taking a few weeks off.

See you in August, I wish you all possible fun under the sun.

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  • Have a lovely break! And I love your description of summer! (Damn straight she’s 40.)

  • Have a wonderful break. Looking forward to reading you again in August.

  • Have a lovely break.

  • Will miss your posts! Will work on your yoga moves until you return. Happy summer break!

  • Enjoy!

  • Enjoy your time off! I’ll miss your posts but will look forward to “seeing” you soon.

  • Happy July to us all. To watermelon, Sauvignon blanc, and cold rivers!

  • Enjoy! Looking forward to more posts in august.

  • Wishing you much fun and happiness under July’s sun. Enjoy your time away.

  • Enjoy your much deserved July break. I look forward to your return in August.

  • What a wonderful image. Dance, dance, dance!

  • Enjoy and have a lot of fun!
    Summer is so precious :-)

  • BRAVA!!!!!!!!

  • – #yyryrooooo666555

  • Have a wonderful summer break Lisa. I enjoy every one of your posts here and look forward to your return.

  • Have a wonderful summer … see you whenever :)