About Privilege


First and foremost, welcome to Privilege. My wonderful readers and I are happy to have you join us. For what type of conversation, you might ask?

Often about clothing. Sometimes I’ll bring you objects of desire. That perfect pair of finely-woven khakis for example, or a review of the J. Crew Field Jacket in olive. Sometimes I’ll put up outfit photos, i.e. pictures of me in, um, clothes. I still find that a little embarrassing, but it is the best way to convey my approach to style, and let you know how and if it all works.

We also talk interiors and garden design. I’m refurnishing my mid-century ranch house, trying to satisfy my classical sensibilities on a casual budget, and planting as many California natives as my garden will support.

But throughout, we use style and design as a way to uncover our cultural expectations.

Finally, every Saturday morning I sit on my sofa and write about whatever. As a mother, often my kids are on my mind, even though they are grownups. As a person, well, there’s always the meaning of life. Or frozen peas.

My commercial policies are as follows:

  • I will write you a sponsored post, if your goods work for my readership, and I can express my own opinions.
  • I will accept ads for a 6-month period, they run in my sidebar.
  • I do use affiliate links, from Linkshare, RewardStyle, Shopstyle, Amazon, and occasionally CJ and Shareasale. I always disclose these.
  • I will not publish a sponsored post written by a 3rd party. The only guest posts I accept are from family, friends, and other bloggers
  • I will not run an ad above my header, nor will I place text ads inside my posts


About Me


My name is Lisa. I grew up in California, went to college back East, and returned to California in 1984. Which implies, correctly, that I’m in my 50s. I’ve retired from the software industry, and spend my time writing, puttering about my garden, cooking, and watching TV series on my DVR. Or these days, the laptop.

Welcome. Style, in my opinion, is worthy of as many neural synapses as art, literature, and anything else that doesn’t feed the hungry or cure the sick.

Note: Credit for my profile photo on the home page goes to Emilia-Jane Photography