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What You Can Ignore And What You Cannot, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:39am

Yesterday I woke up with a shoulder so sore I said “Ow!” out loud, repeatedly, even when I wasn’t moving. I had injured it 3-4 years ago by, get this, trying to shrug on a tight leather jacket. And now the pain was back. It really hurt. Adding ridiculousness to injury, I think I re-irritated […]

What Do You Do When You Are Cranky? Or, Saturday Morning at 9:15am

I am oddly cranky. I suspect this is due a host of things out of my control. I prefer to solve external problems for fixes but this time I’ll have to work on my attitude. My mood? Whatever. Cranky people haven’t got enough patience to find the right words. Totally going to have to take […]

Astonishing Celestialities Of Profound Import, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:38am

Yeah. That’s the moon. And it was in fact teeny, that’s not just the effect of my iPhone. On the morning of the recent lunar eclipse I woke up at 4:45 am hoping to find a giant blood red moon in my back yard. Nope. I love celestial events, I will never forget last year’s super […]

The Daphne Is Blooming And My Christmas Decorations Are Still On The Floor, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:20am

I still hate housecleaning. Just needed to put that out here. Four and a half years of retirement haven’t made me a fan of household chores. Drat. I know some of you love what some call “the domestics.” I find myself wondering, as I mop the floor, “This? Love?” But I also know that some […]

Fiction That Deserves Our Time, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:26am

When you have a job, recreation is simple – it happens in the time left over. By the way, I’ve never been one to recreate with sports or hobbies. Exercise is effort; knitting would kill me. Hotel stays are good, especially with a spa onsite, but my tastes are sadly fancy and therefore unsustainable. I […]

An Unexpected Benefit Of Style Blogging, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:20am

It’s quite possible I will not add a single piece of clothing to my wardrobe this year. I’m not making any promises; no vows or 365-day challenge. (Dani’s doing one if you want to follow.) But when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas all I could think was that I might need a […]

Happy New Year in 2018, or, Saturday Morning at 7:13am

I read Bumble Ward’s blog, Miss Whistle, and I follow her on Instagram. Bumble practices a kind of yoga that focuses on love. She’ll post the words, Only Love. Often some skeptical part of me responds, “Yeah, it’s not that easy.” There was a Facebook meme going around that asked you to post a word […]

Full To The Brim, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:15am

Christmas has been held and had, full to the brim of my favorite humans. I hope, if you celebrate, yours was good. And that if Christmas is not your holiday, you enjoyed the empty streets left as many of us burrowed into houses full of wrapping paper. My task for the day is getting my […]

In The Still Of Christmas, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:28am

For all the counting down, the rushing to a day, my favorite part of Christmas is in fact timelessness. By which I don’t mean the quasi-timeless – America’s historical reverence for snow-tipped pine cones, glittered Santas, sugar. I mean, literally, the way time can stop on the day. I am not sure why I feel […]

Collaborating With An Artist For Friendsmas, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:59am

As a nod to Friendsmases of years past (last year’s is here, for example), I wanted to show you the quilt I commissioned from my cousin Linda. I needed a present for a young British friend of mine and her first baby, and thought something custom-made would be really special. The family likes black and […]

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