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Searching For The Rewards Of Patience, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:15am

I know that when reading a blog I generally don’t want to hear about its inner workings. How often people write, their thought process about topics, oof, some part of me needs to suspend disbelief and expect magic.  With that acknowledgement, I’m going to go right ahead and turn on the klieg lights. Imagine a […]

Looking Heat Square In The Face, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:56am

As you may have heard San Francisco broke heat records yesterday, with temperatures of 106℉. Down here on the Peninsula we went even higher, to 108, but I was still happy to be in my suburban house. At least here we can open the front door (the back door the bedroom doors the windows) and […]

I Kinda Had To, Right?

Along with the new skirt, my birthday loot included a couple of pretty shirts that unfortunately didn’t fit. So I returned them to Nordstrom and came home with this in their stead. I kind of had to, right? Butterflies, on a cotton/silk blend that is my favorite kind of fabric almost in the whole world. […]

What To Wear When You Are Over 60 And It’s Too Hot For Jeans

As must be evident, I mostly wear jeans. The thing is, it’s gotten too hot to wear them in summer, at least around here. Long dresses are great, but, what if you just want something to throw on with a t-shirt? And if you’re thinking, wait, it’s fall, not here. In California we often get […]

When Eyelids Behave Badly, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:38am

I had the weirdest illness this week. At least I think it was an illness but I’m not quite sure. One night I was lying on the sofa watching television on my laptop and something flew into my eye. Or so it felt. Not sure what it was, a bug, a feather, or whether indeed […]

Humanity, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:58am

This is one of those moments when I don’t think I have an apolitical Saturday post in me. I could tell you that a Monarch finally visited my milkweed patch. I was thrilled, yes, but given the other events of this week in America I can’t do butterflies this morning. Let me leave you with […]

Two Weeks In Scotland And England With My Adult Son: Part 2, England

England Actually let’s finish up Scotland. Because when you and I last spoke, my son and I hadn’t yet departed. Guess what happened when we tried to check in at the Edinburgh airport? Cancelled plane. Minxish conveyances! We had had tickets to Gatwick, final destination Brighton. Due to “an incident on the Gatwick runway,” and […]

The Real True Circadian Rhythm Of One Retired Middle-Aged Woman, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:11am

Retirement is teaching me about my self, absent structure. Some lessons are grandly philosophical. “Where do I end and the world begin?” Some not so much. What are my circadian rhythms, for example, when I don’t have to be much of anywhere if I don’t really want to? Very early morning: Wake up. Isn’t life grand? […]

Two Weeks In Scotland And England With My Adult Son, Part 1: Scotland

I’ve recently returned from two weeks travel with my adult son in Scotland and England. Having drafted this post and watched it get longer and longer, I’ll publish in two parts. Scotland below, England to follow as soon as I can manage. I’ve bolded each day, like this, because if it’s hard for me to remember […]

Late Summer Fritillaries In Loops And Circles, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:43am

Well hello August. It’s late summer. Not at all fall. But here in Northern California the sun seems to sigh, “Never mind.” It’s still hot, it will be hot for a few more weeks, maybe even months. But everything radiates less. However, in the Bay Area it’s also butterfly time. In anticipation, I’ve planted a […]

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