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25 Ways To Maintain Your Shape At 50+

I have been asked several times, recently, for a post on how I maintain my shape. I’ve written about it before, tongue-in-cheek, in 11 Sneaky Tricks Of The High WASP Diet, and here, earnestly, in the Building Attractive series from last year. But maybe I haven’t yet answered the question usefully enough, so here’s another […]

How I Learned Not To Drink More Than I Should, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:57am

I want to give you a gift. Let me tell you what I have learned about reducing alcohol consumption to medically recommended levels. A personal 10 year lesson, with all sorts of tests. I understand that alcohol holds no sway over some, so if managing your drinking is not hard for you, then all I […]

Saturday Nights, Or, Saturday Morning At 7:13am

Photo by Lauren’s friend George who has a Flickr page here. He takes beautiful pictures. Lauren, at kidchamp, put up this photo of her Rapture soiree. I found it so evocative of all the good dinner parties I’ve been to, or thrown, over the years. Granted my horizon was suburban, but I think the captured […]

How To Make A Delicious Girly Martini

Have you ever noticed how much testosterone surrounds the making of dry martinis? Why? James Bond? A man is made a man by slugging gin almost straight? Here’s the High WASP way. If you like gin, just drink it. We say, “I’ll have my gin now.” We don’t pretend to be doing anything else. I […]

Ironic Wine Charms

At the lovely and famous blog, design*sponge, they showed this DIY project today. Making wine charms, you know, so no one else drinks your Pinot. So pretty. However. At this point in my life I do NOT need my wine glass to look any prettier. It looks pretty enough already. It calls to me. Here […]