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A Good Week Of Retirement, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:50am

Prepare to have the socks bored right off your feet. Lately I’ve been considering the idea of a Good Week. As someone who is wired by goals and plans and achievement, as I’ve said before, retirement poses a conundrum. Very little of what I do is big enough to need my full machine. Revving up […]

The Real True Circadian Rhythm Of One Retired Middle-Aged Woman, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:11am

Retirement is teaching me about my self, absent structure. Some lessons are grandly philosophical. “Where do I end and the world begin?” Some not so much. What are my circadian rhythms, for example, when I don’t have to be much of anywhere if I don’t really want to? Very early morning: Wake up. Isn’t life grand? […]

Digging For Origins, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:01am

So. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been drafting a piece for my Medium page about how I developed my political beliefs. Let me admit, it’s been hard. Super hard. Once I dug in I realized that I believed several things about politics and the economy without any more grounding than personal experience and emotional inclination. This writing is an […]

A Sense Of Purpose, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:58am

I was talking to my best friend yesterday (we raised our kids together, first she moved to Belgium, then to New Jersey, now we talk on the phone 3-4 times a week, but I digress), and we wound up at the topic of purpose. Research shows that people who feel a sense of purpose are […]

Your Emergency Response Is Your Mirror, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:50am

Let’s see, today is Saturday, right? So, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, four days since the US election. You all may be elated, you may be in mourning, maybe angry, maybe trying to calm down. You’ve been bombarded by news about this event and by other people’s difficult feelings about it. So today I am not […]

On The Edge Of A Boom

Where do you sit – on the edge of a wave, on the crest, sliding down the back as the height passes, or down in the trough? What on earth am I talking about? Your relationship to population booms and busts. Where do you sit? Just recently I read The Girls, by Emma Cline. It’s […]

Thank You Internet For Growing My Ideas On Friendship, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:16am

I know we often bemoan the state of the Internet. Surely it’s been a home for some of the least civil, most bullying words we’ve ever heard in broad company. But let’s take a balanced view. That’s how we find our way. The Internet has also opened up whole new ways of finding and having […]

The Alarms Of Care, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:32am

On Thursday, we moved Mom’s furniture, again. Why? Well, we’d originally set up a room in the Memory Care unit of her current facility. We kept it while Mom’s been on the Skilled Nursing side, as we hoped she’d move back in. Instead, this week we will be moving Mom to another place altogether. Never […]

Whither Civility, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:52am

I don’t miss formal much at all. I don’t really care what fork someone uses for their fish, nor in what direction they scoop their soup. I never wanted my kids’ friends to call me Mrs. So-and-So, Lisa is just fine. But I miss civility. And I miss the grace notes of civility, augmented civility, […]

Everyone Thinks They Are The Good Guys, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:45am

It has come to my attention that everyone thinks they’re the good guys. I ran across this video, which is political, so let me sum it up more personally – all sides to any conflict believe they are in the right. This plays out for individuals too. When I was young, if I thought about people who […]

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