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The Virtues Of Yes Vs. The Virtues Of No, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:45am

I’ve been thinking recently about virtue. Not the old-fashioned heroine sort, perhaps needless to say. But virtue, built or maintained by living in accordance with a moral code. I’ve never felt very good at that particular variety. Why? For one thing, it’s not really a part of High WASP culture. We focus instead on the [...]

Self-Education In Midlife, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:17am

The time has come to re-educate myself. And pay for it. No, I am not going back to school, per se. But I am subscribing to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and perhaps some other online news and analysis media. Or whatever we call informed sources these days. I used to subscribe [...]

How Do 50+ Women Become Visible?

Do we become invisible, we women past 50? And if so, can we reappear? A reader emailed me to say she and her her friend had been discussing invisibility, and suggested I write something. OK then. It’s been on my mind for a while. A couple of years back, I was shopping with my daughter. [...]

Are Luxury Goods “Fleecing” Us?

Readers have recently commented, on a couple of posts, about pricing of goods like jeans and blue French jackets. We might add t-shirts to the mix. Duchesse of Passage des Perles (known for her informative and tempting pearl posts, as well as mince-no-words comments) said, I always wonder when institutional clothes like this are offered [...]

Throwing Off The Shackles Of Young And Handsome, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:41am

“Wait,” you just might be thinking. “What the heck is going on here? Why is a photo of Josh Holloway greeting me?” Reasonable question. Mr. Holloway’s photo marks the last time I found a young, Generally-Touted-To-Be-Handsome man attractive. Now we could launch a debate over long hair, blue eyes vs. brown, and Just What Is [...]

A New Year’s Resolution Architecture To Stand The Test Of Time – And Inertia

This year I made resolutions for the first time ever. Many situational changes in 2013, combined with internal shifts, required that I plant my feet and carry on with intent. Since I need logic to keep me going, I had to spend some time thinking about the architecture of resolve. Here’s how I deconstructed my [...]

The Surprising Top 7 Pins From My Last 2 Years On Pinterest

I’ve been participating in Pinterest for 2 years now. As of yesterday I’d pinned 2,862 items. You’d guess, that as a style blogger, I’d generate most interest on pins of clothing. Well, yes and no. Here are my top 7 images of 2012 and 2013, along with their titles, and some ideas as to just [...]

The “New Hieroglyphics,” Or, Saturday Morning at 10:08am

Are we entering the New Age Of Hieroglyphics? What do I mean, you might well ask. Well, do you think our “written” language is in the process of becoming a hybrid communication system, in which words and images converge? More specifically, do you know about “emojis?” It’s an app that lets you add teeny pictures [...]

LPC Is At A Practical Wedding Today

Today I am over at A Practical Wedding, writing on clarifying the language of feminism. Meg Keene, the sites’s publisher and a friend of mine, took feminism as the theme for October. I’m squeaking in under the wire. When she asked me for a piece, immediately I thought I needed to write about language. By [...]

Once More Out Of The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More;* Or, Saturday Morning at 9:45am

Well, my friends, I am retired. Again.. It has taken about 4 weeks for the high job tide of adrenaline, cortisol, and testosterone to roll out. By the way, here’s a fascinating TED talk about leadership, body language, and the hormonal accompaniment. It turns out that one does not move directly from full-tilt job to [...]