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The Simple Structure Of A Day, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:53am

This is going to be an embarrassing post. Retirement isn’t straightforward. At least not for everyone. When I first stopped working I asked myself, “Am I doing the right things? I cleared obstacles. Two years later I ask, “Am I doing what I’m doing the right way?” Working, your days are structured. Get up and go, every morning. Retired, […]

When Weather Got Scary, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:56am

This is my front lawn. I’m letting it die. Northern California is dry. Actually, so’s the whole state, but that’s a lot of acreage and I can only talk about the part I know. We began drought-level water restrictions this month. We must cut usage 36% from 2013. A pretty precise requirement. Outdoor irrigation in my water district, […]

Is Drudgery Inevitable, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:24am

Compiling 100 entries for the Pearl Source giveaway took longer than predicted. I started yesterday afternoon, lost steam last night, finished up this morning. Larks are like that. I’ve announced the winner on the original post. Congrats! I also thought, as I painstakingly entered the appropriate names into a spreadsheet (having reread all the comments […]

A Responsibility Of Privilege, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:41am

Thoughtfulness. I know you all feel as I do about kindness. Maybe thoughtfulness is one of the next practices that might come with privilege? In other words, given education, and experience, do we owe the world a willingness to stand and think? I was talking to my younger British friends, online of course, about parenting […]

Process People And Project People, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:39am

I’ve been thinking recently that there are Project people and Process people. Project people gear up big, do a lot of talking before they start, plan carefully, manage to an end goal. Around about the 80% done mark they cry out, “What? I’m done! You all can take this the rest of the way.” They’d […]

Going In-World, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:44am

I was walking back from the grocery store yesterday, and decided not to check any of my social media. As a congenital Pollyanna, I do not think social media is “bad.” Nor do I feel the world is going to hell in a handbasket; I don’t wax nostalgic for a pre-machine era. But I do […]

Why Are We Better At Certain Kinds Of Style Than Others?

I was very interested to learn that many of you reverse my experience with style. While I am extremely comfortable with clothing but less so with interiors, you love interior style, find clothing more difficult. Which led me to wonder, why? Why would someone who: cares about aesthetics, enjoys implementing them in one area, might […]

The “Marry Ivy” Mom Sure Knows How To Ruin Valentine’s Day, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:13am

A sad state of affairs. It’s Valentine’s Day, 2015, and the most egregious advice on sex and marriage out there has co-branded an institution I love. No, I’m not referring to Mr. Kinsey and his club, or even Dr. Ruth and her empire, rather, to Susan Patton as the “P*ton Mom.” I’m eliding the university […]

The 2 Key Questions To Ask In Articulating Your Style: Clothing, House, Or Garden

Now that I’m writing about 3 areas of style – fashion, house, and garden – I notice a couple of commonalities. Seems to me in articulating style, of any sort, we need to ask ourselves 2 primary questions. What must our style do for our physical selves? What effect do we want to create, and […]

Earning The Right To Scold, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:29am

In retirement, I’ve been thinking about doing good. I confess that as a mother of small children, and then a manager and executive in technology, I cared less about virtue than excellence in my work. As a result, I’ve come at Good with the energy and naivete of a newbie. I include my emergent thoughts […]