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A Responsibility Of Privilege, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:41am

Thoughtfulness. I know you all feel as I do about kindness. Maybe thoughtfulness is one of the next practices that might come with privilege? In other words, given education, and experience, do we owe the world a willingness to stand and think? I was talking to my younger British friends, online of course, about parenting […]

Process People And Project People, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:39am

I’ve been thinking recently that there are Project people and Process people. Project people gear up big, do a lot of talking before they start, plan carefully, manage to an end goal. Around about the 80% done mark they cry out, “What? I’m done! You all can take this the rest of the way.” They’d […]

Going In-World, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:44am

I was walking back from the grocery store yesterday, and decided not to check any of my social media. As a congenital Pollyanna, I do not think social media is “bad.” Nor do I feel the world is going to hell in a handbasket; I don’t wax nostalgic for a pre-machine era. But I do […]

Why Are We Better At Certain Kinds Of Style Than Others?

I was very interested to learn that many of you reverse my experience with style. While I am extremely comfortable with clothing but less so with interiors, you love interior style, find clothing more difficult. Which led me to wonder, why? Why would someone who: cares about aesthetics, enjoys implementing them in one area, might […]

The “Marry Ivy” Mom Sure Knows How To Ruin Valentine’s Day, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:13am

A sad state of affairs. It’s Valentine’s Day, 2015, and the most egregious advice on sex and marriage out there has co-branded an institution I love. No, I’m not referring to Mr. Kinsey and his club, or even Dr. Ruth and her empire, rather, to Susan Patton as the “P*ton Mom.” I’m eliding the university […]

The 2 Key Questions To Ask In Articulating Your Style: Clothing, House, Or Garden

Now that I’m writing about 3 areas of style – fashion, house, and garden – I notice a couple of commonalities. Seems to me in articulating style, of any sort, we need to ask ourselves 2 primary questions. What must our style do for our physical selves? What effect do we want to create, and […]

Earning The Right To Scold, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:29am

In retirement, I’ve been thinking about doing good. I confess that as a mother of small children, and then a manager and executive in technology, I cared less about virtue than excellence in my work. As a result, I’ve come at Good with the energy and naivete of a newbie. I include my emergent thoughts […]

A Post About Fashion And Identity, For The Most Part

A couple of weeks back, when Une Femme and I collaborated on posts about jeans, the last thing I expected was a referendum on whether I should wear skinnies. It got me wondering, “Why do people care so much about denim leg sleeves on a late-middle-aged woman?” Readers had commented either (we’ll use the most […]

Is The World Getting Worse Or Better?, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:35am

Is the world getting worse or better? I worry, because I have assumed all my life that it’s getting better, and if I’m wrong I’ve made some bad choices. So this is a serious question, albeit one in need of clarification. Here’s what I mean by getting better. Are we finding our way to more […]

The Privilege Pre-Holiday Season Report To The Board, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

Time for the Privilege Report To The Board, in which I show a few numbers, and discuss issues of strategic concern. I’ve done this before, through the years, in an effort to stay transparent. This time it’s particularly important, if only to my mental health, because the season of Buy It All has arrived. If […]