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Is The World Getting Worse Or Better?, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:35am

Is the world getting worse or better? I worry, because I have assumed all my life that it’s getting better, and if I’m wrong I’ve made some bad choices. So this is a serious question, albeit one in need of clarification. Here’s what I mean by getting better. Are we finding our way to more […]

The Privilege Pre-Holiday Season Report To The Board, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

Time for the Privilege Report To The Board, in which I show a few numbers, and discuss issues of strategic concern. I’ve done this before, through the years, in an effort to stay transparent. This time it’s particularly important, if only to my mental health, because the season of Buy It All has arrived. If […]

Why We Need Women In Tech, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:20am

Did you know that when you look to start a business built on software, you are likely to be told you need a technical co-founder? Someone who can build the first working prototype of your  product, be it website, phone app, or refrigerator that can order milk? Someone who will code for free, for however […]

The 10 Things I Really Learned In Business School And The 1 Thing I Didn’t, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:44am

I graduated from Columbia Graduate School of Business in 1983. Ever since, the decision’s been a bit of an outlier in my life. After all, in those days and maybe even now, those who aimed high went to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, or Chicago. Yale, maybe, for non-profit and the arts. I always aimed high. But […]

What To Do About Internet Haters, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:57am

What to do about Internet haters? I’m back from a week posting at Corporette, and while in the end it was a lot of fun, and the vast majority of the readers very gracious, the first comment on my first post read, 1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring. 2. A week that revolves around 00.001% of people. God, […]

To The Princeton “Privilege Guy,” From A Middle-Aged Princeton Mother And Alumna

  Recently, you may have read an article or two about Tal Fortgang. He’s a Princeton freshman who wrote a piece for an on-campus publication (I’d never heard of) called “The Princeton Tory,” Tal questions the request to “Check your privilege.” Although he’s a white male, he points to his his family’s persecution in the […]

Do Women Over 50 Make Good Tomboys?

There’s a song that always used to make me cry. I’ve mentioned it before, Dar Williams’ “When I Was A Boy.” Here’s a sampling of the lyrics. And I remember that night When I’m leaving a late night with some friends And I hear somebody tell me it’s not safe, someone should help me I […]

The Virtues Of Yes Vs. The Virtues Of No, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:45am

I’ve been thinking recently about virtue. Not the old-fashioned heroine sort, perhaps needless to say. But virtue, built or maintained by living in accordance with a moral code. I’ve never felt very good at that particular variety. Why? For one thing, it’s not really a part of High WASP culture. We focus instead on the […]

Self-Education In Midlife, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:17am

The time has come to re-educate myself. And pay for it. No, I am not going back to school, per se. But I am subscribing to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and perhaps some other online news and analysis media. Or whatever we call informed sources these days. I used to subscribe […]

How Do 50+ Women Become Visible?

Do we become invisible, we women past 50? And if so, can we reappear? A reader emailed me to say she and her her friend had been discussing invisibility, and suggested I write something. OK then. It’s been on my mind for a while. A couple of years back, I was shopping with my daughter. […]