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That Which We Avoid We Cannot Resolve, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:30am

We spend a lot of time teaching our kids how to get along. How to share, use their words, take a break when things get hot. I’m wondering, now, looking back, whether we should also be teaching them to fight. Maybe fight is the wrong word. I mean work through conflict. Particularly the blood-boiling sort. […]

What The Heck Am I Even Watching On “TV?” Or, Saturday Morning at 10:37am

Broadcast Networks Big Bang Theory – Thursdays Blacklist – Hiatus You Me And The Apocalypse – Thursdays Mr. Robot – Hiatus Scandal – Thursday Modern Family – Wednesdays American Crime – Hiatus Better Call Saul – Mondays Blind Spot – Mondays Suits – Wednesdays The Good Wife – Sundays Fresh Off The Boat – Tuesdays […]

A Personal History Of Fashion In Zagreb: Guest Post From Dottoressa

A guest post by the commenter known as Dottoressa. She is a citizen of Zagreb, with a love of fashion, and this is her personal fashion history in context. In light of the bombings in Brussels, we discussed delaying this post, but in the spirit of carrying on, of being undaunted, decided to publish. She […]

Can You Feel Emojis In Your Brain Or Am I Nuts, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:54am

We’ve gone through all kinds of technical change in the past three decades (lots before that but first I wasn’t born and then wasn’t paying much attention). Think of the 80s. Anyone else remember accessing the company mainframe? How about their first desktop computer? And then the accelerating automation and reach of laptops, mobile phones, […]

I’ll Be At Glance, The First Conference Dedicated To The Business Of The Apple Watch

After I wrote the review of my Apple Watch, I poked around on Medium reading a few articles. I came upon Bernard Desarnauts, founder of a research firm called Wristly. I commented. And so it happens that on Thursday, December 10th, 8am-6pm, I will be participating in panels at the upcoming conference, Glance. I look […]

8 Simple Things Even A Complicator Can Believe

I may be a complicator. Made up word. I often find myself reasoning through something simple for others. I thought today I’d give complications a rest. We can all hold a few ideas to be self-evident. People, by and large, love their children. Or try to. Be nice to moms in supermarkets. Almost everyone will […]

Inside Out At The Multiplex, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:01am

Last week we talked here about movies. Then my husband and I actually went to see one. The earth stayed on its axis. In all seriousness, the multiplex at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon is pretty lovely. This one sits in the middle of downtown Redwood City, one of several towns on the San Francisco […]

How Do You Feel About “Formality” In Your Style?

Often, it seems to me, the ideas of “style” and “formality” are smushed together. Conflated. Which can feel quite deflating, if you want panache without fuss. Or, if heels, hairspray, and tight waists feel out of place, for your body and your social context. Can we deconstruct? Of course! Picture The Role Of Propriety, Attraction, […]

The Profound Impact Of Civility, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:30am

I was at my father’s house last night, he and I were talking. He said, and I paraphrase, “The question of whether evil exists has been central to theology for over 1000 years.” I promise, this was a logical remark, given our conversation. My immediate reaction. “Then since we can’t know about evil, we’ve got […]

Old MBAs Will Make Matrices Out Of Everything, Even The Process Of Learning Style

As you know, I’m in the process of learning about gardens and interiors what I knew about clothes. So I spend a lot of time studying, on the Internet. Information abounds. However, with several decades of adulthood and opinions under my belt, I work at keeping my mind open to new ideas and methodologies. I […]

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