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What Would It Take To Wear This Out Of The House?

You may remember I proposed a hypothetical 4th of July outfit, here. Somewhere around 7 o’clock the night of the actual 4th I grabbed my youngest sister, and said, “Oh, hey, would you mind taking a picture for me?” So she did. We were down at my mother’s, in Santa Barbara. All the siblings, the […]

A Privilege Blog Sale Of A Few Beloved But Hardly Used Pieces Of Clothing

Anyone else still working on 2-year old resolutions? I can finally check off “learn eBay.” The pointe shoes sold. Booyah! Next step was to have been Sell Clothes. But I’m changing the plan. Turns out eBay is a community of its own, with particular behaviors. You have to know how to price, how to describe […]

Extreme Casual Style For Weekends, Retirement, Stay-At-Home Moms And Anyone, Really

Back in 2013, I wrote a post about putting together a whole new wardrobe from scratch. We talked about how to stratify your closet, allowing you to dress well even when you have to muster all your courage to make the effort, along with some strategies for better days. However, back then I was working, […]

Picking Our Sartorial Jaws Up Off The Floor Of The Basketball Court

I think we’ve gone too far. Distressed jeans, OK. Premium sweatpants, well, if not for me then maybe someone.  But distressed sneakers? Evidently. Golden Goose “Francy” NYC sneakers, via Barneys, for $565. Expensive distressed sneakers. Will wonders never cease. Share on Facebook Tweet!

In Which We Prove That $200 Sweatpants Aren’t Right For Everyone

In sorting out retirement, I started with, “What Can I Wear On The Sofa?” Was this the most important question? Nope. But it was the most immediate, and the most easily answered. I like to start small, when faced with big. I can now report, as promised and with some finality, that $200 sweatpants are […]

Do The Kardashians Make Young Women Dress Like Old Ladies?

Let’s talk about why an entire segment of young women these days dress like, well, old ladies. First, what do I mean by dressing like old ladies? As clearly I am an older woman, at least older than 50. So are many of you. Is that the same thing as an Old Lady? No. We’re […]

Tarting Up A ’78 35th Reunion Jacket

Some people customize their clothing with great good taste. If that’s what you’re in the mood for this fine Tuesday morning, please take a look at what Duchesse did to her vintage fur. Fabulous. If however you’ve a mind for a little tarting, here’s what I did to my Princeton Reunions jacket. What started out […]

3 Photos Of Me Looking Less Than My Best In Skinny Jeans

You all asked for proof that skinny jeans are not my thing and here you go. You’ve seen bootcut, you’ve seen straight leg, here go skinnies. Gang, it’s not about the avoirdupois, it’s the geometry of my bones. Well, it’s mostly not about the avoirdupois. I’m at peace with my figure. It’s not what it […]

Some Days You Don’t Want To Live Up To Your Clothes. Am I Right?

Some days I just don’t want to live up to my clothes. Perhaps the physical fails. My hair isn’t clean enough, my eyes not bright, I’m tired. Perhaps it’s the emotional. Every now and then I misplace my will. Don’t want to soldier on. But, well, that’s what they pay us for. In those moments, […]

High WASPs Do Love A High Waist

I’m tired of one piece bathing suits. Anyone else? This is not a fashion whim. It’s sensory. I like the way water feels on my skin, I like sun, and if I choose to cover up I prefer light silk to heavy, wet, bunchy, swim fabric. Tankinis are, if anything, worse than maillots. Bathing suits […]