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Some Days You Don’t Want To Live Up To Your Clothes. Am I Right?

Some days I just don’t want to live up to my clothes. Perhaps the physical fails. My hair isn’t clean enough, my eyes not bright, I’m tired. Perhaps it’s the emotional. Every now and then I misplace my will. Don’t want to soldier on. But, well, that’s what they pay us for. In those moments, […]

High WASPs Do Love A High Waist

I’m tired of one piece bathing suits. Anyone else? This is not a fashion whim. It’s sensory. I like the way water feels on my skin, I like sun, and if I choose to cover up I prefer light silk to heavy, wet, bunchy, swim fabric. Tankinis are, if anything, worse than maillots. Bathing suits […]

How Can You Tell If Something Isn’t “You?”

The respond to my last post was so interesting that I had to follow up. You all had great ideas about the dress Terri sent me, and how to wear it. To wit, Rubiatona:  Yellow cardigan, blue or gray flats, bangles galore. mademarian: High-heeled gladiators, carefully done hair, big beautiful brooch Susan:  Bangles, colorful necklace […]

Why Are Some Clothing Items So Universally Reviled?

Have you ever wondered why certain items of clothing become fashion pariahs? In particular, I am quite concerned about the fate of Crocs and Scrunchies. Why are they so loathed? Did you know there is even a Facebook group called Why Would You Wear A Scrunchie? Honestly.? What’s wrong, examining afresh, with a velvet-covered hair […]

And The Revolution Wore Shorts

Here’s an idea. What piece of women’s clothing, native to the Western world, has undergone revolutionary change in our lifetime? Shorts. Yes, shorts. Of course, they are trumped, globally, by the veil and the burkha. And, of course, all clothing plays a secondary role to various forms of bindings and pokings of holes, in oppressing […]

Will You Wear A Tailed Jacket In 2011?

It’s quite possible that you’re going to wind up in a long-tailed jacket this year. Why, you may wonder? Well let’s consider. The Four Factors Leading Us Toward A Long Tail 1. Michael Jackson, AKA The King of Pop We were besieged by images of Mr. Jackson upon his unfortunate demise. Those band-leader/military jackets imprinted, […]

How To Replace A Closet Gremlin

Almost every one has one piece they wear all the time, unhappily. A sort of gremlin in the closet, always there, never welcome. Replacing it can have a big impact. Even casual or incidental clothing can make you feel as stylish as does a Prada dress, over the long term. But you’ve got to understand […]

Can A Plus Size Woman Dress High WASP?

If finding clothes to support a High WASP style can be difficult for all of us, it is even more frustrating for those in plus sizes. High WASP clothing style is characterized by respect for the social context, clean lines, classic proportions, high quality materials, and subtle, original details. Plus size fashion? Not so much. […]

Why I Didn’t Buy The Gorgeous Chanel Jacket

I read, on the blog Rock the Silver, a post distinguishing between Hunter and Gatherer shoppers. Hunting means searching for a certain item, with focus. Gathering, means, well, gathering. Whatever you happen to find. How about you? I find that some things I hunt, other things I gather. Take, for example, shopping and hair days. […]

How NOT To Buy A Statement Piece

Go to Wilkes Bashford at the Stanford Shopping Center, one day when you are feeling the full force of years of self-denial. Go when you are newly promoted to vice president. Go with a friend who has been an executive for years. Try on a suit from Kiton. White. Cashmere. It will fit you perfectly. […]

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