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Fashion Logos, The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Ugly

I apologize to any upon the toes of whom I am about to step. Were I still writing as a High WASP I’d assume tones of disapproving authority. But let’s talk like regular people. OK. I just hate Michael Kors’s logos. And yet I’ve come to appreciate the shenanigans of Louis Vuitton, and occasionally Chanel. […]

Where To Go For A Good (Very Good, Stand-Out, Spectacular) Handbag?

This post is sponsored by Neiman Marcus Certain stores do certain goods best, don’t you find? For example, I like UNIQLO for most of my daily basics, and J. Crew for my mid-range lotta-color stuff. But for bags, the no-holding-back, oh-I-shouldn’t-but-think-of-the-low-cost-per-wear, handbags, there’s nowhere like Neiman Marcus. It dawned on me the other day that […]

Reviewing A Classic, The Bottega Veneta “Veneta” Large Hobo In Blue

Do you all remember when I was looking for a blue handbag? To go with both brown and black shoes? Maybe orange ones? As it turned out, in an act of extreme originality, I stuck with Bottega Veneta. Below, the brand’s Large Hobo, AKA the “Veneta.” The name suggests Volkswagen might name one of their […]

When Luxury Economics Open The Door For More Affordable, Yet Stellar, Design

A few weeks ago. when these comments abounded with recommendations on bag designers, I thought, “Hmm, great ideas deserve a post of their own.” When, a few days later, Refinery29 featured beautiful, reasonable less-stratospherically-priced bags from a new online store called Roztayger, I realized we had a thing going on. A real, economic, strategic, trend. […]

An Object Of Desire: The Perfectly Colored Bag

I’ve been looking for a new bag. When last we spoke the universal language Handbag, I had settled on a small Bottega Veneta cross-body, carried inside a Duluth Pack. That worked very well for a city walking commute, and workday lunch sprints. But now I’m in the suburbs, and hence often in the car. Cross-bodies […]

When A Brand Surprises

Last week I posted some ideas for fancy dresses under $250, at A Practical Wedding. And of course Sky’s The Limit, Net-a-Porter Let Me At It is easy, at least in our imaginations. But if you’ve got a real event coming up, you might want some other options. You might want lavish, but at less […]

The Duluth Laptop Scout Pack, A Review

How many of you carry your laptop in a backpack? I’m guessing a substantial few. Well, here’s something to consider – a non-plastic, made in America, $125-costing, slice of history. You see, how I carry my computer matters to me. I take a 30 minute urban walk to work and back almost every day. I […]

If You Give A Person A New Bag, She’s Probably Going To Need A Hairbrush

We all have watershed moments in which we realize long-held significant relationships serve us no longer. I’m talking about purses, or, as they say now, bags. I’ve been carrying an aubergine patent-leather, luggage strap-handled number since 2010. As a usually monobagamous sort, i.e. one and only one at a time, I’ve been feeling relationship discord. […]

A Secret Trick To Dressing Up Fancy On A Budget

A big night looms. You’ve got shoes, tights, and a dress.  Jewelry, lipstick, and a coat. Not to mention one glorious scarf. Now, if I can suggest, remember your evening bag. I’ve often forgotten, and regretted my forgetting. Such a little thing, but such an outfit finisher. We all have our different approaches. Those who […]

If You Haven’t Heard Of Hester van Eeghen, I’d Expect That To Change

The backyard bird sings always now. Even early in the morning. I’m thinking Spring woke her up, not antsy raccoons, not suburban family rustlings. Every year Spring happens, and every year we are a little surprised, despite decades of bulbs, squirrel fights, and trees leafing out yet again. It would not be wrong to think […]

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