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Did Everybody Else Already Know This?

I have a secret to tell you. Or maybe I’m the last to know? Men’s wallets are better than women’s. At least if you carry a small bag and/or are looking to jettison carrying weight. I made this astonishing discovery in September. I wanted to bring my Céline bag on the trip to New York […]

Fashion Logos, The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Ugly

I apologize to any upon the toes of whom I am about to step. Were I still writing as a High WASP I’d assume tones of disapproving authority. But let’s talk like regular people. OK. I just hate Michael Kors’s logos. And yet I’ve come to appreciate the shenanigans of Louis Vuitton, and occasionally Chanel. […]

Where To Go For A Good (Very Good, Stand-Out, Spectacular) Handbag?

This post is sponsored by Neiman Marcus Certain stores do certain goods best, don’t you find? For example, I like UNIQLO for most of my daily basics, and J. Crew for my mid-range lotta-color stuff. But for bags, the no-holding-back, oh-I-shouldn’t-but-think-of-the-low-cost-per-wear, handbags, there’s nowhere like Neiman Marcus. It dawned on me the other day that […]

Reviewing A Classic, The Bottega Veneta “Veneta” Large Hobo In Blue

Do you all remember when I was looking for a blue handbag? To go with both brown and black shoes? Maybe orange ones? As it turned out, in an act of extreme originality, I stuck with Bottega Veneta. Below, the brand’s Large Hobo, AKA the “Veneta.” The name suggests Volkswagen might name one of their […]

When Luxury Economics Open The Door For More Affordable, Yet Stellar, Design

A few weeks ago. when these comments abounded with recommendations on bag designers, I thought, “Hmm, great ideas deserve a post of their own.” When, a few days later, Refinery29 featured beautiful, reasonable less-stratospherically-priced bags from a new online store called Roztayger, I realized we had a thing going on. A real, economic, strategic, trend. […]

An Object Of Desire: The Perfectly Colored Bag

I’ve been looking for a new bag. When last we spoke the universal language Handbag, I had settled on a small Bottega Veneta cross-body, carried inside a Duluth Pack. That worked very well for a city walking commute, and workday lunch sprints. But now I’m in the suburbs, and hence often in the car. Cross-bodies […]

When A Brand Surprises

Last week I posted some ideas for fancy dresses under $250, at A Practical Wedding. And of course Sky’s The Limit, Net-a-Porter Let Me At It is easy, at least in our imaginations. But if you’ve got a real event coming up, you might want some other options. You might want lavish, but at less […]

The Duluth Laptop Scout Pack, A Review

How many of you carry your laptop in a backpack? I’m guessing a substantial few. Well, here’s something to consider – a non-plastic, made in America, $125-costing, slice of history. You see, how I carry my computer matters to me. I take a 30 minute urban walk to work and back almost every day. I […]

If You Give A Person A New Bag, She’s Probably Going To Need A Hairbrush

We all have watershed moments in which we realize long-held significant relationships serve us no longer. I’m talking about purses, or, as they say now, bags. I’ve been carrying an aubergine patent-leather, luggage strap-handled number since 2010. As a usually monobagamous sort, i.e. one and only one at a time, I’ve been feeling relationship discord. […]

A Secret Trick To Dressing Up Fancy On A Budget

A big night looms. You’ve got shoes, tights, and a dress.  Jewelry, lipstick, and a coat. Not to mention one glorious scarf. Now, if I can suggest, remember your evening bag. I’ve often forgotten, and regretted my forgetting. Such a little thing, but such an outfit finisher. We all have our different approaches. Those who […]

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