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A Secret Trick To Dressing Up Fancy On A Budget

A big night looms. You’ve got shoes, tights, and a dress.  Jewelry, lipstick, and a coat. Not to mention one glorious scarf. Now, if I can suggest, remember your evening bag. I’ve often forgotten, and regretted my forgetting. Such a little thing, but such an outfit finisher. We all have our different approaches. Those who […]

If You Haven’t Heard Of Hester van Eeghen, I’d Expect That To Change

The backyard bird sings always now. Even early in the morning. I’m thinking Spring woke her up, not antsy raccoons, not suburban family rustlings. Every year Spring happens, and every year we are a little surprised, despite decades of bulbs, squirrel fights, and trees leafing out yet again. It would not be wrong to think […]

City Backpacks, From Classically Fancy To Perfectly Plain

It is such a joy to walk to work. I believe a new toast is in order, to wish loved ones good luck. “May you walk to work under a clear sky. May the flower stalls smell of lilies, every day.” However, this routine does require a few adjustments. While my Beautifeel shoes are doing […]

In Which I Give Away My [Empty] Wallet

In honor of my guest stint at Corporette, where women earn a living, save that living via intelligent wardrobe purchases, all in order to create new family fortunes, I thought I’d have a giveaway. A wallet. Correct symbol, no? Open to all regular readers, or even now-and-then-readers, but not to Internet pool sweepers looking for […]

5 Accessories I Don’t Leave Home Without

Sophie, at les anti-modernes, tagged me for 5 key accessories. Sturdy Gals aren’t big on accessories unless they are useful. These days I live a pared down life. If I go out for a walk, I bring my iPhone. In a pink case so I can see the dang thing in my purse. I can’t […]

A Very “Good-Looking” Shoulder Satchel At Billykirk

Just before Christmas I was reading les anti-modernes, miss sophie’s youthful, Artsy, style blog. In her gift guide, one of my favorites from 2010 and well worth reading even now, she listed this wallet by Billykirk. Not a brand I’d known before. Nice, huh? Even “good-looking,” as my mother would say. $120. So I clicked […]

Bags Without Logos, The Ones That Cost More.

Once we place our feet squarely in the camp of delayed gratification, and decide to spend some more money, it’s much easier to get a no-logo bag with High WASP style. As in, if you can and want to afford several hundred dollars, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that I […]

Bags Without Logos, The Budget Version

So let’s say you want a bag without a manufacturer’s monogram. Otherwise known as a logo. Logos and other branding tchotchkes (Yiddish word of the day) are ubiquitous these days. Hard to avoid. When I bought my new purse, it was displayed with charms attached to the handles. I refrained.But I digress. Let’s assume you […]

The Unbearable Import of Shoes and Bags

Shoes and bags are terribly important to High WASPs. You can wear anything as long as you have good shoes and a good bag. Which until recently we called a purse. Sad but true. Not sad about nomenclature, sad about own shallowness. We wish it weren’t so, that we were more enlightened. However I am […]

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