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A Proposed Methodology For Lips Over 50

I’ve written about lipstick before, here, and here. But I stumbled upon my current favorite when shopping with my daughter. Motivated by a desire for safer ingredients, we found this, by Bare Minerals. A matte liquid lipstick, it’s quickly kicked all my other lip colorants to the curb. The first application surprises, this stuff slips […]

Choosing Makeup For Your Adult Daughter, Especially When You Are Looking For Non-Controversial Ingredients

Over the years I have often bought my daughter new makeup. It’s so fun, gilding a lily. In college, gold eye shadow. Last year, red lipstick. And last week, for her 29th birthday, new all around – this time focused on minimizing controversial ingredients.* I took her to Sephora for a free mini-makeover. You pick […]

And One More Happy Thing: Cheekie Winner

Ann Beverly, the Julie Hewett Cheekie blush is yours! Send me an email at the skyepeale address, with your mailing address, and I’ll send it off. Congratulations, and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Makeup For Running Out The Door Every Day, If You So Choose, Especially When You Are Over 50

Prepare for a strange but true linkage. The effects from stress of my mother’s move and care have surprised me. One of the most pronounced – my need to clean up. Not just my house but also emotional detritus. If that makes sense. Sorting through relationships that have foundered, speaking up in places where I’d […]

Just In Case You Wanted To Try Long Gray Hair, A Personal History

This is the story of how one woman takes care of her long gray hair. But first, some personal history for anyone new to this blog. I’m 59. And a half, as of March 2016. For cultural context, i.e. to explain in part why I’ve been comfortable going gray, I’ve lived most of my life […]

What Should You Wear To Speak On A Panel About Two Of Your Great Life Interests?

As you may remember, back before Christmas, I was asked to participate in a panel about the Apple Watch. Wristly, the sponsoring firm, had found me via my review, here. As you can imagine, deciding what to wear that day required serious deconstruction. I considered my options across several axes, as one does. Modern vs. classic, […]

The Best Hair Tool For Quick Polish Amidst Messy Hair Days

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, in which they reduce prices on merchandise before full fall pricing begins, draws to a close on Monday. I know this sale is the real deal because, before it began, I paid full price elsewhere for this hair straightener. The ghd Classic Styler. I find that using a straightener works really […]

A Fairly Thoughtful And Just-In-Time Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We give traditional presents on Valentine’s Day not because we lack imagination, but because our forebears were rolling in smarts. February and love call in fact for the shiny, the cuddly, the floral, and the significant. Needless to say, tradition can be upheld in intelligent, modern, and ethical ways. For The Women In Our Lives, […]

Introducing Abe’s Market – Living Lightly On The Earth

If we’re talking values and virtue, as occasionally we seem to do, I have to talk about living lightly on the planet. In my house we compost, we recycle. That’s easy, our county offers the services and we comply. I also try to buy green. That can be trickier. The commercial world took a turn […]

Life’s Little Privileges: Jāsön Soothing Aloe Vera Pure Natural Deodorant Stick

High WASPs aren’t supposed to talk about deodorant. We probably aren’t even supposed to have armpits, but hey, too late. In my continued search for products less likely to harm me or the planet, I stumbled upon the Jäsōn Soothing Aloe Vera Pure Natural Deodorant Stick. To my enormous surprise, it works. I’ve tried others […]

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