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The Complicated Math Of Social Covenants

Does anyone remember a couple of posts a while back, here, and here, more like fever dreams, about the carbonate-at-home company known as Sodastream? In which I was asked, along with 49 others, to cover Scarlett Johansson’s sponsorship of the brand? The experience was fairly surreal, but I participated in order to facilitate another giveaway [...]

Style Dials, Tea Cups And Daffodils, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:10am

It’s time for the quarterly Privilege blog break. But before I go, one more thought about that Thursday switcheroo. Most of you guys liked most of the the outfit Sue chose – but most of you also hated the Helmut Lang shirt. Here’s the thing. Once I had put on skinny jeans, moto boots, and [...]

Under The Influence

Personal style follows the 80/20 rule, i.e., 80% defining and refining, and 20% experimenting. Within that framework, isn’t shopping with friends one of the most comfortable and enjoyable experiments of all? Most of you probably know the blog, Une Femme d’un Certain Age. I’ve been following Sue for ages, and have met her in person. [...]

Winner Of The Teri Jon Lace Dress, And A Thank You

We have a winner. Emerald! She wrote: “I’m entering for my mom. She has NEVER worn a fancy long dress, and with my wedding coming up in August, this would be such a thrill for her. At all fancy events she has worn knee length dresses, including at her wedding and every other person’s wedding [...]

By Invitation Only: How Do You Stay Creative?

By Invitation Only is a monthly group posting series, led by Marsha at Splenderosa. You can find today’s other participant posts here. This month, Marsha and the crew at By Invitation Only have asked a question. How do you stay creative? Truth be told, I am not sure I am creative, but since this is [...]

Privilege Reports To The Board, (i.e., You) On 13 Longish, Slowish Steps To Blog Readership, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:34am

Exactly 5 years ago today I published the first post on Privilege. It was about High WASP Valentines. And yes, it was a day late. I’ve tried to be punctual ever since, as Five Minutes Early Is On Time. A week or so ago I received, and then misplaced, an email from a reader. She [...]

5 Key Steps To Take Before You Sell Anything On eBay – A Guest Post From Alicia Kan

As I have said, my 2014 resolutions require some advance clearing. First up, space, both physical and mental. I have a few pieces of very nice clothing (not to mention 10 pairs of new-in-bag Freed pointe shoes from my daughters days as a dancer) that felt too nice for Goodwill, and too old to give [...]

LPC Is At Not Dressed As Lamb Today

Today I’m going to send you, if you have a moment, over to Not Dressed As Lamb. Catherine has put together a beautifully done post, soliciting thoughts from style bloggers over 40 on the topic above. And yes, I’m there, and honored by the inclusion, but the post has implications more interesting than my Nike [...]

In Which We Salute Mohawk Guy, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:39am

For anyone wondering what I was talking about in last night’s post, let me explain. Sturdy Gals can’t keep secrets. On Thursday I was emailed by a PR rep to say that Sodastream was going to hold a real-time, videostreamed, press conference on Friday,  announcing their new celebrity spokesperson. She indicated that if I were [...]

15 Style Blogs For Women Over 40, At Babble

Hey guys, I’m up at Babble (which is a Disney site? Who knew? Can I have tickets to Saving Mr. Banks? No? Drat.)! I’m always surprised and cheered when someone takes note of what we’re doing here, so I thought I’d pass the link along. I expect you’ll find familiar faces, but also a few [...]