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Happy 4th Of July

Fourth of July Picnic, Rogers, Arkansas. c. 1904 A Very Happy 21st Century 4th To You And Yours!   I’ll be taking my quarterly blog break, see you back here the week of July 12th. May summer treat you well. Share on Facebook Tweet!

Be Careful With That Spam Button Please; Also Some Other Notes And News

A few housekeeping notes! 1. While I’ve switched over to MailChimp, and Privilege emails with links to each week’s posts should be arriving smoothly, if you have a moment, I would to talk about when to use the Spam button in your email client and when to use the Unsubscribe link in the footer of […]

Dressing Up Extreme Casual With A Not-So-Casual Pearl Bracelet

This post is sponsored by The Pearl Source. Thanks guys! It is time for Privilege to give away a few pearls. As I said, back when, I own more than my fair share; earrings, a necklace, a pin. But in setting up this giveaway, I took my cue from pearls that got away, the 3-strand […]

Tea And Epidemics, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:04am

This morning I will be having tea with Maryn McKenna, a journalist and author who specializes in public health, global health and food policy. How did that come to pass? These pages. I urge any of you who think about writing a blog, as long as you can carve out several hours a week and […]

A Privilege Blog Sale Of A Few Beloved But Hardly Used Pieces Of Clothing

Anyone else still working on 2-year old resolutions? I can finally check off “learn eBay.” The pointe shoes sold. Booyah! Next step was to have been Sell Clothes. But I’m changing the plan. Turns out eBay is a community of its own, with particular behaviors. You have to know how to price, how to describe […]

Update: This Morning’s Post On Paint And Tile Is Now Available

Yes, I did post and unpost. Now I’m reposting. Carry on. This time it will stay up, I suspect. Share on Facebook Tweet!

#RememberingLisa, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:52am

I’m going to take a moment in memoriam, if you don’t mind. Lisa Boncheck Adams died yesterday, at the age of 45. She leaves behind a husband and 3 young children. I wrote briefly about her last year, here. Back when I first met Lisa online, 5 or 6 years ago, she was always open […]

3 Public Service Announcements From And For The Privilege Community

I thought I’d round up a some interesting bits that have come my way from the community. 1. Mark Defrates Jewelry, the makers of that pentangle talisman, are offering a 15% discount for Privilege readers. No code to enter, just email Pam (markdefrates (at) and let her know you have bought or will be […]

Once Again, Technology Hiccups

Edited: The issues appear to have been resolved, happily, and we should be back on track with the usual folderol. Thank you for your patience, and Kelly Phillips at Boost Interactive Media for her help. Hello all. Once again I am having issues with email post notifications. I am not yet sure whether this is […]

The Privilege Pre-Holiday Season Report To The Board, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

Time for the Privilege Report To The Board, in which I show a few numbers, and discuss issues of strategic concern. I’ve done this before, through the years, in an effort to stay transparent. This time it’s particularly important, if only to my mental health, because the season of Buy It All has arrived. If […]