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It’s Not A Sprint, It’s A Relay; Three Style Bloggers Take The Baton.

As I have broadened my scope to write about house style and gardens, by necessity I spend less time on clothing and accessories. I thought I could perhaps address the gap by pointing you to a few style bloggers  – new to me – whose taste I find – as Jane Austen would say – […]

Do Not Concern Yourself With My Absence, Or, Saturday Afternoon At 1:51pm

Well. I am back from blog break, but apparently not back enough to manage a Saturday morning post. Neither emergencies nor crises are at fault, and probably some stories of gallivanting will follow. I hope you are in the midst of a wonderful weekend. Share on Facebook Tweet!

LPC Is At The Highland Fashionista Today

I took advantage of my blog break to deliver on some long-delayed commitments. I hate when I fail to do as promised, everything feels off balance, but the world is now back on its axis. As evidence, today I’m over at Kristin’s wonderful blog, Highland Fashionista. I hope you read her, she’s funny and gorgeous, […]

A Deconstructed, Imaginary, Celebrity, Mom’s Afternoon Out At The Standard High Line Biergarten

How’s that for a title? As you all know, lots of requests float toward us in the blogosphere. Most often I decline. (This post here posited the life I might lead if I accepted more broadly.) However, I do participate in offers, when a good giveaway is involved, or when I find the merchant requesting […]

What To Do About Internet Haters, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:57am

What to do about Internet haters? I’m back from a week posting at Corporette, and while in the end it was a lot of fun, and the vast majority of the readers very gracious, the first comment on my first post read, 1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring. 2. A week that revolves around 00.001% of people. God, […]

LPC Is At Corporette, All Week Long

This week I am guest posting at Corporette, Kat’s well-established blog for “over-achieving chicks.” She asks contributors to pick one piece of clothing for each day of the week, starting with “Splurge Monday,” and ambling on down to Frugal Friday. I’ll edit this post daily to include all the links. Monday it’s a navy Akris […]

Welcoming Houses And Gardens To The Party, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:44am

  Well hello everyone. Coming up on 3 weeks before our blue dry summer’s longest day, it’s my favorite time of year in Northern California. Kind of the Thursday night of seasons – full bacchanalia in sight, but just far enough away that you can pull your enjoyment forward now and feel it twice. You […]

JORD Wooden Watch Winner!

We have a winner of the JORD wooden watch. Kate E., Random says you’re it! Congratulations, and wear in good health. Email me with your shipping address, and we’ll be in business. As it happens, Kate and I have met, at the Jigsaw London event last December. A winner with history. And speaking of […]

The Complicated Math Of Social Covenants

Does anyone remember a couple of posts a while back, here, and here, more like fever dreams, about the carbonate-at-home company known as Sodastream? In which I was asked, along with 49 others, to cover Scarlett Johansson’s sponsorship of the brand? The experience was fairly surreal, but I participated in order to facilitate another giveaway […]

Style Dials, Tea Cups And Daffodils, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:10am

It’s time for the quarterly Privilege blog break. But before I go, one more thought about that Thursday switcheroo. Most of you guys liked most of the the outfit Sue chose – but most of you also hated the Helmut Lang shirt. Here’s the thing. Once I had put on skinny jeans, moto boots, and […]