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25 Things I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well hi everyone! Yes, that was a whole month off. Seems like nothing, right? Here’s what I did. Learned things. As it turns out, August is butterfly time in my neighborhood. Sighted, a Gulf Fritillary, Common Buckeye, Painted Lady, one possible Monarch, innumerable and varied Skippers. Also learned that planting milkweed does not guarantee Monarch […]

Back After Labor Day Leaving Some Older Posts For Your Review, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:42am

Hi my cute buddies. I have kept blogging through the events of my mother’s care, rather than taking my usual quarterly week-long breaks.  But I’ve reached the time to take a deep breath and recover. Nothing is perfect. Mom’s not going to get better, per se. But I have high hopes that her new facility […]

The Privilege Annual Report To The Board – Wrapping Up 2015

Over the years I’ve habitually reported on the workings of this blog to the “board.” That means you. Doing so feels right, it’s a way to retain transparency without cluttering my writings with this kind of statement; “If you click HERE I will earn $0.16, if you buy THIS I will earn $4.05.” Or, on […]

Tough Week, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:58am

Oof, guys, tough week! For me, at least. I hope yours was OK. My mother’s condition has progressed, we are talking and thinking about what to do. This requires reading and writing emails, making phone calls, driving places, occasionally swallowing hard as tears show up from nowhere. It’s a little bit like having half your […]

Happy Birthday Cara, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:48am

Storm clouds threatening while sun burns through the gaps so strongly it makes you squint. My favourite weather. #northuist #westernisles #uist #northuist A photo posted by caratakesphotos (@caratakesphotos) on Jan 8, 2016 at 7:07am PST Today is Cara’s birthday. Who is that, you might ask? They drive me bloody mental but I do love these […]

Untitled, 2015

Advent in Zagreb, A Guest Post By Our Friend, Dottoressa

Today we have Dottoressa, eloquent commenter around the blogosphere, writing from her hometown of Zagreb, Croatia to share her Advent traditions. Welcome D! Feel free to ask questions, everyone! I was truly honoured when Lisa invited me to be a guest at her blog.  I was happy to  accept, so join me this time on […]

The Friendsmas Market Bazaar

Over the years online, I’ve come to know some very talented people. This pleases me. I love recognizing talent, the moment of, “Hey, that one’s got something,” and watching success ensue. So today we have Friendsmas, i.e. a list of my friends who make and sell stuff you might like to put on your Christmas […]

Despite A Few Annoying Characteristics People Are Pretty Wonderful, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:18am

It’s been a week full of friends. The blogosphere veritably blossomed, in-world. I met Chronica Domus, Tish Jett, and Kim of Northern California Style for the first time. I spent a day with Susan from Une Femme. And then I made a December date to meet Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget. Here […]

Upcoming Events With My Friends The Brilliant Style Bloggers

I need to alert you all to a couple of events upcoming in the next few weeks. Two of my favorite over-40 style bloggers, and long-distance friends for that matter, will be hosting events for their books. And, both here in the USA, even though both live in Europe. On November 4th, Tish Jett, author […]

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