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12 Thumbnail Reviews Of 9 Books I Really Loved And 3 That Everyone Else Loved And I Didn’t

I’m always looking for good books and for some reason it’s harder to find them in this time of All The Information than it was in the days of What Is That Interesting Cover On The Bookshop Table? So here’s the table in the front of my pretend book store. Complete with quirky signage and […]

A Review Of Two Useful Style Books, One For Interiors, The Other For Your Grown Up Clothes

I like two different kinds of style books. The first gives you photos or images so glorious you don’t care what the author says. We’ll call those Inspirational Style Dreams. The second kind we’ll call, hmm, Useful Style Friends. Here we want to learn something we didn’t know. We want to hear a voice we […]

How To Grow Your First Rose Garden, 13 Simple And Somewhat Philosophical Steps

The other day I Googled “grow your first rose garden.” The results made me want to quit, right now, despite my bed of 8 happy white rose bushes. “Roses are very hard!” shouts the Internet. But this is rarely true. Most of you will be fine. Wait, do you want a rose garden? I think […]

Was This My Fault? Or, A Review Of Two Books, “Hope and Other Luxuries,” and “Elena Vanishing”

As occasionally happens, I have a book to review. In fact, two books. One, written by a mother, Clare B. Dunkle, an author of young adult fantasy. The other, written by Claire and her adult daughter, Elena. Both recount the years of Elena’s anorexia. Clare’s book is called, ” Hope and Other Luxuries: A Mother’s […]

Presents Anyone Can Give To Me (And By Extension To Their Friends) This Christmas, Ranging From Reasonably Priced To Totally Frugal

  *That song was in fact, Belinda tells us, written by Nick Lowe. Elvis got me through the rocky parts of my 20s, so gotta keep him on the card. My friends, we have come to the final installment of the gift guides you requested for this Christmas season. I hope that if you celebrate […]

It’s My Birthday And This Is What I Wanted

I turn 58 today. My loved ones are generous, I am well-fêted, but doesn’t everyone like to give themselves a little present on their birthday? Here’s mine. No, not a Crystal Palace girder extravaganza, nor a gig at Javits Center. The book. It’s Lena Dunham’s, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You […]

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:42am

Do you ever get an uncontrollable urge to contradict popular memes? If only for the sake of argument? While I have vowed never to become she who grumbles that society is going to hell in a handbasket, one who finds fault daily with the points of modern thought, I give up when it comes to […]

Thumbnail Reviews Of Five Good Books And One Horrid One

I imagine many of you are lifelong and enthusiastic readers. Me too. Someone asked that I post book reviews now and then. Well, on an occasional basis, we just might give it a shot. Here are a few thumbnails of notable and fairly new works. We’ve got five worth a read, and one that may […]

Update: “Forever Chic” Available At Barnes And Noble

As a quick update, Tish Jett’s book, Forever Chic, is still sold out at Amazon, but available at Barnes and Noble. That is all. (So quick, in fact, that I misspelled Noble in the title out of the gate. Corrected now.) Share on Facebook Tweet!

Books For Christmas

In my house of origin, stocking presents were in some ways the best part of Christmas. Mom would tell stories of the little things she’d misplaced, or how something one of the 4 kids opened was intended for another. We’d open the usual goofy Christmas socks and underwear. And as a reading family, we always each […]