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What If Stacy And Clinton Came Back, Took Your Clothes, And Gave You $5000?

How would you put together a wardrobe on $5000? I saw that Stacy London’s on TV again. Clinton’s been back for a while.  So I thought it might be time to have a What To Wear extravaganza of our own. We don’t do shame here, so we’ll leave out the Not. My take.   How […]

Use The Shopbop Sale To Get Ready For Spring

Shopbop, an online store featuring many of the slight edgier but still mainstream designers, has a sale on. It’s tiered – meaning the percentage given depends on how much you spend – and uses the code: BIGEVENT15. I’m going to buy a pair of Citizens of Humanity white jeans for spring. I had been eyeing […]

La Garçonne 20% Off Current Sale Prices For President’s Day

Today is the last day of La Garçonne’s President’s Day Sale. Home of Tomboy Luxe, they’re giving us 20% off their already discounted sale, which means some items are now 60% off total. And there’s still good stuff available, with the code LGPD20. 20% off $772.00 will take your final price closer to $600. Invest […]

How To Create Fun, Memorable, Even Beautiful, Christmas Traditions On A Budget

You all asked me for some posts about holidays on limited budgets. I’m right there with you, and it’s actually quite a lovely spot. We’ve got options. For example, we can shift the focus from gifts to ambiance. Consider decor, and the many ways to intensify the jolly without diluting net worth. Wallet-Respecting Yet Christmas-Cheering […]

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, In Moderation

Today begins the American season of winter holiday shopping. Some of you may venture into stores. I’ll wave to you from my long-suffering sofa. I probably won’t even start Christmas purchasing for another week, if we’re honest. But some of you, nay many of you, are probably way more organized. For you, then, to whom […]

The Jigsaw London Sale Is On And I Am Off Next Week

Another brief sale notice, this time from our friends at Jigsaw, who are winning all the awards for Tops That Are Kind To Your Middle. Here’s a summer version of my favorite Jersey Peasant Top, seen here with long sleeves, and below with short. And another, for those who can do vivid. Sizes are limited […]

A Most Astonishing Sale At The Outnet

The clearance sale is on at the Outnet. Amazing deals. As in 80% off. I now own this, to wear with white jeans in the summer. Silk satin, $85 down from $425. I just hope that really is a blueish tone in the pattern. If not, I’ll give it to my mom who looks great […]

Something Else You Should Think About Buying Although It Doesn’t Fit Me

Tomboys love to polish up their jeans with a casual jacket. Inspired by a post from Sally at Already Pretty, I ordered this one from the GAP. Alas, Broad Shoulders, with their ally Moderate Bustline, strike again. Good feel, no fit. (Yeah, I’m making baseball jokes. Spring is in the air.) However, if you are […]

Shop Like A Grande Dame, On A Moyenne Dame Budget

Even Reggie Darling admits, if one wants to shop like a Grande Dame, it helps to be an heiress. All right then. How about those of us who work for a living? What of those who want a few Dame-esque pieces, but aren’t the sort to gussy up day in day out? I took a […]

5 Key Steps To Take Before You Sell Anything On eBay – A Guest Post From Alicia Kan

As I have said, my 2014 resolutions require some advance clearing. First up, space, both physical and mental. I have a few pieces of very nice clothing (not to mention 10 pairs of new-in-bag Freed pointe shoes from my daughters days as a dancer) that felt too nice for Goodwill, and too old to give […]

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