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The Jigsaw London Sale Is On And I Am Off Next Week

Another brief sale notice, this time from our friends at Jigsaw, who are winning all the awards for Tops That Are Kind To Your Middle. Here’s a summer version of my favorite Jersey Peasant Top, seen here with long sleeves, and below with short. And another, for those who can do vivid. Sizes are limited […]

A Most Astonishing Sale At The Outnet

The clearance sale is on at the Outnet. Amazing deals. As in 80% off. I now own this, to wear with white jeans in the summer. Silk satin, $85 down from $425. I just hope that really is a blueish tone in the pattern. If not, I’ll give it to my mom who looks great […]

Something Else You Should Think About Buying Although It Doesn’t Fit Me

Tomboys love to polish up their jeans with a casual jacket. Inspired by a post from Sally at Already Pretty, I ordered this one from the GAP. Alas, Broad Shoulders, with their ally Moderate Bustline, strike again. Good feel, no fit. (Yeah, I’m making baseball jokes. Spring is in the air.) However, if you are […]

Shop Like A Grande Dame, On A Moyenne Dame Budget

Even Reggie Darling admits, if one wants to shop like a Grande Dame, it helps to be an heiress. All right then. How about those of us who work for a living? What of those who want a few Dame-esque pieces, but aren’t the sort to gussy up day in day out? I took a […]

5 Key Steps To Take Before You Sell Anything On eBay – A Guest Post From Alicia Kan

As I have said, my 2014 resolutions require some advance clearing. First up, space, both physical and mental. I have a few pieces of very nice clothing (not to mention 10 pairs of new-in-bag Freed pointe shoes from my daughters days as a dancer) that felt too nice for Goodwill, and too old to give […]

Tidbit: UNIQLO Sale, My Favorite Low Cost Retailer Of All

Hey guys, UNIQLO is having a sale. You can find the UK site here, and the US, here.¬† UNIQLO US didn’t give me a pretty red square, more’s the pity. For my money, UNIQLO is the highest quality low cost retailer around. I’ve bought their tees, this jacket which was perhaps my all-time favorite of […]

The Budget Version Of A Festive Hostess Outfit

I hear you. My picks tend towards the expensive. Let’s fix that. Voil√† a version of the outfit I posted Friday, sourced all from Target, Zappos, Dillard’s and other moderate-price retailers. In shifting down the cost curve, you want to follow a few key principles. Stick to one neutral shade, i.e. all gray, all taupe, […]

Don’t You Love Realizing It’s Going To Be Summer, Again?

It’s almost here, guys. Summer in all its warm-calf glory. You know what I mean? How the warmed wind feels on your legs? I pretend that this is what I will wear to do errands. Summer by amidprivilege featuring 18k jewelry Those pants are fancyish, by Alberta Ferreti. But my dream of cobalt blue was […]

Dressing Well Without Chanel: The Red Carpet At T.J. Maxx

Something like 30 years ago, I had to hurriedly buy an outfit for a fancy affair. I wound up in Carolyn Charles. She would become a favorite of Lady Di several years later, but that day I knew only that I had to be some place glamourous, with famous people, in a few hours. I […]

5 Good-Looking Products At 5 Very Nice Prices

Let’s talk about good taste. We know it’s not the same as money. Expensive tastelessness is everywhere. However, finding the inexpensive tasteful can take a little work. Advanced tasteful in particular. First level, raise-no-eyebrows style, like a plain white toaster, gray tee, or black and white photograph of your kids is pretty easy to come […]