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Tidbit: UNIQLO Sale, My Favorite Low Cost Retailer Of All

Hey guys, UNIQLO is having a sale. You can find the UK site here, and the US, here.  UNIQLO US didn’t give me a pretty red square, more’s the pity. For my money, UNIQLO is the highest quality low cost retailer around. I’ve bought their tees, this jacket which was perhaps my all-time favorite of […]

The Budget Version Of A Festive Hostess Outfit

I hear you. My picks tend towards the expensive. Let’s fix that. Voilà a version of the outfit I posted Friday, sourced all from Target, Zappos, Dillard’s and other moderate-price retailers. In shifting down the cost curve, you want to follow a few key principles. Stick to one neutral shade, i.e. all gray, all taupe, […]

Don’t You Love Realizing It’s Going To Be Summer, Again?

It’s almost here, guys. Summer in all its warm-calf glory. You know what I mean? How the warmed wind feels on your legs? I pretend that this is what I will wear to do errands. Summer by amidprivilege featuring 18k jewelry Those pants are fancyish, by Alberta Ferreti. But my dream of cobalt blue was […]

Dressing Well Without Chanel: The Red Carpet At T.J. Maxx

Something like 30 years ago, I had to hurriedly buy an outfit for a fancy affair. I wound up in Carolyn Charles. She would become a favorite of Lady Di several years later, but that day I knew only that I had to be some place glamourous, with famous people, in a few hours. I […]

5 Good-Looking Products At 5 Very Nice Prices

Let’s talk about good taste. We know it’s not the same as money. Expensive tastelessness is everywhere. However, finding the inexpensive tasteful can take a little work. Advanced tasteful in particular. First level, raise-no-eyebrows style, like a plain white toaster, gray tee, or black and white photograph of your kids is pretty easy to come […]

When High WASPs Go Hipster. Or Try.

We can recognize High WASP style fairly easily. Pearls. Navy blue. Black Ferragamos and white button-fronts. Hunter green cable sweaters with hunter green wide wale cords and family brooches. Peach cashmere tunics, long gold chains, bags without logos. Even embroidered backpacks from a trip to Thailand. But, now and again, High WASPs flirt with hipster-hood, […]

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