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Should I Give My Boss A Gift?

The worst holiday present I ever got came from someone I quite liked. It wasn’t an insult or lump of coal. Nor was it wrapped in glitter paper, to explode into the carpet and sparkle like a drunk party-crasher. Nope, it was simply a present from a peer at work. Wine maybe. But it was […]

Blue Gray UNIQLO, Meet Lavender J. Crew: The Back Story

This is a story about color, and other stuff. I’m wearing a UNIQLO jacket, Anniel oxfords, chandelier earrings from Beladora, lavender pencil skirt and French blue tee from J. Crew. (They can call it Heather Blueberry all they like but I refuse to participate). Also hair which is now 100% whatever color it so chooses, […]

I’ll Have The Same, In Several Colors

Experimenting with style can be fun. Even a part of personality growth and emotional development, if you bring a little self-awareness to the process. But sometimes you just wanna wear what works. Which leads to owning the same piece of clothing in several colors. When my sister gave me the Jigsaw Henley in navy, I […]

The Privilege Of Power, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:39am

Well good morning everyone. Had an offsite work happy hour last night. As I got ready to exit our offices, someone asked one of the guys on my team, “Are you going?” “Oh,” he said, in a good-humored and deliberately over-hearable tone, “I’m just waiting for my boss to leave.” I said at the same […]

Finding Your Work Tribe, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:26am

I was thinking at some point this week – maybe walking to work, maybe reading an email from an old colleague, maybe after a joking exchange in my offices – that “optimizing skill and passion” gets us only so far in finding the right career. The last mile, as they say, comes when you find […]

You Never Know What You’ll Learn At A Conference, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:32am

Sigh. Let’s enjoy a moment of quiet. To be precise, a moment of refrigerator hum complete with disturbing rattle. We’ll ignore domestic disturbances. I was in New York last week, at Ignition 2012. It’s a conference held twice a year, where various executives speak on aspects of technology and business. Fascinating. Almost like traveling to […]

What To Wear To A Job Interview In Midlife

The wonderful Dejà Pseu invited me to post with her on the topic of job interview attire. She’s done the same today, and you can find her ideas here. I’m not looking yet, so as to see what we come up with, independently. All in the service of dispassionate information for you, the best readers […]

Does Women’s Television Workwear Mean Anything? Anything At All?

Nobody expects women on television to dress as they do in real life. At least not in the USA. Especially not working women. Female FBI agents in 3-inch heels chase down sneakered criminals, women cops unbutton their third button, girl doctors sport very good hair. Oh well. It’s imaginary. But three current American programs star heroines […]

A Small Work Wardrobe That Doesn’t Bore The Beejesus Out Of Me

I’ve been at my new job for 9 months now. And I believe I have pretty much settled on a work wardrobe. It’s not very big. Witness the list. Eight pairs of pants: Two pairs of J. Crew bootleg cords, one dark brown, one black, two pairs of 7 for All Mankind jeans, one Dojo […]

Some Days You Don’t Want To Live Up To Your Clothes. Am I Right?

Some days I just don’t want to live up to my clothes. Perhaps the physical fails. My hair isn’t clean enough, my eyes not bright, I’m tired. Perhaps it’s the emotional. Every now and then I misplace my will. Don’t want to soldier on. But, well, that’s what they pay us for. In those moments, […]