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Announcing Rare Fiber, A New Kind Of Consultancy Deeply Rooted In Design And Culture

The Internet is a wondrous thing. At some point it introduced me to Grace O’Sullivan, connector par excellence, charismatic as heck. At some point, Grace asked if I’d join her in a new consultancy, Rare Fiber. Yes. I would. Here’s what we’re doing, and when I say “we” I’m one of 19 contributors. From the […]

What Should You Wear To Speak On A Panel About Two Of Your Great Life Interests?

As you may remember, back before Christmas, I was asked to participate in a panel about the Apple Watch. Wristly, the sponsoring firm, had found me via my review, here. As you can imagine, deciding what to wear that day required serious deconstruction. I considered my options across several axes, as one does. Modern vs. classic, […]

“Finternships” Could Make Use Of So Much Knowledge Capital, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:03am

It’s possible I have too much time on my hands. That’s quite an image. I see my hands, on the keyboard. Are they weighed down? No. I have time enough, just time enough. But I do have more capacity than I’m using. It’s been two years since I retired. In that time, I’ve been a […]

Brooks Brothers’ Friends & Family Sale, Now Until Tuesday

(Publishing on a Sunday as is not the usual practice, because, stock is running low.) Everyone knows Brooks Brothers makes classic clothing. Everyone may not know that the company occasionally offers their classic pieces in materials from luxury European fabric houses. Besides, Brooks waves a navy flag like no one else. Right now they’re running […]

Is Drudgery Inevitable, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:24am

Compiling 100 entries for the Pearl Source giveaway took longer than predicted. I started yesterday afternoon, lost steam last night, finished up this morning. Larks are like that. I’ve announced the winner on the original post. Congrats! I also thought, as I painstakingly entered the appropriate names into a spreadsheet (having reread all the comments […]

Should I Give My Boss A Gift?

The worst holiday present I ever got came from someone I quite liked. It wasn’t an insult or lump of coal. Nor was it wrapped in glitter paper, to explode into the carpet and sparkle like a drunk party-crasher. Nope, it was simply a present from a peer at work. Wine maybe. But it was […]

Blue Gray UNIQLO, Meet Lavender J. Crew: The Back Story

This is a story about color, and other stuff. I’m wearing a UNIQLO jacket, Anniel oxfords, chandelier earrings from Beladora, lavender pencil skirt and French blue tee from J. Crew. (They can call it Heather Blueberry all they like but I refuse to participate). Also hair which is now 100% whatever color it so chooses, […]

I’ll Have The Same, In Several Colors

Experimenting with style can be fun. Even a part of personality growth and emotional development, if you bring a little self-awareness to the process. But sometimes you just wanna wear what works. Which leads to owning the same piece of clothing in several colors. When my sister gave me the Jigsaw Henley in navy, I […]

The Privilege Of Power, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:39am

Well good morning everyone. Had an offsite work happy hour last night. As I got ready to exit our offices, someone asked one of the guys on my team, “Are you going?” “Oh,” he said, in a good-humored and deliberately over-hearable tone, “I’m just waiting for my boss to leave.” I said at the same […]

Finding Your Work Tribe, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:26am

I was thinking at some point this week – maybe walking to work, maybe reading an email from an old colleague, maybe after a joking exchange in my offices – that “optimizing skill and passion” gets us only so far in finding the right career. The last mile, as they say, comes when you find […]