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Let Us Remember That Presents Can Be Awesome, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:57am

My Aunt L., she of the recent 80th birthday and head prefect of Sturdy Gal Academy, gives all her adult nieces and nephews Christmas presents. I will point out, there are a lot of us. Win had 4 daughters, my mother 3 daughters and 1 son. But every year Aunt L. wraps and delivers to […]

Presents Anyone Can Give To Me (And By Extension To Their Friends) This Christmas, Ranging From Reasonably Priced To Totally Frugal

  *That song was in fact, Belinda tells us, written by Nick Lowe. Elvis got me through the rocky parts of my 20s, so gotta keep him on the card. My friends, we have come to the final installment of the gift guides you requested for this Christmas season. I hope that if you celebrate […]

Host Gifts For The Male High WASP Style Archetypes

Sometimes, your host is a man. If he’s High WASP or, no matter his background, exhibits telltale similar behaviors, here are a few brief suggestions for gifts on arrival. Arrive at the Master of the Universe’s party with your smart phone to hand. Take your host aside and tell him, if anyone needs a ride […]

Hostess Gifts For The Style Archetypes

Along come holiday parties, laughing all the way. It’s so nice when guests bring presents. But here’s the rub. Everybody can find something to hate about anything, “Can you BELIEVE she brought a perfectly hand-crafted widget that she had the GALL to make with her own hands? She KNOWS I have no space.” So don’t […]

How To Create Fun, Memorable, Even Beautiful, Christmas Traditions On A Budget

You all asked me for some posts about holidays on limited budgets. I’m right there with you, and it’s actually quite a lovely spot. We’ve got options. For example, we can shift the focus from gifts to ambiance. Consider decor, and the many ways to intensify the jolly without diluting net worth. Wallet-Respecting Yet Christmas-Cheering […]

Winter Holiday Traditions Of One High WASP Family

Somewhat surprisingly, the winter holiday traditions of my High WASP family were not strictly related to wealth. At least not to its consumption. Nor did they resemble Downton Abbey, except in the candlesticks and changing for meals. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so we’ll slow down, and take a reasonably well-organized stroll through High […]

Family Photography Shoots For Cards, And Gifts, And Art

Towards the end of 2013, for his birthday or maybe Christmas, I gave my brother a family photography session. Last he, my sister-in-law and Cute Nephew met up with the photographer, and spent the morning wandering around San Francisco’s Mission District. My sister-in-law is now working on a photo book for grandparents. Shhhh. They’re also […]

The Privilege Pre-Holiday Season Report To The Board, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

Time for the Privilege Report To The Board, in which I show a few numbers, and discuss issues of strategic concern. I’ve done this before, through the years, in an effort to stay transparent. This time it’s particularly important, if only to my mental health, because the season of Buy It All has arrived. If […]

A Last Minute Christmas, High WASP Style

There should be no shame in a last minute Christmas. We all have our reasons, whether it’s work, travel, or difficulty finding the spirit. I remember the rush very well. And I was thinking, could we solve the problem online? Luckily, the Internet loves us unconditionally. First, let’s assume we find a tree somewhere. That’s […]

Last Minute Present Suggestions

Just in case you’re a last minute shopper, as I am most years, I offer a few suggestions. 1. Naracamicie has opened an online store. Finally. I like this white eyelet blouse, for someone headed to a warm climate. Or this one in burgundy, for an only slightly ironic Christmas Eve. I haven’t checked if […]