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Family Photography Shoots For Cards, And Gifts, And Art

Towards the end of 2013, for his birthday or maybe Christmas, I gave my brother a family photography session. Last he, my sister-in-law and Cute Nephew met up with the photographer, and spent the morning wandering around San Francisco’s Mission District. My sister-in-law is now working on a photo book for grandparents. Shhhh. They’re also […]

The Privilege Pre-Holiday Season Report To The Board, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

Time for the Privilege Report To The Board, in which I show a few numbers, and discuss issues of strategic concern. I’ve done this before, through the years, in an effort to stay transparent. This time it’s particularly important, if only to my mental health, because the season of Buy It All has arrived. If […]

A Last Minute Christmas, High WASP Style

There should be no shame in a last minute Christmas. We all have our reasons, whether it’s work, travel, or difficulty finding the spirit. I remember the rush very well. And I was thinking, could we solve the problem online? Luckily, the Internet loves us unconditionally. First, let’s assume we find a tree somewhere. That’s […]

Last Minute Present Suggestions

Just in case you’re a last minute shopper, as I am most years, I offer a few suggestions. 1. Naracamicie has opened an online store. Finally. I like this white eyelet blouse, for someone headed to a warm climate. Or this one in burgundy, for an only slightly ironic Christmas Eve. I haven’t checked if […]

Extravagance, Economy, Endorphins With Privilege On A Femme D’un Certain Age

Good morning. Do you have your coffee? Tea? Wonderful. Today I invite you to join me chez Tish, she who writes the wonderful blog, A Femme d’Un Certain Age. I have a guest post there, the Privilege[d] Gift Guide, in which we discuss luxury, both imagined and real. It’s a list of what we might […]

How To Survive A (Very Large) Family Christmas, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:10am

I hope everyone, celebrating or not, had a wonderful time yesterday. Let me now review time-honored principles of wonderfulness on Christmas, and other family gatherings. 1. Cook good food. In our case, roast chickens stuffed with lemons and rosemary, (or apples and onions), a rib-eye roast of grass-fed beef with Bearnaise sauce, sauteed kale with […]

From my Finger Paint iPhone app. With a little Photoshop. Because it’s never too late to learn something new. Very, very, very best wishes to all. Share on Facebook Tweet!

The High WASP Christmas Tree And Its Friends

High WASPs are, as my mother would say, big pills about Christmas trees. About all Christmas decorations, actually. No matter how evolved we fancy ourselves, come Christmas, we revert. We don’t believe Christmas decorations are decor. They are symbols. They are family. As such, to be revered, experienced for meaning, and rarely changed. Everything has […]

11 Terribly Suitable High WASP Presents. OK, OK, Gifts.

Presents. We like to call them presents. Do High WASPs give a certain kind of Christmas present? Is everything monogrammed, crystal, silver, or very, very old? Featuring horses? Greyhounds? Plaid? Luckily, no. Mostly, like everyone, we want to give our friends and family things they might like to have. We ask each other, before Christmas, […]