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Art From Friends And Family, Brigitte Carnochan In Many Guises

I forgot something important in my long post about house plans. The photography of Brigitte Carnochan, my stepmother. On the one hand, her gallery work. I want one of the platinum/palladium triptychs in the Valley Grasses series, maybe two over time, for our master bedroom. In real life, the platinum printing lends these pieces an […]

The Christmas Tightrope Of Obligation And Desire, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:04am

I was thinking about Christmas, which, for those of us who celebrate, is imminent. (Not immanent. By correctness shall ye know I’m in High WASP mode albeit recovering.) There’s this photograph, perhaps the only one we have of my family-of-origin Christmases, but certainly the only one that’s been framed and kept. My littlest sister, all […]

8 + 8 Presents For My Children, Past And, Well, Present

I have been extravagant with my children over the years. Not when they were little — few electronics, no cashmere hoodies. I did once try to dress my daughter in a beautiful silk shortall from Dad’s family, but that lasted all of 7 minutes. And there was no point giving either kid big expensive toys. […]

Should You Happen To Be Organized Enough To Take Advantage Of Online Sales On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, and if not, a survivable one. I advocate going nowhere at all today, unless it’s a family tradition, but if you’re really organized you might be online shopping. Here are the sales at sites/merchants I have been known to frequent. Also, a few things that I’d be happy […]

To My 2nd Sister, Plannerina In Full Force Around Here

In my family of origin, we’re 3 sisters and a brother. All have kids. Got hectic and costly come Christmastime. At a certain point, we decided that we’d give presents to all the nieces and nephews, but draw among siblings and spouses. For example, I might give a present to 2nd Sister’s Husband, but receive […]

Let Us Remember That Presents Can Be Awesome, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:57am

My Aunt L., she of the recent 80th birthday and head prefect of Sturdy Gal Academy, gives all her adult nieces and nephews Christmas presents. I will point out, there are a lot of us. Win had 4 daughters, my mother 3 daughters and 1 son. But every year Aunt L. wraps and delivers to […]

Presents Anyone Can Give To Me (And By Extension To Their Friends) This Christmas, Ranging From Reasonably Priced To Totally Frugal

  *That song was in fact, Belinda tells us, written by Nick Lowe. Elvis got me through the rocky parts of my 20s, so gotta keep him on the card. My friends, we have come to the final installment of the gift guides you requested for this Christmas season. I hope that if you celebrate […]

Host Gifts For The Male High WASP Style Archetypes

Sometimes, your host is a man. If he’s High WASP or, no matter his background, exhibits telltale similar behaviors, here are a few brief suggestions for gifts on arrival. Arrive at the Master of the Universe’s party with your smart phone to hand. Take your host aside and tell him, if anyone needs a ride […]

Hostess Gifts For The Style Archetypes

Along come holiday parties, laughing all the way. It’s so nice when guests bring presents. But here’s the rub. Everybody can find something to hate about anything, “Can you BELIEVE she brought a perfectly hand-crafted widget that she had the GALL to make with her own hands? She KNOWS I have no space.” So don’t […]

How To Create Fun, Memorable, Even Beautiful, Christmas Traditions On A Budget

You all asked me for some posts about holidays on limited budgets. I’m right there with you, and it’s actually quite a lovely spot. We’ve got options. For example, we can shift the focus from gifts to ambiance. Consider decor, and the many ways to intensify the jolly without diluting net worth. Wallet-Respecting Yet Christmas-Cheering […]

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