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Volunteering To Teach, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:51am

I went back to school on Wednesday. Not as student, but volunteering again as I did last year. The teacher was finally ready to open her class to helpers. This is first grade, in a well-to-do suburb on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula. Kids from the east side of town comprise most of its […]

Volunteering, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:26am

So here’s something happy. Back in 2015 I watched all of The Wire, and decided I needed to volunteer in a challenged school district. As my son told me later, such a white person thing to do. But, good acts may rescue poor intentions. In any case, early this year I finally organized the paperwork […]

When Children’s Rooms Grow Up

You guys up for another game of Give Lisa Your Opinions On Color? It was so much fun with the front door, let’s play for my “studio!” Yes, as part of my house interior update, my son’s room is becoming a “studio.” I use the quotation marks because I have not yet earned the right […]

When It All Begins – Back To School In Teen And Pre-Teen Style

At what point in our lives do we first consider style? Parents dress their babes, grandparents unearth treasures for grandchildren, but big kids start to develop their own tastes as they approach the teen years. Some, of course, are late bloomers. Hands up. We spent my 6th grade year in London, and I wore a […]

Saturday Morning at 9:24am

Sometimes the other people who have cute children put videos of said children up on YouTube. I imagine this will be all over the world by the end of the weekend. One of the cutest things ever. If you like cute kid videos I also recommend you go to YouTube and search for “Charlie bit […]

Saturday Morning at 8:17am

Sometimes other people have cute grandchildren. These belong to smiles4u2 at My Life Interrupted. She and her husband are raising the the littler girl and the older boy themselves. From the sounds of it, doing a very good job. Go read her post about “little man,” as she calls him. The thought we put into […]

Saturday Morning At 7:22am

Ah. Saturday. Tea. Toast. Morning. It’s also the 4th of July. A holiday which if we’re lucky involves fireworks, lakes, oceans, charred food, cold drinks, children, and watermelon. Let me do my part by introducing Pretty Girl (as she is known) to you. She is Lipstick at the Mailbox‘s daughter. Cute as a bug in […]

Saturday Morning at 10:10am

My children are growing and grown. No chubbiness anywhere in the vicinity. Everyone is in control of their own hair and the clothes on their bodies. Luckily other people keep having kids. Cute kids. Really cute kids. Let me introduce you to Zoe. Oh my god. Have you ever seen such a beautiful little girl? […]

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