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A Visit To The California Estate Of Filoli, Complete With Family Dreams Of Wendover

Last weekend, I visited Filoli, a Northern Californian turn-of-last-century estate. Well-known, much-visited, somehow I’d never made the trip. A reader of this blog was living temporarily on the Peninsula. We’d chatted about local things to do, and before she left she was kind enough to suggest, “How about Filoli, together?” It’s pronounced Figh-Low-Lee, by the […]

The Summer Snaps, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:54am

I felt it. Yesterday I felt the summer snap, and open to its descent. The second rose bloom is blowsy now, and the insects full of feast. Anyone who thinks we don’t have weather in California just doesn’t feel light. A lifetime here and you come to understand summer as, mythically perhaps, the Inuit do […]

Rest In Peace, Muggs

My father and stepmother lost their dearly beloved lab yesterday. Here is Muggs the dog, as a pup. And here he is last week. Twelve and a half years of such a sweet boy. He will be missed. Images: My stepmother the photographer

Smalls, Swimming, Swinging, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:23am

My youngest sister is in town. With her husband and 3 kids aged almost-10, 8, and 3-and-a-half. Which means I spent yesterday, for the most part, in contact with babyflesh. Oh yay. I had forgotten how it feels when smalls cuddle up to you, engrossed in something you show them. When you’re just the safe […]

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