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The Ideal Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools For The Meal I Don’t Have To Cook This Year

This Thanksgiving I’m not cooking. And I’m thankful. In past years I’ve gone to town with various menus. This year both kids will be elsewhere, and my husband and I, as we did in 2014, are going out to eat. Let us hope the food is better this time. As we enjoy the lacuna, for […]

A Small But Abundant Garden Party, In Green, Pink And Aqua – With A Bit Of Gold

The party for my stepmother was beautiful. A little gem of a fête. Spring green tablecloths, white chairs, turquoise and mint Chinese lanterns in the bright, bright sun. Gold-rimmed chargers. Low-power wires courtesy our telephone company, I have suggested they bury them, many a time, for some reason no ones’s jumped at the chance. Below, […]

Happy Birthday Brigitte, Or, Saturday Morning At 7:28am

Today we’re hosting a back yard party for my stepmother. She turned 75 a couple of weeks ago, and while someone may deserve a fête more than she, it’s no one I know. I post the magnolia above in her honor. I was hoping it would still be blooming creamy white today, alas, it’s browned […]

What Do You Wear To A Family Christmas?

Iona asked, in these comments, what do people wear for family Christmas? I believe in to each their own at home. All about the ugly sweaters? Have at it. Fair isles and kilts? Good look, of type. But that’s not what you’d see at Carnochan Christmas. We’re neither casual casual in jeans, nor fancy fancy […]

What Scares The High WASP Most, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:18am

What scares a High WASP most? The desire to make Art. Perhaps because it in turn makes clear you are trying and you care. Happy Hallowe’en! Let’s keep the apostrophe but give away all our candy! Oh, and if you’re in the mood for absurd crafts, a recent jack o’lantern hack. For stories, remembering my […]

Something Original And Beautiful For Winter Hospitality

I love a last minute holiday rush. Malls, Amazon deliveries, and late night wrapping. No early Christmas shopping for me. But I like to ready my hospitality in advance. Something about preparing for guests soothes the soul in a way that buying presents does not. You? Last year, in preparation for and celebration of the […]

Thanks And Favorites, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:34am

About that Thanksgiving menu. The Diestel heritage turkey, delicious. A meat thermometer is critical, however, as it cooked much faster than advised. Gravy from roux (half pan drippings, half butter, plus flour) and giblet stock, with chopped turkey liver? Do pour in the glass of wine that the Diestel site recommends. Tasted just like mom […]

Host Gifts For The Male High WASP Style Archetypes

Sometimes, your host is a man. If he’s High WASP or, no matter his background, exhibits telltale similar behaviors, here are a few brief suggestions for gifts on arrival. Arrive at the Master of the Universe’s party with your smart phone to hand. Take your host aside and tell him, if anyone needs a ride […]

7 Pieces For A Non-Rustic Thanksgiving Table: Posh, Or Nosh?

Anyone else out there with a fangirl love for table settings? Oh the crystal, oh the gilt, oh the gleam. While I appreciate rustic Thanksgiving tables – n a hello pretty picture kind of way – my heart belongs to fancy. Or, as the British say so endearingly, “Posh.” Perhaps I have a few allies […]

One New Piece For The Entertaining Holidays: From Sky’s The Limit To, “Hey! I Could Get That!”

As I’ve said before, if I don’t get myself one new piece for the holidays, I’m prone to a certain wistful regret. Celebrations feel just a little more celebratory in new duds. This year, I’m thinking about a new party top. See, I’m almost always the one cooking, if not as the head chef then […]

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