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Tailgating With ALL The Gear

So, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. I’m always surprised when this happens, we’re too Alternative to be good at sports, right? Apparently not! This weekend Significant Husband and I went walking out behind the ballpark Do you know how beautiful this city is? Look. A photo posted by Lisa Carnochan (@amidprivilege) on […]

Three Cocktail Party Stories

Cocktail parties are generally imagined as frivolous and sparkly. We assume clinking, drinking, even plinking. But it’s not always so. Doesn’t everyone remember some events as more than a fête, decades down the road? 1. A Christmas Throng At Princeton University, With Mistletoe, Punch, And Football 1975. My sophomore year at Princeton, 3 roommates and […]

The Budget Version Of A Festive Hostess Outfit

I hear you. My picks tend towards the expensive. Let’s fix that. Voilà a version of the outfit I posted Friday, sourced all from Target, Zappos, Dillard’s and other moderate-price retailers. In shifting down the cost curve, you want to follow a few key principles. Stick to one neutral shade, i.e. all gray, all taupe, […]

The Unpredictable Dangers Of Dating Etiquette

One should never ignore the value of good manners. Equal parts simple human courtesy and protocol, manners blunt the sharp edges of social machinery and quiet our squeaks of need. Now, if you don’t understand simple human courtesy, I cannot help you. We do well, however, to discuss both the value and limitations of protocol. […]

Invitations, Then, Now, And Tomorrow, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:02am

  My mom turns 80 this year, and we’ve decided to extend the festivities to a family reunion. I’ve been coordinating the logistics, timing, location, amongst all the cousins. On email, of course. So when the time came to put together an invitation,  I clicked over to the Paperless Post website, browsed their templates, chose […]

Dinner With The Donald. And Some Others.

We’ve all been to at least one good dinner party, right? Define the good, you say? Warm light, shoes off, laughter. Food delicious enough that the conversation stops for a minute. Comfort and joy. The unmistakable thrill of connection and invention. With an open slate, who would you invite? Only people who know how to […]

Saturday Nights, Or, Saturday Morning At 7:13am

Photo by Lauren’s friend George who has a Flickr page here. He takes beautiful pictures. Lauren, at kidchamp, put up this photo of her Rapture soiree. I found it so evocative of all the good dinner parties I’ve been to, or thrown, over the years. Granted my horizon was suburban, but I think the captured […]

High WASP Entertaining, If Online Invitations Were Perfect

Just imagine if online invitations were layered, interactive, beautiful, evocative. (Given that I am not a visual designer, the imagination part is key.) Imagine that there are designers out there and you love their stuff. That part’s not hard. For example, Erin at inkOBSESSIONdesigns. I think her graphics are adorable. This birdie, for one.My personal […]

High WASP Entertaining, The Artifacts

The question is, when to bring out the artifacts? For example, Should we put guacamole in this? Too small. Camellias? Maybe. Nuts? Too big unless someone REALLY loves Brazil nuts. But it’s yours. And it’s family. And it’s pretty. So you bring it, and its peers, out along with the grapevine glazed platters from Crate […]

High WASP Entertaining, The Family Gathering

Theme parties aside, the High WASP’s most favorite sort of entertaining is the family gathering. Let’s face it. It’s tiring being a High WASP. All that social signaling. I am sighing at the thought. At family gatherings, you will not offend anyone with incorrect signals. The language is shared. You may offend someone by calling […]

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