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How To Start A Yoga Practice Without Feeling Either Inept Or Overly Annoyed

The basic poses you need to know before you go to a beginning yoga poses, especially if you are over 50.

Upside Down Backwards Right Way Round, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:02am

Two things happened in yoga this week. Don’t worry, the stories don’t require that you know the practice, or, if you know it, that you like it. So first, a teacher substituted in my Wednesday beginning class, and taught at an intermediate level. I was fine, I’m ready to edge forward. But there was a woman attending […]

Getting My Body Back In My Fifties, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:19am

When I look back to my resolutions earlier this year, a few things hit me smack in the face. To you, my board of directors, a progress report. Not quite mid-year, but what’s a month between friends? The first slide, in bullet points, reads: Stalled I have not yet donated the $1K to Dress For […]

How To Get "Tunic" Arms

In our recent discussion of the hunt for tunics, many of you commiserated with my desire to stop sucking in my stomach. “Enough already,” we said. “We just want to breathe as nature intended.” However, many of you also expressed concern over revealing your arms. I believe I have found a solution. And, now that […]

To Be This AND That

Sometimes our efforts to stretch, to take a risk, to be both this and that, leave us humbled. Humbled and muddy. I have a pond in my backyard. I’ve always been the type to avoid home maintenance. It scares me. But it’s never to late to learn, or so I hoped. In the last few […]

They Don’t Make It Easy To Exercise On Exercise TV

They don’t make it easy. The other day I got up early, as usual. That isn’t the part that Exercise TV is to blame for. I decided not to take a walk. Not their fault either. I decided to do a couple of Exercise TV On Demand segments. My sister, my daughter and I are […]

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