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Links To My 8 Favorites Among Victoria Beckham’s Collaboration With Target

And here are links to my 8 favorites in the Beckham/Target lookbook. Am very curious to see how these work when implemented in real fabrics in real life. All polyesters are not the same. Note that most pieces are available in both plus and standard sizes. White shift with kooky black flowers Shiny calla lily top […]

Victoria Beckham X Target Collaboration, Yes, You Read That Right And May Cheer

This Sunday the products of Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Target go live on Target’s site. Possibly at midnight tonight – I haven’t gotten an answer about timing. The goods will be in stores too, although I hope not at midnight. I love Beckham’s stuff. Lady, meet Edge. At Barney’s, her stuff looks like this and costs >$2000. And […]

Bandanas Of The Heart And Hearth

As the USA moves into spring we applaud the sun and light (even as we shiver in the evening or wake up to a blanket of March snow.) Is sky blue and cozy the perfect spring pairing? I recently bought this small “lace” cashmere scarf.   Perfect for spring days when the wind is colder […]

That Same Dress, Yes, Again, New Boots

#TBT, as they say, Throwback Thursday, to Valentine’s Day night. A post shared by Lisa Carnochan (@amidprivilege) on Feb 16, 2017 at 8:52am PST As we see I succumbed to the brown boots, and having done so, realized I longed for a little blue to liven the look. Luckily, I’m blue-endowed. And so it went. […]

When You Didn’t Know You Needed A Sequin Bomber Jacket But You Did

My Christmas present in this years draw. Thank you to my stepmother, who knew I needed this when I did not. Worn here on Instagram, on sale 40% off here. Note: I usually wear a size 6 or 8 in American jackets. I’m wearing this in a 34  – small, in other words, which makes […]

La Garçonne, Thoughtfully On Sale

A good sale’s on at La Garçonne, site for Polished Tomboy gear. While I’ve never enjoyed the models’ deadpan stares, and find some of the clothes too-too, they do very well at upleveled basics. Which Polished Tomboys appreciate beyond measure. Red tartan from from Comme des Garçons anyone? Isabel Marant also offers a gorgeous red […]

Real Life Presents For Women From Bouncing Babies All The Way To Elders

Presents. We High WASPs we call them presents, even though the word “Present” doesn’t sound as good with “Guide,” as the word “Gift” does.  Let’s think about the women we might be giving to of all ages. For me, that means from 84 years to 5 months.     For my mother: Alzheimer’s appreciates repetition. […]

Can I Wear Navy And Black Together? Yes, And Even For Holiday Parties

Today, Sue of Une Femme and I are giving you our take on black and navy, unappreciated color combination that it is, and dressing up for the holidays. While navy and black may not give you the punch of, say, red and green, or black and silver, for those of us who like our style […]

How To Build A Simple But Powerful Work Wardrobe, From Scratch

A couple of weeks ago, one of you asked for my thoughts on how to build a work wardrobe from scratch. Ah, work clothes. I remember them well. Above, the garb I wore to present to the New York Stock Exchange in 2008, just before the bottom dropped out of the market. I don’t think […]

The Key Motif Of 2016, And Maybe 2017

In these days where fashion welcomes, nay proliferates, all kinds of silhouettes, we find ourselves designating “It” items to replace absent mandates. The It bag, those shoes, or, occasionally, that “motif.” Do you remember a couple of years ago – bird prints everywhere? This year, I’m noticing butterflies. Which pleases me to no end. As […]

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