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An Object Of Desire: Metallic Sandals

As we settle into our personal style, we may be less likely to embrace dramatic fashion shifts. We might wear our drapey cardigans in a sea of structured jackets, march resolutely through the army of flared jeans in our straight-legs, and avoid entire genres of shoes altogether. I’m looking at you, wedge-sneakers. And don’t think [...]

Under The Influence

Personal style follows the 80/20 rule, i.e., 80% defining and refining, and 20% experimenting. Within that framework, isn’t shopping with friends one of the most comfortable and enjoyable experiments of all? Most of you probably know the blog, Une Femme d’un Certain Age. I’ve been following Sue for ages, and have met her in person. [...]

The Polished Tomboy Takes On Summer, With Blazer, Shorts, And A Wardrobe Of Earrings

I know many of you are ripping summer dresses from your closets as we speak, full of love for florals and flounces. Not I. I’ve realized that I just don’t feel comfortable with unfettered legs, at least in casual situations. Most likely due to my predilection for curling up in chairs, stretching out legs uncrossed [...]

Winner Of The Teri Jon Lace Dress, And A Thank You

We have a winner. Emerald! She wrote: “I’m entering for my mom. She has NEVER worn a fancy long dress, and with my wedding coming up in August, this would be such a thrill for her. At all fancy events she has worn knee length dresses, including at her wedding and every other person’s wedding [...]

Ines de le Fressange Collaboration at UNIQLO

Today marks the US debut of the collaboration between Ines de la Fressange and UNIQLO.  The former model. and soon to be fashion maven has put her name to a collection of something like 30 pieces. Chinos, cotton lawn button fronts, tees. Hello. And that little number she’s thrown on so fetchingly above might be [...]

An Object Of Desire: Velvet Blazers

So, if you’re going to wend your way through the world in jeans, tees, and sneakers, you just might dread the Full On Schlump. What to do? You’ve got several tools, but a jacket is one of the best.  Humor me here. If moto jackets can called “cutting edge,” we might think of the blazer [...]

Wearing Color That Doesn’t Pop, With Your Neutrals

In the continued quest for Polished Tomboy getups, I’m mixing old and new. I’m also building outfits based on neutrals, livening them up just a bit with color. Subtle color that would refuse to pop even if given free tickets to a Beyonce concert. In this case, I relied on new sneakers in a deep [...]

What Would You Wear To The Oscars, If Nominated?

What would you wear, if you were nominated for an Oscar? Important to remember that if you were nominated, it’d mean you were a talented actor. I would hope that recognized talent brings confidence. It certainly would, if I were the boss of the world. So you’d want to look good, but also reflect yourself, [...]

Something Else You Should Think About Buying Although It Doesn’t Fit Me

Tomboys love to polish up their jeans with a casual jacket. Inspired by a post from Sally at Already Pretty, I ordered this one from the GAP. Alas, Broad Shoulders, with their ally Moderate Bustline, strike again. Good feel, no fit. (Yeah, I’m making baseball jokes. Spring is in the air.) However, if you are [...]

Artsy Cousin Shows Us How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans – With Enough Color To Perk Up The Winter Grays

Remember Artsy in Boulder? She who brightened these pages back in March of 2013? Well, this Artsy Cousin is really Debbie in Colorado, and she’s returned, on request. Right as much of the world has descended deep, deep into winter grays, (really, why do we call them the “blues?” What did blues ever do to [...]