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What Should You Wear To Speak On A Panel About Two Of Your Great Life Interests?

As you may remember, back before Christmas, I was asked to participate in a panel about the Apple Watch. Wristly, the sponsoring firm, had found me via my review, here. As you can imagine, deciding what to wear that day required serious deconstruction. I considered my options across several axes, as one does. Modern vs. classic, […]

A Review Of The (Quite Ladylike) Compact Lightweight Down Jacket from UNIQLO

One morning in January you wake up and quilted diamonds of down blanket the land. You in cold climates have the puffers, high-end to low, fanciful to utilitarian. While we here in the temperate zone, well, we wear what you might call fluffers. A thin layer of down is enough. To that end, here’s my […]

Channeling The Grande Dame For A Semi-Fancy Late Holiday Lunch

Last week my husband and I had our Thanksgiving at the Taj Campton Place Hotel restaurant. It’s small, elegant as San Francisco goes, and recently received a second Michelin star. We reserved for late lunch/early dinner at 3pm, in San Francisco, The City Of Jeans. What to wear? Not a dress. Mine are all evening, […]

A 59-Year Old Woman Reviews The Apple Watch In Real Life

Have any of you thought about buying an Apple Watch? Does anybody actually own one? Oh, yeah, me. Huh? To be clear, I am not one for gadgets, I have no particular interest in tech for tech’s sake. But I am fascinated by human behavior, and wanted to get an early look at the world […]

Object of Desire: Wolford Tights

Illustration by Marilyn Pollack Naron I have two pair of Wolford tights in my top right-hand dresser drawer. This is not enough. Having retired after a late-career earnings spurt, I find my closet to be quite full enough of high-end goods. My budget does not allow me to own new Dries van Noten every year, […]

Objects Of Desire: That 70s Clothing

While fashion lacks a gale force trend right now, I think we might reasonably point out a few “breezes” — influences, if you will. The Seventies are in the air. And that’s it for wind metaphors. Anyone else here a teenager in the 70s? I thought so. Remember our bell-bottoms, skinny-rib tees, and hand-tooled leather […]

A Singular Piece

This post sponsored by Halsbrook Fashion has moved to a “post-trend” universe. So says Cathryn Horyn at the New York Times, and I agree. In these days of multiplicity, high style requires evidence of the wearer’s imagination,  AKA, “Yes I Dressed Myself.” Recently, in New York, I was amazed at how different everyone looked. On […]

Packing for 5 Days In Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey

During my recent break I took a little trip. First, a plane to JFK for three days in New York visiting my son and some newish friends. Then, a train to New Jersey for two days with my best friend of several decades. I had vowed to put aside the camera, and my internal blog […]

Object of Desire: Rag & Bone Stretch Corduroy Blazer

Look at this perfect black blazer from Rag and Bone. You can get one of the few that remain if you act now. I’m trying not to, as I really ought to dedicate all resources to things like upholstery.   But stretch corduroy, with brass buttons? For fall? A camel coat layered over it, if […]

Trying Out A New Silhouette That Forgives My Midlife Midsection

I’ve always preferred a fitted waist, to work with broad shoulders and a long torso, but I may be ready now to trade that off for comfort. Breathe an actual sigh of relief; I’ve been sucking in my stomach for a decade now. This will require some experimentation. So, last week my middle sister, my […]