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Object of Desire: Rag & Bone Stretch Corduroy Blazer

Look at this perfect black blazer from Rag and Bone. You can get one of the few that remain if you act now. I’m trying not to, as I really ought to dedicate all resources to things like upholstery.   But stretch corduroy, with brass buttons? For fall? A camel coat layered over it, if […]

Trying Out A New Silhouette That Forgives My Midlife Midsection

I’ve always preferred a fitted waist, to work with broad shoulders and a long torso, but I may be ready now to trade that off for comfort. Breathe an actual sigh of relief; I’ve been sucking in my stomach for a decade now. This will require some experimentation. So, last week my middle sister, my […]

The (Graphic, Japanese) One That Got Away

 I’ve been ogling this Kenzo sweatshirt for donkey’s years. Seemed it might work wonders for  Extreme Casual jeans and khakis. Dramatic, but it’s amazing what a little art will do for an outfit that is otherwise, essentially, pajamas. A couple of weeks ago I saw a version in this gorgeous shade of peacock blue, perfect […]

How Do You Feel About “Formality” In Your Style?

Often, it seems to me, the ideas of “style” and “formality” are smushed together. Conflated. Which can feel quite deflating, if you want panache without fuss. Or, if heels, hairspray, and tight waists feel out of place, for your body and your social context. Can we deconstruct? Of course! Picture The Role Of Propriety, Attraction, […]

A Rain Jacket For Those Of Us In Deep Denial About Summer’s Passing

Sharing a post with Une Femme d’un Certain Age, as we have done before. This time, our topic is “Sneaking Up On Fall.” She is over here.  If Une Femme is new to you, you’ll enjoy her eye and her thinking, both. The other day I saw aubergine leaves fall from my neighbor’s plum tree. […]

Neiman Marcus 40% Sale On The Above And Beyond

  A Neiman Marcus sale may not be the right place for savvy bargains on classic basics. But it sure as heck yields some over-the-top, special occasion splendors like this Pamela Rowland evening dress. All silk, even the lining. Reduced from $3990 to $1596. I swear I’d love to wear that to something. Someone might […]

The Sale At J. Crew Just Got Really Good

Note to my dear email subscribers: Would you like me to send out extra emails the day of sales like this one? i.e. noteworthy? Please let me know in the comments, otherwise I’ll stick to weekly digests. Thank you as always for reading.   I have long since admitted to myself that if I could […]

A High WASP Glorious Fourth, From Coast To Coast

One of the things I have learned from this blog is how Northern Californian I have become. I am beginning to suspect we few High WASPs who journeyed West just can’t help but trend Artsy. I could discourse at length on High WASP geographical variants. A long time ago I posted on High WASPs in the People’s Republic of […]

Building A Thoughtful And Stylish Retirement Wardrobe: Part I

I’ve been asked, what about building a retirement wardrobe — while you are still working? Good question. Few people write about the topic; misconceptions abound. Am I the only one who imagines racks of lavender terry jogging suits and puffy white sneakers? I suspect many here hope to enter their later years in style, but also […]

Brooks Brothers’ Friends & Family Sale, Now Until Tuesday

(Publishing on a Sunday as is not the usual practice, because, stock is running low.) Everyone knows Brooks Brothers makes classic clothing. Everyone may not know that the company occasionally offers their classic pieces in materials from luxury European fabric houses. Besides, Brooks waves a navy flag like no one else. Right now they’re running […]