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California Jeaning, North

Today une femme d’un certain âge and Lisa of Privilege are collaborating, each writing a post about the love we share for denim. We thought it might be fun to approach from the perspective of two Californians, one north, one south. Denim is our state’s unofficial uniform, after all. In the past, it’s been said that […]

Object Of Desire: A Simple Black Anorak

One of the best tricks I have to stay moderately stylish in retirement is to upgrade utilitarian pieces. If jeans, sneakers and tees have a little edge to them, I run far less risk of finding myself at the market dressed like a 12-year old boy. Which has happened. These days I’m thinking of replacing […]

Packing For Not Quite A Week In Hawaii

I’ve become an unwitting expert in resort packing. I’d shake my head over my own frivolity, but would rather give the frivolous knowledge away and hope it’s useful. Here’s what goes in my suitcase. I plan by “use case” rather than by item type. Key takeaway, please do not underestimate the versatility of white cotton […]

Presents Anyone Can Give To Me (And By Extension To Their Friends) This Christmas, Ranging From Reasonably Priced To Totally Frugal

  *That song was in fact, Belinda tells us, written by Nick Lowe. Elvis got me through the rocky parts of my 20s, so gotta keep him on the card. My friends, we have come to the final installment of the gift guides you requested for this Christmas season. I hope that if you celebrate […]

One New Piece For The Entertaining Holidays: From Sky’s The Limit To, “Hey! I Could Get That!”

As I’ve said before, if I don’t get myself one new piece for the holidays, I’m prone to a certain wistful regret. Celebrations feel just a little more celebratory in new duds. This year, I’m thinking about a new party top. See, I’m almost always the one cooking, if not as the head chef then […]

You Could Use The Shopbop Sale For A Big Cool Clutch

Yes, I’m on break, this doesn’t count. The RewardStyle people wrote me to say the Shopbop sale is on,  at the exact moment when I was browsing Pinterest street style and realizing that the bag of the moment is an over-sized, soft-sided clutch. Envelope, fold-over, pouch, all good options. And all available at Shopbop for […]

Extreme Casual Style For Weekends, Retirement, Stay-At-Home Moms And Anyone, Really

Back in 2013, I wrote a post about putting together a whole new wardrobe from scratch. We talked about how to stratify your closet, allowing you to dress well even when you have to muster all your courage to make the effort, along with some strategies for better days. However, back then I was working, […]

A Few Select Labor Day Sales, Off The Beaten Track

I got an email about Labor Day sales today. This is the time of year when it’s possible you’ve just shuushed a bunch of kids off to school, or finished up a great summer vacation. Maybe it’s time to fill a wardrobe gap, or buy something surprising, just because. I thought I might pass on […]

LPC Is At “How I Wear My…”

Today I, with a host of other bloggers, am over at Adrienne’s blog, Rich Life On A Budget. It’s time for the monthly feature she hosts, along with Jill at Everything Just So, in which you can see multiple outfits on one theme. These month it’s “How I Wear My White.”  I’m in the white […]

Reviewing A Classic, The Bottega Veneta “Veneta” Large Hobo In Blue

Do you all remember when I was looking for a blue handbag? To go with both brown and black shoes? Maybe orange ones? As it turned out, in an act of extreme originality, I stuck with Bottega Veneta. Below, the brand’s Large Hobo, AKA the “Veneta.” The name suggests Volkswagen might name one of their […]