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A Few Select Labor Day Sales, Off The Beaten Track

I got an email about Labor Day sales today. This is the time of year when it’s possible you’ve just shuushed a bunch of kids off to school, or finished up a great summer vacation. Maybe it’s time to fill a wardrobe gap, or buy something surprising, just because. I thought I might pass on […]

LPC Is At “How I Wear My…”

Today I, with a host of other bloggers, am over at Adrienne’s blog, Rich Life On A Budget. It’s time for the monthly feature she hosts, along with Jill at Everything Just So, in which you can see multiple outfits on one theme. These month it’s “How I Wear My White.”  I’m in the white […]

Reviewing A Classic, The Bottega Veneta “Veneta” Large Hobo In Blue

Do you all remember when I was looking for a blue handbag? To go with both brown and black shoes? Maybe orange ones? As it turned out, in an act of extreme originality, I stuck with Bottega Veneta. Below, the brand’s Large Hobo, AKA the “Veneta.” The name suggests Volkswagen might name one of their […]

A Deconstructed, Imaginary, Celebrity, Mom’s Afternoon Out At The Standard High Line Biergarten

How’s that for a title? As you all know, lots of requests float toward us in the blogosphere. Most often I decline. (This post here posited the life I might lead if I accepted more broadly.) However, I do participate in offers, when a good giveaway is involved, or when I find the merchant requesting […]

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, For A Split Personality

It’s the Nordstrom half-yearly sale. I wanted to get out the word as soon as I could to ensure you some good choices, so I spent this morning browsing. Below you’ll find ideas for a) Polished Tomboy Style and b) Must Dress Up In Something Gorgeous For The City Because Fashion Is Art And Anyway […]

Accessorizing A Little Black Printed Dress

  Splurging on a pricey black dress can make you feel slightly wanton. “I will wear this so rarely! Be sensible, Oh Woman, refrain” But I have found there are ways to make your LBD more flexible. And flexibility builds value. A lesson for life, really, but we’ll move on. It helps if your LBD […]

A Wooden Watch For The Graduate, Or The Mom

(Note: This post is a giveaway. Hooray! When you comment, please let me know if you are throwing your name into the hat) I like to wear a big, big watch. First of all, I think they look cool, and work with tomboy style. But the Sturdy Gal also likes big timepieces because she likes […]

A Color Strategy That Even The Often Color-Avoidant Can Embrace

In retirement, or any situation where one can dress as casually as one wants, we want to avoid the schlump. In hyper-casual outfits, I’m not going to be experimenting with silhouette, or shoe height, or really anything. So what I want is a way to ensure that when I throw on any old thing, shorts, […]

An Object Of Desire: Metallic Sandals

As we settle into our personal style, we may be less likely to embrace dramatic fashion shifts. We might wear our drapey cardigans in a sea of structured jackets, march resolutely through the army of flared jeans in our straight-legs, and avoid entire genres of shoes altogether. I’m looking at you, wedge-sneakers. And don’t think […]

Under The Influence

Personal style follows the 80/20 rule, i.e., 80% defining and refining, and 20% experimenting. Within that framework, isn’t shopping with friends one of the most comfortable and enjoyable experiments of all? Most of you probably know the blog, Une Femme d’un Certain Age. I’ve been following Sue for ages, and have met her in person. […]