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Under The Influence

Personal style follows the 80/20 rule, i.e., 80% defining and refining, and 20% experimenting. Within that framework, isn’t shopping with friends one of the most comfortable and enjoyable experiments of all? Most of you probably know the blog, Une Femme d’un Certain Age. I’ve been following Sue for ages, and have met her in person. [...]

Wearing Color That Doesn’t Pop, With Your Neutrals

In the continued quest for Polished Tomboy getups, I’m mixing old and new. I’m also building outfits based on neutrals, livening them up just a bit with color. Subtle color that would refuse to pop even if given free tickets to a Beyonce concert. In this case, I relied on new sneakers in a deep [...]

What Would You Wear To The Oscars, If Nominated?

What would you wear, if you were nominated for an Oscar? Important to remember that if you were nominated, it’d mean you were a talented actor. I would hope that recognized talent brings confidence. It certainly would, if I were the boss of the world. So you’d want to look good, but also reflect yourself, [...]

How Do 50+ Women Become Visible?

Do we become invisible, we women past 50? And if so, can we reappear? A reader emailed me to say she and her her friend had been discussing invisibility, and suggested I write something. OK then. It’s been on my mind for a while. A couple of years back, I was shopping with my daughter. [...]

Artsy Cousin Shows Us How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans – With Enough Color To Perk Up The Winter Grays

Remember Artsy in Boulder? She who brightened these pages back in March of 2013? Well, this Artsy Cousin is really Debbie in Colorado, and she’s returned, on request. Right as much of the world has descended deep, deep into winter grays, (really, why do we call them the “blues?” What did blues ever do to [...]

Demystifying The “Boyfriend” Jean

A good pair of jeans is hard to find. Why? We women have a lot of variables in jean-covered body areas. Where it hits on your hip, how tight that cinch is, the angle from waist to seat, how tight or loose the legs are, these measurements create what my software friends mights call non-trivial [...]

LPC Is At Not Dressed As Lamb Today

Today I’m going to send you, if you have a moment, over to Not Dressed As Lamb. Catherine has put together a beautifully done post, soliciting thoughts from style bloggers over 40 on the topic above. And yes, I’m there, and honored by the inclusion, but the post has implications more interesting than my Nike [...]

Think A Sweatshirt Is Sloppy? Quilt It.

I quite like it when what at first blush seems like a random sartorial urge turns out to be a trend. Gives one so many options to choose from. Most recently, in my retirement dressing quest, I realized that I don’t wear much wool any more. Too hot. Too annoying to handwash or dry clean. [...]

Retirement Dressing: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

One of you asked, what happened to the retirement dressing project? Good question. Let’s take a look. After a brief detour through $200 sweatpants (I did find a good pair at La Garçonne), I reverted to something I learned in software. The Use Case Methodology. Dressing to fit my real needs. But those are minimal. [...]

One New Piece For Holiday Dress-Up

Every holiday I search out something new for festive dress. Which I still want to call dress-up, because I’m actually 8. However, these days most festivities happen with family – in houses, on sofas and floors with baby nephews . So I’m leaving behind the little black dresses and long velvet sheaths of decades past. [...]