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An Unexpected Benefit Of Style Blogging, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:20am

It’s quite possible I will not add a single piece of clothing to my wardrobe this year. I’m not making any promises; no vows or 365-day challenge. (Dani’s doing one if you want to follow.) But when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas all I could think was that I might need a […]

How I Dress Up Now That I Am Over 50 (Actually 60)

I thought I’d conclude 5 years of monetized style blogging with a post crammed full of shiny stuff. Game? Let’s dress up! The point of fancy is to feel spectacular to look your best in accordance with both your persona and the occasion to feel spectacular How to do this in one’s later years? Advanced […]

Copying Texts Like Monks Illuminating, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:17am

Today is my birthday, as it happens, I am 61. I thought of something yesterday or the day before. The world likes to characterize aging simplistically – we’re either slumped in despair at our upper arms, or dancing as gray hair streams down our oh-so-supple backs. Neither true. Many of us who are this age have […]

I Am Not Linda Rodin, But, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:44am

(J. Crew shirt worn at the end of this post on New York Fashion Week, Madewell jeans and Ecco sneakers worn here, gold hoop earrings shown here, Bare Minerals GenNude lipstick reviewed here) I am not Linda Rodin. Isn’t she cool? And yet, when I read this interview with her on Cup of Jo, I […]

What To Wear When You Are Over 60 And It’s Too Hot For Jeans

As must be evident, I mostly wear jeans. The thing is, it’s gotten too hot to wear them in summer, at least around here. Long dresses are great, but, what if you just want something to throw on with a t-shirt? And if you’re thinking, wait, it’s fall, not here. In California we often get […]

How To Start A Yoga Practice Without Feeling Either Inept Or Overly Annoyed

The basic poses you need to know before you go to a beginning yoga poses, especially if you are over 50.

The Salubrious Effect Of Someone Else’s Friendly Eyes And Someone Else’s Stories

Here’s an excellent Vancouver wall! Oh, and I’m wearing a cheap old black trench, brown Bottega Veneta messenger, a new pair of cropped black Vince pants (cuffed! 60% off on sale!), tiger-printed Gucci slides, gold hoops, and a vintage silk Ferragamo blouse that was an early birthday present from my son. He bought it on […]

How The Polished Tomboy Does Layers And Avoids Flapping Fabric

Layering. An excellent strategy to add interest to the extremely casual wardrobe. But tomboys (AKA Sturdy Gals) hate excess fabric. This is partly because it’s hard to carry heavy stuff around when our coats keep getting caught up, and partly because when long cloth panels hang from our broad shoulders we start to look like old-fashioned voting booths. Or […]

Grinning At The Window With My Face Near The Floor, Or, Saturday Morning At 9:59am

My legs hurt. To be precise, my hips and the inside of my left thigh are sore because I took a hard yoga class. Yoga has begun to define a not small part of my retirement. I don’t go every day. I’m not good at extremes; moderation in all things means twice-a-week classes. But they resonate beyond my joints. […]

Polished Tomboy In A San Francisco Spring And Princetown Slides

The Uniform, in another guise. The moto jacket with black bag and bright patterned shoes is perhaps not as perfectly balanced as I’d like. (BTW no graphic tee, the shoes were enough.) But who among us is perfect every day? I felt fantastically cool whether I was or was not. And yes, I did succumb […]

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